The bell for lunch rang with a delightful clear sound, and almost everyone in the class sighed in relief and started packing up.

"The bell doesn't dismiss you, I DO!" the teacher yelled as most of us walked out of the classroom anyway.

"Miss Roebuck," the teacher called out once I was halfway to the door.

"Shit," I muttered and turned to my friends.

"Make a run for it?" They suggested and I sighed in defeat.

"Best not, she'll either contact my parents or give me a detention tomorrow. See you after lunch guys." I walked over dramatically like a kicked puppy dog, towards the demon of hell.

"Daisy Roebuck," She sighed gesturing towards a chair. "Look I never thought I'd say this but I need your help."

"What!" My mouth dropped open in surprise.

"Well, the Rebellion contacted me yesterday and their recruitment isn't going well. I usually wouldn't say this to a student but yes, war will probably be declared soon. Since you're kind of 'influencing' over the students, would you put in some encouragement?" She smiled, a mean smile that reminded me of the joker.

"Fuck no," I said, "I mean 'perhaps not, Miss'" I gave an angel smile at her slight glare.

"Why not?" She glared, struggling to not yell out 'DETENTION!' or 'DO WHAT I SAY ROEBUCK!'

"I've got a detention soon anyway... I don't particularly want another one."

"Another day then?" she persisted like an eager salesman.

"I don't think that would be a good idea," I stated and started to walk out the door.

"You sure you won't give it a second thought?"

"Can't encourage what I don't believe, war won't start, its the 21st century! Besides, even if it did start, I'm not sending my friends to their slaughter," I walked out the door and down the outside corridor to find my friends.

Idiots, I thought as I watched the line move forward for recruitment.

"Missy!" I yelled as I spied her lining up.

"Daisy?" She paled. I marched down towards the end of the line.

"What do you think you're doing?" I put my hands on my hips and tried to look intimidating which was hard as Missy was a lot taller than me. Funny enough people always thought I was the younger sister because of my height. But Missy was two years younger than me. We looked pretty alike with dark brown hair (when she hadn't dyed it some crazy colour that I didn't know how she got away with, at home or school) and blue eyes, unlike me she always seemed to wear a beanie. Even in summer. For my birthday she brought me a pig hat beanie. Everyone at school laughed and the class bitch (every class has one) Hayley whispered 'she's wearing that 'cause she is a pig' which earned her a glare and some bad language from me and a lunchbox full of dog poop.

Missy flicked some of her hair out of her face and looked me in the eye.

"Daisy, this war is not a joke. It's happening and when it does it's gonna be bad. I can feel something's about to go down. You can either join or die sister,"

"Missy. Do you know what happens in war? It's not just fun and games! I'm not letting you get yourself killed!" I grabbed her wrist just as a light brown haired girl spoke.

"Are you guys signing up or not?" She spoke with a no-nonsense tone, her light blue eyes were dull as if she knew she was signing kids up to die. I guessed she was probably in some sort of military before the Rebellion took her, and had seen battle, judging from the single scar that ran from her eyebrow down to her cheekbone, crossing over her right eye. I looked at her 'HELLO! My name is' name tag and saw her name, Pilot Captain Charlotte Jones.

"No way! Even if the war started we're more safe hiding than fighting! Come on Missy!" I grumbled.

"No! Daisy! I want to sign up!" Missy complained.

"Mum and Dad will never allow it," I warned knowing I'd struck home, our parents approval were everything.

"Um... Fine maybe another time," Missy frowned and Charlotte mumbled 'If there is one'.

"Mum, did you hear about what Missy almost did today?" I said, dobbing Missy in. It was for her own good. I need to keep her safe.

"What hunny? Was it a good thing?" My mum stared at me with her big my-kids-can-do-no-wrong blue eyes and pushed a piece of hair behind her ear. I turned to Missy seeing her pleading eyes.

"She... um..." I sighed trying to get a grip, they needed to convince her. "Almost signed up for The Rebels," I blurted out.

