Hey! This was a story I came up with for a class assignment and decided to post it on this site. Read and review.


"Who put a dang hole in MY sidewalk! I'm the great and honorable Mr. Sir the mayor George Fishstick the 87th! How dare that incompetent fool put a hole in my city! And to then attempt to cover it up; that foolish hole maker will pay!"

"Umm… sir?" timidly asked one of my faithful servants.

"Now what do you want?"

"Umm… there is no hole Great and honorable Mr. Sir the mayor. It's all just a 3d painting…"

"Very funny. Guards! Off with his head! Needless to say, I was not pleased. With my foolish little servant taken care of, I retreated into the depths of my dungeon and began to think. I couldn't have random people putting holes in my sidewalk. This blasphemy must end! It's clearly written in my book of holy laws that "all who put a hole In my sidewalk shall be put to death!" People are very fickle. They would join the hole maker in a heartbeat. I need to catch him before he does any more damage. Rebellion must be crushed.

2 weeks later… "I have the city in full lockdown! No one gets in, no one gets out! I have my personal army of Spartans patrolling the streets with potato guns! You wouldn't believe the nerve of the rest of the country! They're calling me a maniac! Stupid idiots." At that moment, my faithful underling, otherwise known as servant #8512 B. Z. came in.

"Umm… sir.. if you're done talking to yourself…"

"I am not talking to myself! Guards! Off with his head!"

With servant #8512 B. Z. taken care of I once again retreated into the depths off the dungeon, not caring one moment about what #8512 B. Z. was about to tell me. After sulking around for a bit, I decided to get a more intimidating outfit… I felt I wasn't getting the respect I deserved.

The next day… today has been absolutely horrible! Everyone has been laughing at my bunny outfit! I'm so mad right now! That's it! I'm going to get an even fiercer and intimidating outfit! Time to pay a visit to my friend Pony Bark.


I'm tired. I'll post the rest of this later. And I actually do get around to the actual plotline of the story eventually.