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I burst through the door to the room that Cedar and I had shared for about six months, panting and heaving, only barely keeping my baggy pants up. Cedar was standing in the middle of the floor, his apparent pacing stopped by my sudden entrance. He blinked down at me several times, mouth opening soundlessly as he took in my appearance. I blushed, disgusted at how vulnerable I was like this, and disgusted at the obvious light that bloomed in the dryad's forest-green eyes. Cedar hated my guts, and I didn't care too much for him either, so we didn't exactly spend time getting to know each other. But this was a brothel, for hell's sake. I was perfectly conscious of this guy's preferences. My stomach drew up queasily as I bore my roommate's gaze.

"So," he finally spoke up, breaking the charged silence. "You're the new recruit, huh? Mrs. Hemner sure is quick."

My mouth fell open.

"Y-yeah," I answered after a moment, my voice ringing out girlishly. What was this ridiculous need to hesitate before I spoke? My cheeks flushed as I saw his eyes involuntarily stray to where I was holding my pants up with one hand—my other hand having moved to pull back through my hair in a strange, nervous gesture—before he returned to my face. His soft lips pulled up into a kind smile that rose right up into his honest eyes.

"Well, nice to meet you—Jace, right?" The dryad reached out an arm, which was bare so that the swirled white tattoos up his forearm were visible. A vein, straining against his tanned skin healthily, was etched down the length of that arm, and my eyes traveled down it to his sturdy wrist, which was encircled with a few bracelets beaded with bits of petrified wood. It wasn't until my gaze fell on his uncurled, waiting hand, that I blinked—flustered—and replied,

"U-um, yeah. Nice to meet you." I reached for the offered hand with my own, somehow not even considering the consequences of the action until I was shaking his hand with my pants around my ankles.

I went bright red, my face flushing with unfamiliar self-consciousness, and I instantly jerked my hand out of his grip, falling back against the wall as I tripped in my hurry. I ended up crumpling into a heap on the ground as I struggled to cover myself, hardly knowing what to do. Tripping was not something I fell prey to, let alone this sense of defenselessness that nearly had me curling up into a protective ball. I simply didn't lose control of myself. Not me. Not my race. Not ever.

But now I was blushing hopelessly and attempting to stand without bringing my pants down again. Somehow my body was just a second behind what my mind was telling it to do, or the other way around, and any intention of progress was thwarted. I looked up to where Cedar was smiling down at me affectionately, once again proffering his hand, and the oddest sensation rushed through me. I almost reached for it, but then reconsidered quickly, a little bit of my gyuren instinct keeping me on top.

"Looks like you've tumbled down the tree a bit," the dryad noted when I refused to accept his help, obviously trying not to laugh. His smile widened, displaying dimples that had me stammering harder than ever.

"N-n-no. I-I'm just f-fine." I was starting to feel extremely uncomfortable. A flurry of emotions—most of which I'd never felt—were tangling together inside me, making me so confused I could hardly think. If this was what being a fin was like, I didn't know if I could take it much longer.

I was desperately working to sort everything out when Cedar bent over me, his surprisingly well-muscled chest stretching the thin material of his wife-beater. I shrunk back, closing my eyes in a manner that probably had me looking like a puppy expecting to be beaten, when his hand fell to pat my head.

As I glanced up in sheer surprise, coming face-to-face with his sweet smile once again, the shock of feeling that went through me was undeniable. My face went pale, sweat slicking under my armpits as realization crushed over me.

This body, this fin that I had been reduced to, was…attracted to Cedar.

I froze.

Male fin were notoriously gay—in my opinion, it was due to certain inadequacies that kept them from winning over females. However, it had been scientifically proven to be inherent in their race. I shuddered as this dawned on me. How had I not even thought of this? I racked "turning me gay" up with all the other offenses of Mrs. H's I fully planned on reporting as soon as I was safely released from this form.

"Come on," Cedar soothed me, detecting my sudden shift in attitude. "Why don't I get you some clothes that'll fit? Mine'll probably still be a little big for you, but they'll definitely be better than those. Where did you get them, anyway? They look ten sizes too big."

I just trembled in silence against the wall like a mouse caught in a trap, even as the dryad smiled brighter, letting the question go unanswered as he pulled back and went to open his wardrobe. Disobediently, my eyes became fascinated with the luscious curve of his ass in his khaki shorts, the way his hips shifted as he perused through his shirts, the slip of exposed skin between his tank-top and pants. My mouth—no, the fin's mouth; this wasn't my fault—was all but watering.

If I had been myself, Cedar wouldn't have turned around to catch me openly staring—not that I would have been staring in the first place. But I wasn't myself—not at all—and so he did, immediately covering up his surprise with a pleased smile.

"Here, I think these will work."

I nodded meekly, my eyes dropping to the floor. A black long sleeve shirt—one I had made fun of Cedar for wearing to one of his appointments because its turtle neck and tight fit screamed faggot—dropped into my lap. I picked it up hastily, along with a pair of jeans that would definitely be too loose around my now ridiculously slim hips, and grabbed them against my chest. I stood, one hand keeping my slacks up as I stepped over to where our shared bathroom was.

