It was four minutes to midnight. Alpha group (or as they were more commonly known as 'asswipe group') were crouched, wearing black body armour and rifles, kevlar helmets on their heads and heavy, black combat boots on their feet. The building they were standing by was concrete, a tin roof, run down and looking almost abandoned. They knew different.
"We infiltrate here," their leader pointed to a point on their map that was supplied by intel and their most reliable air force. The man behind looked confused.
"They'll be expecting us to go through there. It's where they have the most security."
"But we'll have the higher ground!" he argued quietly.
"That shouldn't matter if my plan works."
"And if it doesn't?"
The leader looked at him, "you are making queries that are far beyond your position, Sargent. You are to take out the orders I have given to you, understood?"
"Yes, Sir," the young man nodded.
"Tell them what we're doing then!" The young man turned around and signalled to the rest of Alpha what was happening. They glanced uneasily at each other and fought the urge to fidget uncomfortably. "Alright, Alpha. Throw the grenades," the leader stated as he checked his watch. Midnight. Three soldiers stepped forward slightly, pulling the pins on their grenades and throwing them in the general direction of their target. Accuracy was the main aim in the dark. The grenades exploded with a flash and a bang.
"Go, go, go!" the leader yelled to his men at the bang and watched them as they shot various targets who opposed them, a few of the men had already fallen. When Alpha group's leaders thought that there were no more enemies he stood up and gave what the men suspected might be a smile. He gave a cheer that quickly turned into a strangled gurgle.
"Sniper!" someone yelled and the man on the hill opposite them was quickly shot as well, there was an almost deathly silence as they saw ten, 20, 30, even more of their supposed dead enemies poured over the hill. Their leader, still on the ground, blood pouring out of his neck, looked at his men with eyes that said 'I'm sorry' before they closed. The men looked at each other panicked before a young lieutenant spoke up,
"Retreat, Alpha company. Run to the drop-off zone. The helicopters that brought us in can pick us up there."
"Yes, Sir."

The men were halfway to the helicopters when they were ambushed.
"Where the fuck is Base?" the lieutenant asked.
"I don't know, Sir." Although the answer was hardly detectable among the gunfire and occasional explosion.
"Alpha, what is your current situation?" Base asked.
"Where the hell have you been?" he asked.
"I repeat, what is your current situation?"
"Having our asses handed to us on a leafy platter. Get us out of here!"
"Roger that, the helicopters will be there in five."
The lieutenant looked around him, "there won't be any of us left in five minutes."
"Roger that Alpha, we'll get there as fast as we can."
"Will that be fast enough?" he asked.

It had been five minutes. There were no helicopters.
"Where are they?" A new private asked.
"I don't know," the leader said and opened up the radio again.
"Where are you, Base? We need more soldiers! I repeat we need back-up! Do you read me?" Nothing but gunfire and groans of pain.
"Shit," he dropped his empty rifle and grabbed the pistol at his side, hoping that Base would get them out of it.