Hello everyone! First things first, this story was originally called A Change of Race. Anyhow: For those returning (and even those who aren't) this intro is pretty relevant to further reading. (I would say that only points 4-7 are important for new readers). Well, here goes!

So you might have noticed the change of title (also the fact that I vanished for 18098348 years). What was once A Change of Race has been appropriately renamed Hemner's for a number of reasons:

1) This story will no longer solely be in Eric's POV (I know some of you are cheering) so his storyline will only be one of many.

2) Because Hemner is fucking awesome.

Yeah, that wasn't too many reasons, but I have a few more things you should know before diving in:

3) Just because I deleted chapters does not mean those scenes will not reoccur. I just need time to polish everything up.

4) I will have five main narrators (Hemner, Eric, Derrick, Jezebel and Nick) which you will all get to know soon. However, I am still swimming around this universe, and am trying to get to know all of the whores, so I will have "extras" in other characters' POV.

5) All scenes will be labeled by narrator.

6) As I said, I'm taking my time to learn the territory. Last time I failed utterly because I just up and tried to write a story about people I didn't even know. So Hemner's will no longer be in regular story format (for now). Instead it will be a hodgepodge of scenes in the lives of those at Hemner's. Some will be longer, some will be shorter. The order is somewhat irrelevant.

7) Because I'm taking this on so unofficially, there's leeway for you to participate. This means that if you have requests to see certain characters in certain positions or situations, I will take the ideas into consideration and hopefully write them (if possible). I'm honestly just trying to get myself back into writing.

So yeah! Glad to be back! Enjoy this little short that takes place three years ago, when Cedar was originally applying at Hemner's (or The Rift as it's officially known). Hope to hear from you soon!

The middle-aged witch folded her stockinged leg over the other underneath her desk, assessing the interviewee before her as she clicked cherry gloss nails on the wood table.

"So you've just turned eighteen?" Hemner asked doubtfully of the young man sitting across from her. "Do you have ID with you?"

"Oh, yeah." Beaming, the boy eagerly got out of his chair and reached into his front jeans pocket, inadvertently digging out several leaves and bits of bark along with his wallet, the whole mess of crushed foliage dumping out onto her clean desk. The dryad laughed nervously and, blushing, immediately crushed up the leaves in one hand and stuffed them back into his pocket before opening up his wallet and taking out his ID. "Um, here it is." He smiled winningly, albeit still a bit red in the face, and Hemner allowed a small twitch of her painted lips as she took the plastic card and the dryad sat down.

"Thank you." Her green eyes flicked over the birthdate, narrowing slightly as she read it over. She shifted her gaze to the boy's large eager eyes, furrowing her brow. He was all but bouncing on his heels. Typical dryad. "Do you know why I only hire legal adults for prostitution?" she asked.

He smiled. "Um…not really, just makes sense I guess?"

She placed the ID on her desktop. "Because, if for some reason, I am caught doing illegal activity, your adult age will not proffer you up as a victim in the eyes of the authorities. Now how do you think that would change if I hired a fifteen year old boy instead?"

"Uh, pretty bad?"

She eyed the kid flatly. "Exactly. So don't come into my establishment waving obvious fake IDs around. I have business to attend to that won't land me in prison." She swept her auburn hair back and pushed the plastic card away from herself.

"It's not fake!" he insisted, grabbing the ID and looking it over as if to find some legitimizing factor. "I really am eighteen!"

"So…you planned in advance to apply as a whore the day after your eighteenth birthday?" she asked skeptically.

"Uh, yes!" the boy blurted excitedly, eyes bright. "See, I heard of this place, and I thought it was totally perfect for me, because I love sex, and I'm really good at it too." Hemner's brow lifted, but there was no apologetic humility in his expression, or even slight shyness at admitting something so vocally. Her eyes narrowed. Promising…or foolish. "So I've been kind of eyeing this place and I want to move out of my parents' now that I'm an adult so…" He shrugged, still smiling in a charmingly sweet way that was all sugary innocence except that spark of mischief in his eye. "…I thought this would be a pretty awesome job to get me started. Always hated the idea of working at a mall or something, you know? No reason to waste true talent."

"You are extremely confident," Hemner noted.

He spread his arms slightly, grinning in hopeless insolence. "Well I am."

She held her pen casually, eyeing up the dryad. Though she had to admit he had bloomed in her room a bit since the initial awkwardness, he was still quite small bordering on scrawny, hardly looked sixteen let alone the age he claimed, and had a playful, roguish air about him that made her nervous. He would cause trouble, no doubt. The question was whether or not he would be worth it.

"Would you then mind relaying a few examples of your sexual experience thus far?" No checklist for him. She wanted details.

Rather than taking the hit, however, the boy lit up, the tattoos on his bare forearms surging green with treespirit. "Yeah, okay, um…what kind of things you want? Kinky stuff, or just the regular or all of it or…"

Hemner couldn't help herself. She smiled, almost affectionately. "Whatever you think would impress me most."

