Ramamurthi set his feet out of his house as his wrist watch showed him the time as 6:00 pm. Daily he used to go to the park nearby to his house at 6:00 pm. At the age of 74 every men likes to spend time with their grandchildren and it was same with Ramamurthi, he had two grandchildren but his son's wife used not to let him to spend time with them. So, he used to go to the park and enjoy watching children playing, hopping etc.

Ramamurthi had lost his wife a couple of years ago. She was the best wife and friend he ever got. He used to have walking with her, chatting with her, discussing with her and used to be happy with his good wife. But her last breathe made him alone all alone. He had a son called Sudhakar, an Engineer. He was married and had two children. Ramamurthi and his wife used to love their only one son. They brought him up with a great care and affection. But after marriage Sudhakar became an unbelievable person to his parents. He used to neglect them and was listening to his wife. His wife was of course not good with her good father in-law and mother in-law. But somehow they used to stand those problems. But Ramamurthi's wife let him alone on the earth and went too far away from her husband.

As he stepped in the park, he saw children playing, running after others which made him happy. He walked in the park and sat on a bench where he could see all children. An old man walked before him and sat on another bench which was little beside to the bench where Ramamurthi had sat himself. They both glared each other and turned their faces towards the children.

That old man named Krishnaiah, was an old friend of Ramamurthi but present enemy of him now. Misunderstanding played a prominent rule in making them apart.

A boy of 8 years ran after Krishnaiah saying "Granddad, wait" and hugged him. This made Ramamurthi feel jealous. But he sat quiet and pretended as if he hasn't seen it. Fifteen minutes passed, a man with a suit advanced towards Krishnaiah and frowned "What's this nonsense? He has to do homework there and you have brought him to park?"

"Look son, he…" Krishnaiah tried to tell but his son interrupted saying "Stop. I don't want to hear anything from you" and dragged the boy out of the park.

Ramamurthi stared at Krishnaiah but Krishnaiah turned his face.

After few minutes Sudhakar advanced to his father, Ramamuthi and yelled "Do you want my family and me be homeless?"

"What happened dear?" asked Ramamurthi.

"Oh, you don't know anything right? You left the door opened without locking and spending your time here."

"No, your wife said she'll be in home in a minute so, I didn't lock it"

"No, he's lying I didn't say anything like that. I said to lock the door" his wife lied.

Lies always rule the truth so Ramamurthi remained without a word after finding his son's wife lying against him even though she had done the mistake.

"You don't have any manners" Sudhakar said and went out of the park. There was a long silence which ruled the moments for a while. Slowly Krishnaiah got up from the bench and sat beside Ramamurthi and held his hand.

"Ramu" he called.

Ramamurthi looked at him with his wet eyes.

"We both are travelling in a same boat. There's no need of enmity between us" Krishnaiah said with grief. "I'm sorry for misunderstanding, please forgive me"

"Please forgive me, Krishna" Ramamurthi said.

Their both eyes were watery now and they hugged tightly and cried. They both comforted each other.

"My wife died in a car accident a month ago" Krishnaiah said.

"My wife died with cancer" Ramamurthi said.

They both were shocked to hear that their friend's wife is dead. They both comforted each other. They talked how their sons and their wives used to behave with them and they shared all their problems with each other.

"I have decided to stay in a house made for aged people like us. Would you like to join with me in it?" Krishnaiah asked.

"Yeah" agreed Ramamurthi.

They both felt relaxed. The loneness which was like a ghost to them was destroyed because they both decided to be friends forever till their lives' end and decided not to be parted.

They both rose up. Krishnaiah led his arm around Ramamurthi's shoulder as he used to do it before. And they both walked out of the park with a great hope in their mind.