"Oh," Cedar began. "The bathroom's right—"

I shoved my way awkwardly through the door, and slammed it shut.

As soon as I was safely alone, I took the opportunity to relieve the pent-up pressure within me and collapse to the ground, sobbing. I muffled the dramatic gasps pulling from my lips against the clothing in my arms so that Cedar wouldn't hear, already sick of this urgent form of release. If girls were even half this emotional, I didn't envy them. No wonder that virgin had been all tears; it seemed like almost anything had me crying. This was going to drive me crazy.

A knock sounded at the door, and I hurriedly hushed my cries, wiping the tears from my eyes.

"Um, Jace, are you alright?"

He had definitely heard. The undertone of concern in his voice spoke that clearly enough. I breathed in and out, and, working to sound as controlled as I could, I answered,

"Um, yeah, j-just fine."

"Okay," Cedar allowed hesitantly. I heard him step away from the door after a while, and I un-tensed, exhaling. I really needed to cut out the crying.

Wiping my face again, I stood, the trip from the ground not nearly so long and empowering as I was accustomed to. Almost ceremoniously, I released my grip on my pants, mournfully watching as the slacks that had once hugged my strong ass and thighs in all the right places crumpled to the floor without protest. I tugged my dress shirt over my head easily, along with my tie; my only struggle was in shaking the comically long sleeves from my hands.

And then, once naked, I turned my body inevitably to the enormous bathroom mirror set above the sink, unfamiliar blue eyes sinking with sorrow as soon as I glimpsed my reflection. A slim, reticent boy stared back at me, his teeth biting down on his full lower lip in some sort of in-bred subconscious habit. The body wasn't any younger than my twenty—at least I didn't think so. But there was something in the shy way this form held itself, in the meekness of the pretty face—which was only made male at all by a leanness of the cheeks, a slight strength of the jaw, and a firmer prominence of the brow—that made it appear as if it were still hovering in the late teens. It was definitely nothing in comparison to my chiseled features and rough five o'clock shadow that, beyond a doubt, set me apart as a man.

But it wasn't completely hopeless…was it? I only had to bear this for a short amount of time—maybe a week or so, until I was an exhausted amusement. And while I waited, I would just have to make do with what I had.

My white hair, for instance. Even though it was soft and thick, and seemed to stick up wherever it wanted more often than not, it was still white. I at least hadn't received a head of blue, purple, or pink hair, all of which were common in the fin. All I had to do was trim a bit here and there to make it less unruly, and tame it the rest of the way with some gel. And these eyes—I dashed away leftover tears for a clearer view—they were a resonant, dark blue that could definitely catch a lady if employed in the right manner. My body, though lean, was not nearly as soft as a girl's, and even had a decent shape to its musculature: a nice, healthy rise of the pectorals, a firm slope down to my lightly toned abdominals. A very masculine line of hair feathered down to my pubes, framed by the swooped lines of my defined pelvis. The treasure that the trail led to, however, was less than ideal, and had me choking up all over again.

Well, it was all right, I reassured myself as I rubbed tears off on my old shirt. Sex was out of the question in this form anyway, small package or no. Very few women—those few doing little to suit my taste—wanted a male fin. Trying to pick myself up emotionally with several slaps to either side of my face, all of which were delivered with weak resolve, I reached for the clothes Cedar had provided me and put them on, gazing resolutely at the mirror the entire time I changed. I could do this. My face was growing calmer, surer. I was more myself already.

As soon as I stepped out the door to walk in on Cedar taking his shirt off, I fell right back apart. Crying out, I flung around, right back into the bathroom, trying to blink away the vision of Cedar's unconsciously flexed abs.

A hand tapped lightly at the closed door.

"Jace! I'm sorry, I didn't think you would be bothered—I didn't think!"

I whimpered involuntarily, the sight of Cedar's taut abdomen and tensed arms, tight as he tugged his shirt over his head, burning into my brain; the way Cedar's green eyes had immediately flashed over from underneath full lashes when I had come out, those lips parting ever so slightly…

"Jace!" the brunette pleaded apologetically, his voice further off. "I'm really sorry!" I heard the bed springs squeal. "I…I have my shirt on now."

I breathed in and out to cool my head. I was above this! Refusing to lose my composure this time, I opened the door and walked out.

I lost the explanation I had prepared as I gazed over to where the dryad was sitting cross-legged on his bed and I became distracted by the man's thighs, beautifully sculpted by his shorts in that position. His head of brown hair was lowered guiltily, eyes looking up at me, this time in concern, from under those lashes, melting me right to the core.

Such a ridiculous hyperbole had never entered my line of thought ever in my life.

All that came from my mouth was a weak, "S-sorry."

"No," Cedar pardoned me. "It was my fault." The dryad flushed, smiling sweetly. "It's just…this arrangement," –he gestured to me— "will take me some time to get used to. I hadn't even heard about Eric going on a suspension until a bit ago. And now you're here, and, well, you're a lot different than Eric for sure. He's about as straight as it gets, and a huge womanizer—a gyuren and all, total asshole. Hopefully he's already taken the stuff he needs so you won't have to meet him." The man smirked good-naturedly, and my heart shook, not even registering the direct insult to my actual self. "But anyway, I'm not really used to having to monitor my actions."