A determined expression took over the dryad's face. "Alright. Well, I was fucking this girl, just one I met at a party or whatever, and we were fucking on my friend's bed since I was at Jai's house when she called me."

Her brows lifted slightly.

"Anyway, I was going at her from behind, on his bed which is pretty big I think like queen or king plus there is a whole headboard and everything. I was fucking her really slow and deep so she was moaning uncontrollably and begging me to go faster. I just kept doing what I was doing though so she was sweating and trembling underneath me while I was whispering in her ear and rubbing her clit—"

This was fake. Utterly fake.

"Right when she's about to cum, my friend Jai comes in, and obviously he heard it so he knows what's up and he just starts taking his clothes off really casual while I watch him and keep fucking her. He looks at me and smiles, gets into his dresser drawer where he keeps his sex stuff and pulls out some lube."

Ahhh. Double penetration. Very typical. She had heard many of these stories in the past, both real and fake, since it appeared most porn-invested teenagers deemed it the pinnacle of sexual experience. She couldn't count all the variations of the circumstance she had been subjected to listening to. Sighing slightly, she fell back in her chair.

"I know what he's doing, but I make myself look away and focus on the girl so it'll be a surprise. She came and everything, and I think he was actually waiting for that so I'm like petting her hair and kissing her neck when he grabs my shoulders, says 'having fun?' into my ear, and starts putting his dick in me."

Okay, so not double penetration. A little twist that proved he was at least bisexual, not a bad plus. But the story was still fairly cliché, and interesting as it was to hear such dirty things from what looked like the mouth of a prepubescent pretty boy, his case was pretty hopeless. If she were recruiting she would have swept him right up, but she already had plenty of little fem-boys hired on. There wasn't really room for another twink.

"I play along with it, look behind my shoulder all like 'what the fuck man!' and try to push him off. He just goes deeper into me though, pushing me into the girl who's kind of like actually believing I've been sneak-attacked. She tries slapping his arm from underneath me, but then I moan when he hits my prostate and she's just like oh shit.

"So I was like 'seriously man, what the fuck, get off of me,' and he's like 'fuck no" and thrusts really hard, just starts fucking both of us, and I'm pretending to struggle, kind of freak out. Jai's all like 'I'm gonna fuck you both so hard you'll feel it tomorrow,' and the girl's crying and stuff but totally moaning a ton too that's when he says 'tell your bitch to shut up.'

"And that's when I snap, and suddenly I'm out of her and I turn around really fast so Jai's dick is out, and I get on top of him, pinning his hands down." Hemner leaned forward in her chair, long curls falling into her peripheral. "His eyes are really wide, and I say 'I think you're the one who needs to shut up.' He looks up at me like 'what' so I squeeze his wrists tighter and grind against him and ask 'better hand me that lube if you wanna walk tomorrow.' He's pretending to be all scared and surprised—well he is kind of surprised, but I mean he's faking the bad kind, and when I let go of one hand, he tries to punch me but I just catch it and grind into him again. So he gives me the lube pretending to be terrified and I just lube up my dick and fuck him right there. We had to explain everything to the girl after so she'd stop screaming." The dryad laughed fondly. "Yeah, so, that's it."

Hemner nodded, refusing to allow her shock to seep through. "So you've experienced heterosexual and homosexual intercourse, anal sex both giving and receiving, and group sex, as well as light role play."

"I'm also super good at oral too. So I'm pretty versatile."

Hearing this little dyad with his small-set shoulders, large eyes, and childish-messy hair say all this to her so bluntly was nearly obscene. He definitely had a much bigger attitude than met the eye. She nodded again. "Anything else to add?"

"Great at massages!" he said with a snap of his fingers. "My friends always ask for them."

That got a chuckle out of her. "Not a bad thing. But do you think you would be able to have sex with people other than your friend Jai and…" She smiled. " 'That girl?' You'll have to do things that might make other people uncomfortable."

The boy shrugged lightly. "I have sex with all my friends actually. And a lot of other girls too. I've done all sorts of stuff. Nothing's made me uncomfortable yet."

"The majority of our customers average around the age of thirty to fourty-five. Does that bother you?"

He lifted his eyes up to her inquisitively. "How old are you?"

Her brows came together in curious confusion. "Thirty-two," she replied easily, intrigued at his assertiveness.

The boy shrugged again. "I'd fuck you. You're pretty hot, actually." For a moment she assessed him with disbelief, almost offended, but then he gave a silly smile and she rolled her eyes.

"Fair enough. How about getting along with the rest of the staff? All prostitutes are required to live here, and you'll have a roommate too."

"I'll live here?" he asked, surprised. "Like, permanently?"