"What!" Dad dropped his knife on the floor, making our Westie Smudge jump up and run for cover.

"I-I..." Missy stammered shooting glares in my direction.

"You must never sign up for that Missy!" Scolded Dad.

"Well why not! War is coming! I want to fight," She broke down in tears.

"This is because of that boy! Isn't it?" Mum raged.

"Brandon died, The Valley killed him. They need to pay!" Missy clenched her fists, I'd never see her so blood thirsty and unhinged. It was like in some of the books i'd read, when a character always had another side to them, just like there's another side to every story.

"Don't let anger fill you up enough you want to kill, find peace within," Mum said. Mum's job was being a fortune teller, Missy apparently had 'The Gift' but I didn't believe that. Missy and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes, finally being dismissed from the table.

"I can't believe you did that!" Missy whisper-yelled at me later that night when everyone was in bed.

"I had no choice Missy! They deserve to know!" I said back at the same noise level.

"I was going to join up for the military anyway, when I left school. Why won't you let me now?"
"YOU WERE WHAT?" I yelled.

"Shhh!" she exclaimed and covered my mouth with her hand, "yes!" she was back to whispering, "I didn't tell you because I knew you would all freak! You all wanted me to do some civilian job, like a teacher and then go home to a husband and three children and I don't want to do that. At some point maybe a husband and kids, but I want to serve. And... if I liked it enough I was going to become an officer."

"What?" I asked, back to whispering too, "you really have a death wish don't you, Missy? But think about what it would do to Mum and Dad and all of our friends! What about them?"

There was silence.

A car drove by our house.

More silence.

"Whatever," I sighed and rolled over, gathering the thick duvet around my body. I felt more than heard or saw Missy stand up and cross the room to her own bed. There was no more talking after that.

I watched the sun slowly rise over the hills as Missy and I sat on the roof. When we fought or couldn't sleep, we would both climb up to the roof to watch the sun rise.

"I'm sorry, I was going to sign up without telling you," Missy said after about five minutes.

"It's okay, I'm sorry I yelled. I just wanted to protect you. You're innocent, I wouldn't want that to be taken away from you."

"Thanks," We sat in a comfortable silence for a bit longer. By the time we'd gotten down from the roof the sun had rose.

"So..." I trailed off awkwardly.

"I'm not changing my mind," Missy stated.

"What?" I asked, "that's insane! You said you were sorry!"

"I said I was sorry for not telling you guys, I didn't say I wouldn't try again." She said coldly, a tone of voice she hardly used on me.

"And I meant that I don't want you to witness what goes on in war!"

"How would you know? You've never been there!"
"I've seen it's effects on people!"
"What? In books? Movies? Most of that isn't even real!" Missy screeched. "Let me do what I want!"

"Let me protect you! God dammit," I yelled turning away.

"I don't need protecting! I can look out for myself," Missy ran past me ducking into the house. Stupid sister, wanting to throw her life away for nothing. In the window of our room I saw Missy sitting on her bed, tears streaming down her cheeks. I ran upstairs to our room, sneaking in not even glancing at Missy and got ready for school.

"Rachel!" I greeted as a familiar, black haired girl ran up to me.

"Daisy!" She yelled throwing me into a friendly hug.

"Where have you been!" Rachel had been away for almost two weeks, apparently something to do with her family.

"My parents took me away because they thought the war was going to start, but look!" She said with glee, twirling around in her navy, blue uniform, her dark brown hair swishing in the wind.

"No war! Free for another day!" I joined her twirling, until we both collapsed on the soft grass in fits of laughter.

"We all know the war will eventually start, today or tomorrow. Something's coming," Rachel said mysteriously wiggling her fingers, as if she was a witch.

"And the world will never be the same, blah blah blah," Monique collapsed on the grass next to me. "I say the worlds ending, lets get drunk!"

"You said it sister," Courtney said as she sat down next to us, forming a circle.