Heat flooded my face as I realized what he was suggesting, no, assuming as a matter of fact. I gritted my teeth. It didn't make any difference to me what this body was feeling; my roommate was not going to think I was gay, and we were definitely not going to get all cozy and talkative about it either. If I was going to be a fin, I was going to be a rutter, simple as that, and Cedar's hopeful expectations could go climb a tree and jump off of it.

"Listen," I began, realizing that my expectations regarding my supposedly cold expression would probably be crushed if I were to be placed in front of a mirror. I pushed that thought out of my mind as quickly as possible as soon as it began to further tax my high emotional state, focusing instead on how angry I was about this entire ordeal. "L-listen, I—"

The dryad dropped his face into his hands, almond shaped eyes blinking patiently.

I swallowed.

"Um…" What had I been about to say? If the words were still in my head, my rapidly accelerating heartbeat was pounding them out. This was ridiculous.

"Mrs. Hemner told me a little about you, over the phone," the man cut in after a sustained silence. "She said that you're going to skip out on the whoring and just work for the restaurant downstairs?" Those emerald eyes, emboldened here and there by a slash of deep brown, lit inquisitively.

I nodded in confirmation, not trusting myself to speak, or at least not to speak without forgetting what I was saying halfway through.

Cedar leaned back on his arms at that, as if struck, or at least touched. He smiled, absentmindedly turning his eyes to the wall. "Wow," he spoke then, a certain longing in his voice. He grew distant, his eyes almost seeming to look right through the wall to the city outside. I couldn't look away from him, even as the light fell out of his eyes, and his smile dropped slightly. "That's amazing."

Then he turned to me, and the smile woke right back up on his face. "So, what brings you to Hemner's anyway? Money problems?"

I shook my head, disoriented, and replied,

"Uh, y-yeah."

The dryad grinned, flashing perfect, white teeth. "I know what you mean. I'm in here to pay my way through college. My parents are broke." He snickered. "Though, if they knew what I was doing to support myself, they'd probably suddenly get a lot 'richer,' if you know what I mean."

My brows only tugged upward. I had roomed with this guy for almost half a year, and yet, in these few minutes I had spent with him as a fin far too nervous to speak out for itself, I had already learned more about the dryad than I had gleaned in all those prior months. It didn't really…bother me, exactly. It just seemed a little strange. I dropped my eyes to my feet, horribly confused. What was I supposed to do with myself if I couldn't even determine my own feelings?

A hand reached out and patted my thigh.

I overreacted. Within seconds I managed to throw my eyes up in surprise, jerk back, trip over my feet, desperately struggle to regain my balance, and then ungracefully fall right onto my bed in a fit that would have been worthy of a slapstick comedy.

The dryad was laughing. My face flared up violently, and the man chuckled,

"Well, I was going to ask you to sit down, but I guess that works too." He beamed at me affectionately before reaching forward to further dishevel my white hair. Calming his laughter, he promised, "I'll be sure to give you fair warning next time I might take you by surprise. Oh, that'll be your bed, by the way, for the time you're staying here. And if Eric's stuff is taking up too much room for your things to fit, just shove it all underneath." He beamed kindly.

This was unpardonable. Being trapped in a fin's body was no excuse to give over to its clumsy and obnoxiously hopeless nature so fully. There was, of course, only so much I could do, what with dealing with the problem of being a fin at all, but I would not allow myself to be demoralized by my roommate. He had never laughed at me before, and, even if he thought this fin and I were two separate people, I was not going to start tolerating it. My brows pressed together in what I hoped was an angry expression.

"D-d-d-d," I began, the forceful words almost begging to stay locked up in my mouth. But no, I could not allow this disrespect. I had to put my foot down. "D-don't p-p-patronize me."

Cedar blinked in surprise, though he didn't pull back. In fact, it looked like he was honestly considering coming over to sit on the bed next to me. That wasn't going to happen.

"I'm sorry," he apologized sincerely. "I didn't mean to, if that's what it came across as." Cedar pulled a hand through his own hair, blushing and smiling boyishly. "See…it's kind of another getting-used-to-this thing. I mean, I've been working here about three years, so I've had my share of roommates, but…" Cedar's face blushed a deeper shade. "Well, not to be forward or anything, but I've never had such a cute roommate before." He dropped his head self-mockingly at that, before lifting it again to grin up at me.

I choked.


Cedar laughed. "Ah, c'mon. Don't tell me you haven't gotten that before."

My brows tensed and I gritted my teeth indignantly. My blood boiled with familiar anger—finally, something I could relate to, something I could deal with. Hopefully the fin would even gain a little backbone with this build-up of irritation. Thank god enough of my pride had stuck with me to be upset at all. But even as I felt the common workings within me, felt the simmering rage that I knew would manifest itself in a series of undeterred spiteful words, and maybe even a physical attack that I was already planning on keeping between me and the nearest wall—it would be far too demeaning to shower Cedar with pathetic punches from my little fists—things began taking a different turn. A flood of uncontrolled emotion seemed to rush from my chest right into my throat, tightening in an uncomfortable knot that had me swallowing even as I kept up a steady glare. Cedar had his brows pressed together in confusion, but his lips were in a calm, flat line, as if he were waiting for a child to throw a tantrum. That did it. I felt the usual click in my chest—I was officially pissed—and my eyes tightened as I raised my clenched fist.