"You can't be a nuisance," she continued. "If I hear about you being a problem I won't be happy." Hemner lowered her eyes at him. "Cedar Ross Denigree, fucking all of the prostitutes in my brothel will be counted as a problem."

He laughed boyishly, smiling at her, but giving no promises. She was completely right—he would be trouble. Her fingernails tapped on the arms of her chair as she debated.

"I like you," she admitted at last. Cedar batted his lashes. "I feel like you would be a good addition to The Rift, but I also feel like you'll cause more havoc than you're worth."

"I'll be perfect, I swear," he vied for himself. "Everyone will love me."

Her gaze went over him again, that young face, the freckles on his nose, that lean build. "Do you look alright naked? Or are you as skinny as I think you are?"

Instead of answering, he pulled off his loose, sleeveless shirt and threw it over an impressively toned shoulder. "I work out," he explained simply, standing up and flexing his abs as he circled around for a good view of sculpted shoulder blades and a pair of dimples peeking out above the waistline of his jeans. After coming all the way around, he lifted his brows and asked, "Want the pants off too?"

She shook her head, motioning for him to sit back down. He was in shape, but still a little small to play the role of the Casanova, his obviously preferred standing during sexual encounters. Mulling it around a bit, she at last came to a decision:

"Fine, I'll hire you." Cedar whooped, causing Hemner to smile wryly. "On the condition that you start off as a virgin."

"What?" The dyad stalled abruptly in his celebration, eyeing her strangely. "That's impossible, I'm not—"

"Pretending, of course," Hemner elaborated. "You're the kind of boy men will want to defile. They can't defile a dirty-mouthed slut like you, so I'm asking you to take on a persona."

Cedar gaped at her with a disbelieving expression, almost speechless. "What did you just—"

"If you want to work in my brothel, live under my roof, get away from your parents, I need you to be my shy, innocent little kitten, got it? I need you to be a pretty boy who slipped and fell into unfortunate circumstances to start becoming a whore. I need you to be scared. I need you to be timid. I need you to be naïve."

"Hold on." Cedar held his hand up. "So you want me to toss away every reason that I would be great working here off the tree and just be a virgin?"

"Yes and no," she answered, standing up from her desk and walking around to the other side. "The beauty of you pretending is that you will actually have the stamina and ability to carry on with sexual encounters most virgins cannot handle, but that most clients fantasize virgins into." She flourished her hand. "You will quietly fulfill impossible dreams."

"Yeah, about the quiet thing…"

"I will pay you numbers that will make your head spin." Hemner caught the need in those green eyes, the weakness. "You don't need to fake it around my other whores—that's not what I'm asking of you—but when you are with clients, I want you to pocket all of that energy and be an absolutely angel. I want them to be able to hear your wings breaking."

"U-um, I'm pretty sure most people don't think like that—"

Hemner bent over, taking Cedar's chin in her hand and forcibly tilting his face up. "That's where you're absolutely wrong. The people who request you will be thinking, craving, paying into these very things. It's sick twisted shit like this that's making me rich. Do you understand?"

The dryad's eyes widened, a brief flicker of fear expanding his pupils. Then he bit his lip and broke into a smile.

"You're trying to scare me off."

"I'm trying to show you reality," she contested, standing back up and gesturing for him to do the same. When he rose to his feet, the poor boy only made it to her shoulder. And she was only five foot nine in these heals. "This is not the body of someone who flips people over in bed," the witch explained. "This is not the body of someone who turns the tables on his partners. This isn't even the body of someone who fucks girls, in all likeliness. I doubt you'll get any females unless they're dominatrixes. This is, however, the body of a closet-gay sub who stumbled out of the dark because of a financial falling-out. Do you see what I'm saying?"

"But sometimes people like to be surprised," Cedar protested, crossing his arms.

"No," she put down flatly. "People here don't like to be surprised. Not like that."

"How do you know?"

"Three years of experience. Believe me, I know what I'm dealing with."


"Do you want a job or not?"

The dryad pouted. "So I have to pretend to be a wimp?"

"You just have to do exactly what I say." She leaned over her desk, picked up the application and a clipboard. "You sign here, you start making money you'll never see working at your local coffee shop. But you also sign yourself to me. I will utilize your body as a product to pull in as many rich, worn-down old men as possible so I can make money. And I will do what's necessary to maximize that product."

Cedar bit his lip. "Can I at least put my own spin on it or something?"

"You do what I want you to do, no questions asked, no complaining, no crying, or you're out."

Almost reluctantly, the dryad took the proffered pen and studied the signature line. Then, with the nub hovering above paper, he turned up to her, and, eyes gleaming with certainty, proclaimed,

"I'll be your best whore ever. You'll see."

She smiled, nodded as he scrawled out his name in wonky cursive.

The truth was, she half-believed it.

Sorry it's a bit raw. I hoped you liked it, and I hope to hear some feedback from both old and new readers on what they think of the new A Change of Race. :D