"That's the life," I sighed and winked at one of the passing boys staring at us.

"Anyway, did you see Jamie's skirt today? I swear she cut it or rolled it at least 6 inches..." Courtney said as she coated her nail in OPI's new Sweet Dreams nail polish.

"Nah she's just fatter," Snipped Rachel, glaring back at Jamie, a use-to-be-popular wannabe. She use to be 'the leader' of the school, that was until I stepped in. With my looks and bad-girl attitude I was easily likable and enviable. Boys wanted me, girls envied me. Especially, Hayley and Jamie.

"You sure? I thought, I heard her throwing up in the bathroom the other day. Looks like someone has problems. Anyway where's Missy?" Monique asked.

"She tried to sign up for the rebels. She's super pissed at me," I flicked a piece of dirt off my uniform.

"Ew!" Courtney exclaimed, "who would want to do that?"

"She's delusional!" Monique joined in, smiling smugly at using one of the new 'big words' I'd taught her.

"I suppose it makes sense, she never got over...Brandon," Rachel sighed.

"Who? Santa? Missy having a boyfriend. Pfft, whatever! She'll never get a boyfriend looking like a pig," Hayley smirked from behind me.

"Yeah! Totally, even if she did, he'd have probably died of embarrassment!" Jamie a joined in.

I swear my blood started to boil as I turned around looking each girl in the eye, "Brandon was a boy who fought for our race, he joined the rebellion and died sacrificing himself to get his team out alive, show some respect. You stupid slut."

"Calm down, we were just saying. And if anyones a slut it's you," Spat Hayley.

"How could I be a slut, I've never kissed a boy, slept with one, or gone out with anyone. Get a dictionary bitch!" I yelled, I stood up and so did the other girls. I sized Hayley and Jamie up. I was a lot taller than them even though they wore heels.

"Oh bring it on bitch!" Hayley took a swing at me, I caught her arm and twisted it behind her back.

"If you so much as say anything nasty or petty against my sister, Brandon or me, I will rip your hand off!" Jamie backed away scared as I pushed Hayley at her. They pulled the finger at me and scrambled off to nark on me.

"What soulless, horrible girls. Why didn't you slap them?" Asked Courtney.

"They will suffer soon enough, as you said the war will start and they will learn to survive or die," I said solemnly.

"But I thought you said it wouldn't and it was all a big joke?" Rachel asked.

"Well... Now I'm not so sure. Its as if... something in the air has changed. Can't you feel it?"

"Like calm before the storm," Monique summed up for me.

"Yeah!" We all agreed as we started to move towards the classrooms, just as we saw Justin. The 'apparently' hottest boy in school and Monique's secret crush. Personally I thought he was a jerk. Tossing round girls as if they were dolls. No one fell in love anymore like in books, it was sad to think about.

"Oh... come on Daisy cheer up! Of course we'll all die if we're in a mood like you!" Rachel laughed linking arms with me.

"Shall we skip?" Monique lended her arm.

"I think so!" Courtney joins up.

"We're off to kill the bitches! The horrible bitches of Ross! Because, because, because, because of all the horrible things they do to us!" We all sang, even though it didn't really rhyme. Ross High was the high school we went too. We were all in Year 11 except for Missy who was a Year 9 or as we called the year 9s, a turd.

"Roebuck! Vanderwall! Nicks! Monto! You're late," Glared the teacher.

"Just stopped by to help Ms Joe the librarian put some books away miss," I gave her my best look of innocence.

"So you wouldn't mind if I ask her?" Damn. I hate being caught out.

"I'm actually not sure if it was Ms Joe though, I'm terribly forgetful," I smiled sweetly and watched as the other girls nodded.

"Sit. Now." Her jaw went tight as she gestured to empty seats at the front of the class.

"Now class today we will be studying..." I tuned out as the teacher droned on. Why did I never get the nice teachers? During my high school education it seemed I only ever got the grumpy-ass-I'm-only-doing-this-to-get-paid teachers.