And then that wave of feeling overflowed. Right over my eyelids.

I threw my face in my hands as a means of escape, tears liberally spilling through the spaces between my fingers, and dimly I registered a creak as Cedar got up and sat beside me, putting his arm around my back. He rubbed up and down in circles that were unfortunately rather soothing, even compelling me to lean into him slightly. At this he fully encircled me in his arms, whispering soft words in my ear.

"It's okay, it's okay. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you upset. It's okay, it's okay. I know how hard it is, moving, leaving your family behind, joining a brothel—not exactly the best feeling. But I'm here for you, and if you ever need anything…"

My anger had sadly been swept away by my tactless sobbing, like floodgates being opened over my entire brain, turning me into a confused, malleable mess. So, instead of telling him to shove his kind words up his probably very willing ass, I just whimpered and dropped my head against his chest. This was infinitely worse than if I had simply battered him with limp-wristed fists.

"…I've heard that fin are pretty sensitive, so I'll keep that in mind, and I completely understand if you're not interested in me—I just thought it would be nice to try out, and if it doesn't work, we can always just cut it off and act like nothing ever happened…"

This finally snapped me out of it a little, at least enough for me to raise my face from where it had been pressed up against his chest and look at him in what I hoped was resentment.

Apparently it wasn't, because before I'd even blinked out the sight of his hopeful expression, he'd slid his fingers into the hair at the back of my scalp, leaned down, and kissed my parted lips.

I froze. My body locked up uselessly, and Cedar, seeming to take that as consent, pressed his tongue cautiously into my mouth, becoming bolder in his exploration the longer I failed to resist. His other hand trailed purposefully along my neck, causing my skin to tingle hotly, his lips still wetly mushing over mine as he fucked my mouth with his tongue. I groaned as I tried to pull myself together enough to muster one shove, but then his fingers were dropping over my chest, swirling over my hardened nipples, falling to my stomach before reaching under my shirt. My cock, though severely shrunken, was still a cock, and I felt it stir responsively when his fingertips pressed to the skin right above my—his—pants. I openly moaned when he delicately slid them right under the waistline, and that was more than enough encouragement for him. He slipped his hand down to fully cup my erection—not so impressive as it would have been before I'd become a fin—and I was panting, struggling in vain to resist a pleasure more overwhelming than I had ever experienced in my gyuren form. Gyuren felt great during sex, and they climaxed, of course, but they were a lot less reactive than other races, and took a lot longer to come. I'd never felt good just from someone touching my skin or holding my dick with dry hands.

And that's why I was worried. Unaccustomed to the instability of this fin body, I was already rapidly approaching climax just from the combination of the taste of Cedar's tongue in my mouth and his hand working my balls. Coming so easily would be too humiliating to bear—I shouldn't even be feeling anything right now, I shouldn't even be allowing this right now. But the fin was content with loosening his body, dropping into Cedar's kiss, and whining pitifully into his mouth.

My miniscule erection throbbed. Cedar was dipping his thumb into the opening at the head, slicking the pre-cum down my length. He started pumping his hand up and down me, and I was so hot and was breathing so hard I had to rip my mouth away—now how come I couldn't have done that before? But my hands only helplessly gripped the sheets, or the legs of his shorts, I don't know, and when his other hand moved from my hair to fondle my balls, I broke, splattering likely sterile cum all over the edge of the bed and the borrowed pants. I looked down on it with a heavy feeling hanging in my chest, the weight of realization bringing a low moan out of me, which was severely misinterpreted by Cedar.

"That better?" he asked, smiling and then kissing my face as he squeezed his arms around me. "I've found that sex always helps to relieve stress. Well," He grinned ruefully, "real sex, anyways. Not with a client."

My heart went into panic mode. Sex? We were not going to have sex.

He chuckled in a light, comfortable away. "Maybe we should have saved the clothes for later, huh?" He laughed. "Eric would be so pissed if he found out we were doing this in his bed."

Before I had time to protest, he had me on my back, and was burying his hands in my hair.

"So, how do you like it?" he asked. My heartbeat stammered horribly, the press of his erection on my thigh driving my mind to pieces. I needed—I needed—I needed to foc-fuck-focus. "Do you have a favorite position?" He smiled warmly when my face went violently pink. "I can pretty much do anything you want. It is my job, after all." He spoke this last line self-deprecatingly, but that wasn't what was running through my head at a million miles per hour. Any position? Oh, god, that was so hot—I was losing it! I needed to get my mind back together so I could push this bumbling idiot off of me and firmly refuse. I needed—

My face flushed with passion as he slowly grinded his erection against mine. Oh, fuck, my erection. Not good. He leaned forward and pulled the turtleneck over my head so I was momentarily blinded by the fabric over my face. When he had successfully removed it, he was staring into my eyes.

"Come on, Jace. Don't be embarrassed. You can tell me."

