Hello readers I'm back! I'm working on the sequel now and I'll post it as soon as I'm finished posting the rest of this story.

The next day… well… I was kidding when I said me and Pony Bark were friends. I sent out some of my Spartans to go steal one of his power suits. After blasting some people to demonstrate my power, no one dares laugh at me now.

The next day… well… I somehow lost the suit and had to change back to my bunny outfit. At least no one is laughing at me this time. Recently I've come to a sudden revelation; I had no idea what the heck I was doing! I was playing dress-up and wasting a whole lot of time while the city was still in lockdown and the civilians were in full blown panic! More importantly, the hole maker was still on the loose! I was disgusted with myself; I was supposed to be crushing rebellion right now! Time to get back to business and catch the hole maker!

The next week… I have my top detectives working on catching the hole maker! At least… that's what I would have done if I had any. I settled for monkeys with hats. So far, they have no leads. I'm starting to get impatient… dumb monkeys rather play keep away with all the files than to look for the hole maker!

A few days later… I got it! I got a major clue as to who it is that keeps making holes in my sidewalks! It has to be someone in the city! I just narrowed it down to 2,957 people!

One month later… the city is still in full lockdown with Spartans patrolling the streets. Things have been slowing down… nothing much has happened this past month. I have a really bad feeling about this, it felt like the calm before the storm.

A few weeks later… the city is in distress! More and more holes are popping up! To make things worse, whatever agents I send out to check out the holes came back saying they're 3d paintings! My army is separating and falling apart! It is now divided into three different factions, the ones loyal to me, the traitors, and the bystanders.

The next day… I knew I was close to losing control of the city. All because some idiot put a hole in my sidewalk. I will not surrender. Me and my Spartans will fight until the end! Until I remembered…I have no Spartans… they sided with the bystanders… turns out they were just ordinary body builders with Spartan clothing… I feel robbed. Actually, I don't have anyone on my side. All my servants are against me, the nation thinks I'm crazy, even the monkeys with hats ditched me! I didn't want to resort to this… but they left me no choice… it's time to push the big red button.

The next update will contain the rest of the story. Then I'll get to finishing the sequel.

By the way should I keep this T or lower the rating to K+?

Also, the hole in the sidewalk inspiration came from Julian Beever's sidewalk paintings. They're so cool, search for them on google