"Roebuck! Tell me the first three numbers of pie," barked the teacher.

"3.14159," I smirked at the teacher as she glared at me for getting it right.

"I asked for the first three numbers Daisy. Or do you need a counting lesson?" She glared harder.

"But you-" I argued.




"Holy shit, PMSing much?" I muttered as I sunk down in my chair.

"DETENTION!" She yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Aw! Well, us girls have to go now. We all have detention with Ms. Blu, toodles!" I laughed.

"Thank god," She grumbled, turning back to the board and with that we walked out.

"Ms. Blu!" I yelled, swinging my bag around the familiar detention room. She looked at us with an 'Oh-God-not-these-girls' look. She pointed a rat-tail like finger over to four empty desks, also in the room, was Missy.

"What did Miss. Goody-Two-Shoes do to end up in here?" I asked.

"No talking!" Barked Ms. Blu-rat-face.

"I told Hayley to go fuck herself when she mentioned Brandon dying of embarrassment, then I asked her if she had gotten her pimples from fucking to many boys and girls," She said bitterly. She pulled her hobo beanie over her ears.

"Nice," I high fived her.

"Then I ran and signed up for The Rebels," She murmured.

"Fuck a moose," My mood switched from, happy my sister was a bad girl and angry that she'd signed her death wish.

"Who said? Just cause Brandon..."

"Girls! Sit down! Unless you want another two hours in here!" Yelled Ms. Rat Face. I sulked in my seat and stared at the wall. A few minutes later I saw a boy sniff and wipe his nose on his sleeve. Ew. Then I heard this kind of clicking down and thought of all the weird sounds you heard in this room... I heard a 'BOOM!' from far away.

"What was that?" I whispered to Missy.

"No talking!" Squeaked Rat Face.

Boom! Boom! There is was again...

"Ahh!" I screeched, joining the collection of screams as the first bomb fell close. Rat face started yelling out orders and instructions but the rumbling was too loud now. I grabbed Missy and silently we clung together. If I had thought this would be over quickly, I was wrong. At one point I closed my eyes and when I opened them, Courtney and Monique were no more. I felt my eyes fill with tears, their lifeless, cooling and paling bodies staring straight at me, their eyes veiled with fear and terror. This wasn't supposed to happen. War was never supposed to... I couldn't even think, all that was in my mind was one heavy fog of guilt, horror, shock, disbelief and pain. While some sick part of me was curious. Curious about the planes, the bombs, the damage, the bodies. That's what made my stomach turn the most. The urge to take a closer look; see what killed them, all of the gory details. I didn't understand it. Then another sensation took over me, making me... almost want to fight and vomit at the same time.




I was blasted out from my hiding place, Missy ripped from my arms. Almost in slow motion, my head hit the wall and everything went black. The last thing I heard was the screams of the damned.

There are some things you never forget in your life. The good things. Your first boyfriend, those precious memories with your best friends when you were acting crazy and you couldn't give a fuck. Then there's the bad things. Your first funeral, when your dog dies, when your parents throw out Mr. Tickles the stuffed bunny rabbit because one of his ears came off. Walking outside after a bombing falls in the latter category. I wouldn't recommend it. After I came to, I realized what had happened. A bomb had fallen right outside the school, cutting off the front gate, throwing Missy away from me and making me fly backwards.

"MISSY!" I cried, as if in slow motion. My sister lay covered by a piece of concrete that had fallen. I wiped tears and a dribble of blood from a cut on my hairline.

"Missy?" I said again weakly. I carefully pulled the bloody, slab of concrete off her and heard a reassuring groan.

"Eghh, that hurt more than a brazilian wax," She whined.

"No shit sherlock, you just got slammed with a slab of concrete. I doubt it wouldn't superman," I carefully helped her into a sitting position.

"Ow," Missy flinched as she saw the nasty cut on her foot. Both the bottom part of her legs were badly bruised but they'd heal.