Dignity and refusal and everything important aside, wasn't this body a virgin? If this little dryad got his dick up my ass, which was not going to happen, wouldn't it hurt like hell? Practically rip me apart? I blanched at the thought. This called for evasive action stronger than shrugging my shoulders and blushing self-consciously. I needed to say something, for fuck's sake, so he wouldn't ram up me with half a foot of hard-on and tear me down the middle! I inhaled in preparation—finally, this body was working with me!—and breathed out the words,

"I-I'm a virgin…"

I mentally dropped my jaw in horror at the seductively innocent voice that drew from my lips, at the way the fin blinked up at Cedar and then looked away, blushing like a schoolgirl. This was not helpful, not helpful at all!

Cedar blinked in surprise, swallowing hard, before saying,

"Oh…oh. Um, don't worry, I won't hurt you or anything—" He shook his head promptly, and then his voice came back in, somehow calm and reassuring. "I'll be really gentle with you. Why don't you just keep lying down, and I'll take care of you, okay? Niiiiiiicccce and slowwww."

The dryad tugged his tank-top off, revealing his bare chest, which had the fin all but brain-dead, skimming over those toned pectorals and those defined abs longingly. No! I berated the fin. We need to get out of here! Move! Then, appallingly, Cedar was squirming out of his pants and underwear, and even I couldn't help but stare as his erection sprung free, thick and poised and so much bigger than this thing that fin tried to pass off as a dick. Even as the blood dropped out of my face, Cedar got up and leaned over my nightstand to access his, displaying the plump cheeks of his naked ass as he squirmed to open the top drawer and take out a bottle of lube that looked like it had been heavily used. Oh, no, I was not going to let him—!

"You just tell me if I do something wrong, or go to deep—with my fingers, first," he amended when the fin's eyes dilated in fear, his hand reaching out to tip my face up a little so I was looking into his eyes instead of right at his swollen dick. "And I'll fix it, alright? I promise this'll feel really nice."

Fuck, I had to save myself from being taken by a man! At least improve the situation! I was not going to let him take his old lube and stick it with his dirty fingers and cock up my asshole. I gazed down at my erection, and, despite its pathetic length, which probably didn't even amount to six inches, maybe not even five, inspiration had hope rising up in me again. I tamped the emotion down before it could make me light-headed, and began,

"Uh, y-you…y-you…y-you—"

Just say it, for christ's sake!

"Y-y-you know…"

Cedar had technically stopped, but he was kneading my thighs expertly, while simultaneously robbing me of my pants, even as he watched my face. I inwardly smirked with derision. If I were him, I would have just told the girl to shut her trap and—

No, no, this didn't apply right now. I moaned a little as blood rushed between my legs, swallowed, and tried again,

"Y-y-you know h-how you—you asked i-i-ifffffff…" I had bitten my lip on the "f," and the fin didn't seem to want to let go. Just let him do it! he was begging, I don't want to say it!

Fuck no! I bit back, before I took in a deep breath, and spilled it,

"How you asked m-m-me about my…my…my…p-p-preferences?"

Cedar nodded understandingly. "Don't worry, sweetheart, I won't take you from behind or anything; we'll do it just like this. It'll feel amazing, I promise." He winked at me smartly, before moving his hands further between my legs. I didn't even have the good sense to squirm back. The fin was pleading with me to surrender.

"U-u-um, a-actually, I'd l-l-l-like—" Fighting to get these words out was way too difficult. It was starting to get more than annoying. "I-I'd l-l-like to b-be on t-t-t-t-top."

Cedar coughed, choking on the spit he had been swallowing. He gave my insignificant hard-on a once-over, before meeting my eyes with hedging kindness. He was definitely not taking this seriously like he should be. I wanted to say that I meant it, but I had already pushed hard enough getting the initial phrase out.

"Uh, Jace," he started slowly in a conciliatory tone, and, as he spoke, my eyes were helplessly drawn to his cock again, the organ standing at attention between his muscled thighs, just roaring to get into this little fin's asshole. "I'm thinking that's definitely something you should think about, but you don't really want to push yourself when you're about to lose your virginity, right? You should just relax and let me take care of it." I looked back to his face, and his eyebrows were pressed upward patronizingly, his lips in a braced smile. "If you're worried about me rushing you, or hurting you, I promise I will be very, very careful, okay? So, maybe try the other way out another time, alright?"

Another time sure sounded a hell of a lot like never. My brows lowered, or at least they did in my mind—the fin was too busy blushing and batting his lashes like a damned virgin princess. He wouldn't rush me? Wasn't that exactly what he was doing right now? He was kneeling between my legs, completely naked, and he was an idiot if he thought I didn't see the eager look in his eyes as he looked over the fin's stripped body. Fuck that. If Cedar thought I was going to let him fuck me, he was in for a surpri—

A warm finger slid into my unprepared hole smoothly. I gasped in shock, my body seizing up so I was suddenly tight around him. He'd obviously been warming the lube on his hands for a while, intending to do just this. I seethed. How dare he?

The dryad eyed me with hesitant relief. "See? Perfectly fine. Nothing to be worried about."

Nothing to be worried about? He was shoving his finger up my ass. Even now, he was probing around in there, searching out my prostate so he could disarm me and shut me up. I wouldn't let him, I wouldn't fucking let him—

"Wow, you're so tight," Cedar spoke longingly, his cock twitching. "I haven't had a virgin guy in so long."

What had him thinking he was going to have me? I really needed to put my foot down, or I was going to be vandalized by his dick, which was looking bigger and bigger the more I looked at it. He didn't seem small enough to make fun of anymore like he had been when I was inches longer than him. He was easing his finger further in me, and my toes were wriggling in a ridiculous attempt at protest. What was so difficult about just heaving him off of me? The pad of his finger was lightly massaging my anal wall, trying to find what I had heard was the male "g-spot." I thought of it more as a freak accident. It wasn't natural for men to have a spot up there just like girls, and any guy who used it was just admitting that he had a pussy. I squirmed somewhat evasively, thank god, my survival instinct kicking in. But Cedar wasn't having that. He just drew forward, chastising me sweetly with promises like, "C'mon, I'm not going to hurt you," and "It'll feel better if you relax." Like hell was I going to give in so easily. Or at all.

The fin's submissiveness was an ironically relentless obstacle, however. My attempts at punching the dryad in the face, or jumping off the bed, resulted in little digs of my fingernails in the flesh of the arm Cedar was using to fuck me, and presses of my heals against the bed to bring me about a centimeter back. Cedar just shifted forward every time, until I finally hit the wall. He grinned at me a bit mischievously, and then, leaning forward, spoke in my ear,

"Guess what?"

"Wh-what?" I stumbled, amazed that I even got the word out.

And then a huge surge of pleasure shot through my body as he pressed his fingers upward.

"Oh!" I cried out unhindered. "Oh oh oh oh oh." I was suddenly more verbose than I had been before, and I attempted to take advantage of this new ability and get myself out of my situation, but as soon as I had begun to form the word "stop," he pressed up again, and all there was was another "Oh!" as if I were a pathetic little bitch in a porno. He began slowly massaging, rolling the pad of his finger over what I had to guess was my prostate in a practiced manner, rocking his palm intentionally under my balls as he did so. My cock, its likely-less-than-five inches standing, felt engorged enough to burst, but I wasn't orgasming yet. I moaned loudly, any attempt at inhibition tossed away in my desperate need to keep from falling apart.

"There, there, that's good, huh?"

I wanted to shake my head and tell him absolutely not, before ordering him to promptly jump out the window, but all that would come from my mouth were incessant whines that were rising higher in pitch. In response, he started thrusting more forcefully with his hand, rubbing more abrasively and pressing deeper. My legs trembled frighteningly as I came to the cusp of orgasm, and by now I was just begging for it to happen, right along with the fin. My body ached fiercely for release, the core of it tight in my cock. I didn't realize, until Cedar was speaking the words: "You're close, you're close, don't worry, you're close," that I was saying "Please" over and over again.

Cedar gave a few more strong circular motions with the tip of his finger, and I came hard, arching my spine and shouting. Cedar brought me down gradually by gently stroking my cock as my body tingled from hyperventilation. I shivered as the last of the semen spilled from me, the feeling so good I almost started crying again, but I trapped down the fin and just shuddered into the pillow, eyes clenched tight against potential tears.

"Wow, that was a long one," Cedar remarked in satisfaction, before diving down to scoop up my limp body and pull it to his naked chest. "And you're so adorable!"

I would have bit him if I had had the willpower. Instead, I groaned. His finger went right back up me, and as he laid me out on the bed, finding my prostate again easily, I gave up a little. The fin was in his happy place, having some other man do all the work while he just basked in rolling orgasm. The difference between the body I inhabited and my displaced gyuren self started to lose distinction as I felt another finger go up, stretching me uncomfortably for a moment before my asshole made allowances. He was moving over my prostate, and my body was pulsing and thrusting with the movement of his hand. It took me a while to realize that that was because he had slicked his other hand with lube and begun caressing my spent penis to life. He gave it a firm squeeze as he forced in yet another finger, spacing the three digits evenly apart to stretch my hole out further. He went at this carefully for a while, opening me in all directions, rolling his fingers over my prostate until I was panting so hard, my face was hot.

And then he pulled the fingers out. At first I was confused, but as realization dawned on me, I managed to draw my legs together an inch or so. Cedar, however, immediately started rubbing my thighs carefully, dipping between them until he had easily pulled them wider apart than they had been before. I inwardly mourned the sight of my open legs, feeling my vulnerable asshole flaring with my breaths, just waiting for him to bang his nasty cock into it.

Sure enough, he was leaned over my nightstand again, rifling around in the same drawer of his nightstand where I knew he kept spare condoms, for all the guys here he got it on with "after hours." As he shuffled his hand around, at last drawing out the foil covered package and sitting back down between my thighs, he looked to it with resignation, even sighing a bit. We prostitutes had to use condoms for most of our clients, because there was always a chance that the whorehouse might receive an infected patron. There was the fear of pregnancy as well, though many female customers were on the pill. Even as the dryad began reluctantly bringing the condom down over his solid shaft, he flicked his eyes over to my asshole, to his plastic covered dick, to my asshole again… The fin blushed, but I was rolling my eyes. I could read this guy like a book. We'd all been there. Vaguely, I realized that I shouldn't be getting caught up in such unimportant things when it was my asshole he was drooling to get in bareback, but my mind was fogged over with an odd sense of acceptance. The fin had already shown his true grit, which equated to about zip, and fighting with him was exhausting. I closed my eyes, waiting for the inevitable.