"What'd we do now?" I asked. For once, I had no idea what I was going to do next. For all my life, I'd had a plan. Primary, Intermediate, High School, College, figure out the rest when it comes. But now, well the war has started! What the hell happens now?

"Join the rebellion," Missy said simply.

"No way!" I crossed my arms.

"Duck!" I pushed Missys head to the ground as a green skinned, ginger haired witch ran round the corner.

"Little pretties! Come out to play!" Squeaked Ginger.

"Pretties? Thats the best you got?" A voice said. There was a bang and a cry, and suddenly the witch was gone.

"For God's sake," I saw Charlotte groan and holster her gun, before walking towards a helicopter that had appeared.

"You kids coming or not?" she asked.

"Yup!" Missy exclaimed and I was made to follow her but I grabbed her arm and stopped her.

"Missy, think about this. What about Mum and Dad? Our friends? Everyone else?"

"They would be proud that we were doing this." She tore her arm from my grip and walked towards the chopper.

"I'm not coming," I crossed my arms like a stubborn child and turned away.

"Well fine then! I thought once you'd see our friends die, you'd understand. I guess not," She started to turn to Charlotte. "I guess it's just me."

"Good luck, Daisy," Charlotte gave me a you're-stupid look I got all too often, she tossed me a pistol. "You'll need it."

"Rachel!" I yelled. The helicopter had left, with Missy on it. I'd realised Rachel wasn't among the dead or next to Courtney and Monique.

"Oh, Courtney and Monique. I'm so, so sorry," I cried. My face mixed with drops of tears and blood. I carefully picked up Courtneys lifeless body and walked towards an old oak tree. This was where we'd spent so many memories of laughing, giggling and being alive. It was also where I'd got my first kiss with Justin before he'd dumped me. Courtney had gone and kicked him where the sun don't shine,

"Look!" She had pointed and laughed at Justin crying for his mummy.

"What'd you do?" I asked laughing.

"Oh nothing... just got revenge on a dickhead. Feeling better?"

"Just a bit... okay a lot!"

I looked around where the caretakers supplies use to be and found a working shovel. I dug to two makeshift graves until I was exhausted and gently lowered Courtney into one of them. I lifted Monique's body and lowered her next to Courtney. Quickly I made them look nice and fixed their hair, also fixing Courtney's broken neck straight with a sickening 'crack', then I covered them up, forever.

"Courtney Nicks and Monique Monto... You guys are the best friends anyone could wish for. War is stupid. God damn, bloody stupid," Tears flowed down my cheeks like small streams mixing with the blood. "I wish I'd died. You'd have more of a chance to survive than me, you are I mean were so beautifully smart. I-I don't get why Jamie and Hayley couldn't have died, they'd have deserved it. You didn't! You deserve to live more than anyone!" I yelled collapsing to my knees, I just thought of what they'd have said in this situation 'Bitch I'll get to stay young and beautiful forever, while Jamie and Hayley grow old, I mean ew! Old!', 'Yeah! Time to meet Michael Jackson!' Monique would've agreed. I knew Jamie and Hayley were dead, I'd seen their lifeless forms by the dumpster. I know I should pity everything I'd did to them, but I didn't, they had laughed at the death of Brandon.

"I love you so, so much. I miss, miss, miss..." I trailed off, exploding into tears that made my whole body vibrate. I realised I didn't know what I'll do now that Missy was gonna kill herself, I didn't know where I'd sleep tonight, I didn't know if my parents were alive or dead, or if I'd die in the next 24 hours. I knew I could end it all right here. Everything would be so much easier, Missy would meet me soon as well. We'd all sit in a circle by the golden gates of Heaven sipping wine, like old times. I'd forgive Missy and maybe even Jamie and Hayley would realised how awful they were. But if I died, they'd never forgive me for giving up. Even if my life would be oh so much easier... I picked up two handful of wild Daisies I'd picked that'd somehow survived the bombings and laid them on their graves.