"Hey," Cedar cut in after a moment. "So…we can use a condom if you want, but I'm completely clean—have to be, since I'm a prostitute—and you're a virgin, so we could do it without one. I don't have a problem with either way, but I guarantee it will feel a lot better for you if we lose the latex."

I breathed out a sigh, which sounded a lot more like a girlish moan, and nodded. "Whatever you want, douchebag" turned into a breathy "O-okay…" and Cedar was tearing that condom off like he was opening a birthday present, delight brimming in his green eyes. He might as well have been jumping on the bed. Doing a virgin without a condom was like Christmas. I grinned secretly to myself—which meant in my mind, because the fin was so busy blinking his lashes bashfully. I personally preferred to take my "Christmases" more regularly than others. That virgin girl today would have been one hell of a treat if Ms. H hadn't

The tip of Cedar's cock pressed against my hole, successfully causing me to forget my towering fury as fear overwhelmed it. The fin was very, very frightened. However, that, unfortunately, did not mean he had any mind to escape. Instead, he just decided to shiver and wait, legs spread in timid invitation.

"I'll be real careful, promise," Cedar reassured me, reaching to get more lube and slick it over his penis, grinning at me all the while. He reached down and turned my chin towards him, before he bent and kissed my lips. Slipping his tongue into my mouth, he pulled his hand away, bringing both down to cup my ass-cheeks, which he parted before nudging against my hole. Anxiously, I bit my tongue—or his tongue, if I was lucky—as I felt his organ gradually spreading me open from the inside. The sooner this was done, the better. After the idiot dryad andthis white-haired bitch got it out of their systems, maybe the fin would drop back a bit, and I could lay some rules down to save my ass for the remainder of my imprisonment. I would definitely go out of my way to hurt his pride, too, the best I could. And oh, when I was back in my body, he was in for it. I was going to burn his pet potted tree. Cedar groaned, parting my cheeks even further, and eased himself in a bit more. The wring of muscles at my entrance spasmed, beginning to ache around his girth in a very unpleasant way. Still he pulsed forward, careful little pushes that—

"Stop stop stop stop stop!"

I would have been simultaneously shocked and overjoyed by the word pouring from my lips, if not for the cause. As he continued forward, his thickness was becoming unbearable, and my muscles were throbbing around it in painful protest.

"Oh, you're so so tight," he moaned, brows creasing. "Your tiny little hole can hardly take my cock, sweet little cherry…" But, despite the arousal in his voice, he did pull back out, trading the head of his penis for three fingers. I squeezed around them involuntarily, and he moaned again, his cock throbbing against the inside of my thigh. "Just let me loosen you up a little more, and we'll try again…" He returned to spreading his fingers inside of me, stretching me out a little more vigorously than before. I gasped as he intentionally banged up against my prostate, and he rocked against it indulgingly for a moment, before thrusting up higher, only just teasing my sweet-spot. I almost choked on my gasp when that term entered my mind. At least this wasn't my body. That was the fin's watch-how-fast-I-can-become-even-more-of-a-woman spot. I sucked in a breath when the dryad drew his fingers out a bit impatiently.

"Here, maybe we can try for a different angle…"He adjusted my hips, biting down on his lip as he did so. Leaning over me, he jerked one of the pillows out from under my head, smiling when I breathed out sharply in surprise. "Gosh, you're so cute," he observed appreciatively as he lifted my little ass with one hand and slid the pillow under it. He kissed my forehead lightly, then gathered me up in his arms. "Just hold onto me if you get scared, okay?" The fin, of course, automatically squeezed his torso in response. I sighed, all but figuratively dropping my face in my hands. This was absurdly lame. Cedar, probably overwhelmed by how sweet and darling and babyish I was, kissed my cheek, and arched his hips carefully. He began lightly dipping into my asshole, one arm dropping so he could part my ass with his fingers again, the other remaining wrapped around me. Trying to keep the whimpering to a minimum, I relaxed my body, and prepared to wait it out.

"That's right, that's right, just relax…" Cedar soothed. The fin delighted in his premature obedience. I dropped my face in my hands again. Of course I had to relax. That was sex one-o-one. I didn't need some dumb, ass-fucking dryad to tell me that.

Cedar began pushing in deeper again, triggering those aching muscles back into knots. Relax, relax, you just need to relax, Jace.

I blinked. Had that been him talking?

Before I could gather my wits, he was undulating his hips again, easing his way further in and whispering more unhelpful nonsense in my ear like "breathe, breathe, relax, please, you have to breathe, Jace; now relax, relax again, good, now I'm going to move…" His hands went to the underside of my thighs, and pulled them wide apart before he reared back slightly and penetrated me in a smooth motion. I yelped in shock, my asshole clenching and throbbing. Had he just gone in all the way? One quick look that I had to bully the fin into taking, and I understood the answer as a definite no. How much more of him was there? I sunk my head into the pillow and sighed exasperatedly. He continued lightly pulsing as he pet my neck, my chest. Heat buzzed under my skin, and I turned my face to the side, blushing.

And then I shouted out as my cock jerked up from its limping posture.

"There we go," the dryad commented approvingly, running his cock over my prostate again. My own dick twitched, my nails digging into Cedar's shoulders. "That's good, huh?"


Had that been my voice? I snapped at the fin for answering such a dumb question.

"I'm gonna pick up the pace a bit, okay?" Cedar spoke, breathing heavily. "I can hardly wait to get the rest of me in that hot little ass of yours."

If that was supposed to relieve me, the dryad wasn't doing a very good job. My cheeks burned. Well, the fin liked it, but I certainly didn't.

True to his word, Cedar started pumping into me with short but unstoppable little thrusts of his hips. My hole was starting to feel so full, and his cock was smothering my prostate, causing it to pulsate in a way that I wasn't exactly comfortable with. I was opened what seemed to be impossibly wide around him, and as I inhaled and exhaled with heaves of my chest, I felt my asshole flaring and tightening around his dick sporadically, my muscles twitching and spasming, sometimes even pulling him in deeper. Above everything was the constant, inescapable ache as he fully sheathed himself, whispering seductively,

"I'm all the way inside you now, Jace. You have all seven—" He pushed into me deeply, bringing an involuntary cry from my lips "—and a half inches of my cock in your tight, virgin asshole. See, Jace?" He pressed something warm against my ass-cheeks as I struggled for breath. "These are my balls."

I stuttered out a moan.

"Does it feel good, Jace?"

I gave a short, hopeless nod against his shoulder, tears squeezing out the sides of my—

Oh, no. I was not crying. I tried to put a stop to it, but apparently crying while losing virginity was inevitable in the fin's little mind. It didn't even hurt that bad. Christ's sake.

"Shh, shh," the dryad soothed me in a practiced, hushed voice as he kissed away my tears. Oh, god. "I'll be so gentle, it'll feel so good, I promise."

I nodded again, and he gave a groan, before bringing his hips back and steadily thrusting, elongating the strokes as I slowly began to loosen up.

"Damn, you feel so good."

I clutched his shoulders like they were my anchor, blubbering against his chest. He shifted his hips upward so he was pressing to the wall of my anus, consequently coming in contact with my prostate with each penetration. My legs were spreading wider on their own, wrapping around his back. The little fin, even in this state, was still—thankfully—too bashful to cry for more. Cedar, however, seemed to catch on, and snapped his body forward more quickly, the dryad still somehow being careful not to push in too much deeper as he did so. The short, rapid thrusts filled me to the brim as it was. This reality made me admonish the fin angrily. If he was going to take a dick up his ass, he should at least take it well. I hated girls who asked me to go easy on them. Come on. Hopefully it would help Cedar change his mind about me, though.

Unfortunately, the obvious enchantment in the dryad's voice as he soothed me for about the thousandth time since he'd begun entering me didn't suggest much hope for this end.

"Ohhh, aaaaahhhhh," the fin moaned hungrily. I didn't even have time to figuratively sigh before Cedar was pulling another real sound from me. My thighs were trembling desperately, my hole squeezing tight around his swiftly-moving shaft. The pleasure was shuddering through me, hot and uncontrollable, and Cedar was holding me so close, I was breathing into his short hair and against his sweat-slick neck.

And then, with a hard ram against my sweet-spot—something he had definitely been saving for last—I gasped and broke, like shattering ice. My eyes went wide, and Cedar's lips came down on mine strong, as my orgasm, in contrast, shot in fiery spurts out of the head of my penis, a warm, softer sensation blooming up inside me as Cedar followed. The dryad pulled away, hovering over me for a moment, before immediately dropping with a sigh, falling to his side with me in his arms so I was pulled against his body.

"Oh, Jace, that was amazing." He was still inside me, slowly going soft. I wanted to yank him out, but the fin thought it was nice.

The dryad then started chuckling, softly in my ear. Annoyed, I imagined slamming my head upward to snap his teeth together, which resulted in me cuddling closer against him and meekly asking, "What?"

"This is technically against the rules, not that anyone follows it…" Cedar spoke with a snicker. "But Mrs. Hemner would probably freak out anyway, if she found out I just took the virginity of the new guy."

I didn't speak, and I managed to keep the fin from turning his head, so that the kiss Cedar was placing on my head wouldn't end up on my mouth. I was definitely not up for round two. The dryad mussed my hair absently, then did something that had my eyes widening with sick apprehension:

He brought up the blankets around our intertwined bodies and turned off the light switch above his head, before bringing me closer against him.

The fin, of course, took it all in comfortable stride, sinking into the man's arms like they were bliss, like they were protection from all that had my mind scampering about uncertainly. But I knew that was dumb. My room-mate had just made everything so much worse, including the state of my asshole, which was throbbing threateningly. And now he planned on falling asleep together? I attempted to elbow him in the gut, but the fin's shy resistance was like a warm feather blanket being wrapped around me, urging me to relax and give in and just sleep.

This had better not become a nightly routine.

B-bam. Yeah.