A Living Nightmare

A Flash of silver. A warrior stood on A Hill facing an Army of Darkness. An Endless Fight between Good and Evil, Light and Dark. The Warrior Battling Demons of Immense Power. A Flash Of gold, The Warrior Replaced by A Young Mage of Unbelievable Power. A Flash of Purple, a Demon Smiling As The army Of Darkness Scream." Traitor. A Flash of Red a Young Woman standing holding aloft a Gleaming Blade. "Ragnarӧk" The Woman Cries In a Familiar Voice as She Plunges the Blade into the Earth. Twisting Spirals of Stone and Dirt Skewering The army Of Darkness. Six Demons Apart From the Rest Standing Upon a Cliff Far More Powerful Than the Others. The Leader of the Darkness Lifts His Spear and Shouts "In Finum Dierum Omnis Vitae Perituri" The Leader Threw His Spear, an Explosion of Energy That Pierces through the Woman. She Is Gone Simply


Chapter 1


I woke with A Start Clutching My Chest. I have had the same Dream every Night since I Turned 18. But This Is the First Time the Woman Had vanished. A Rock Hit My Window and I Opened It Dodging another Rock. "Sorry Amelia" It was Elizabeth One of My Few Friends from School. "What Do You Want Liz" I Called. "You Are Going to be late again you don't want to Miss Irae's Class again." "What time is it" "About 8:30" "You Go on Ahead I'll Catch Up". I changed into the School Uniform a Black Skirt And white Blouse, And Put up My Long Red Hair in a Ponytail and I left for school. I took a shortcut through the woods On the Edge of town. There was A Seldom Used Path; I was The Only Person I Knew Who Would Come near the Woods. My class Mates Thought There Were Ghosts and other evil things in this forest but I found it Peaceful with the sun shining through the leaves casting an emerald light on the forest floor. Soon though I arrived at the school an old brown stone building standing at the edge of the forest. I was late for first period so I just skipped and waited for second period the most boring class with the worst teacher .Mythology With Mrs. Irae

I walked into class relieved that Mrs. Irae wasn't there yet. I took a seat next to Liz, She didn't notice me as I sat down as she was buried in her book her short black hair curtaining her face. I Was about to say hi as Mrs. Irae walked in and started class, unfortunately for Liz she dint notice and kept reading "Elizabeth Is Your Book More Important Than My Class?" She Snapped "Umm... No Mrs. Irae" Liz Stammered as She Scrambled to put it away. "I Take It You're Trying to Sleep As Usual, Amelia." I Ignored Her As I Took Out My Textbook While Mrs. Irae Droned On About Norse Mythology I Started To Doze Off As I Heard the Word Ragnarok I Immediately Snapped Awake and Listened "Ragnarӧk was The Norse Armageddon. It Is Depicted in The Poetic Edda as a Series of events including A Final Battle Between The Gods Champion and the Abyssal Lords" My Hand Shot in The Air, surprising Miss Irae and Everyone Else. "Yes Amelia?" "What Does Ragnarӧk Mean? "Armageddon, the End of the Gods" She Answered With an Odd Fire in Her Eyes. "Class Dismissed," She Said As The Bell Rang. Walking out Of Class I Noticed Mrs. Irae watching me. With the Same Fire in Her Eyes" It Looks like She Wants to Kill You" Said Liz Startling Me. "I Wouldn't Put It past her" The Rest of the Day Was Rather Uneventful "Are you going to Walk Home with Me Liz?" "Sure Why Not but Can We Not Go Through The Forest?" "Nope Come On you coward"

"Ugh why do you always want to walk through this Forest?" Complained Liz. "Because It Is Quicker If you don't get Lost" I Replied Exasperated. "See There Is My House Are You Staying Over Or Just Going Home?" "I'm going to Go Home Are We Still Going to The Movies Sunday?" "Yeah We Are See You Then" I Walked Up to My Small House Seeing the Peeling Blue Paint and the Fallen Shingles.

It Was a Quiet Place living alone Did Have Its Perks No Rules, Cleaning When I Want to Personal Space to Do What I want. I Put Away My Bag Then Went To Take a Long, Hot Bath. Baths were the perfect place to think with the total Silence and Feeling of Weightlessness Its Sent My Mind Whirring of Mrs. Irae's Classroom and Why She Had That Odd Fire in her eye. I Was About To Get Dressed As I Heard A Knock from My Door I Opened the Door in My Towel as I Saw Liz and Her Devoted Follower Sylar. Sylar Immediately Looked Away When He Realized I Was In Nothing But My Towel "Come On In" I Lead Sylar to the Couch and Drew Liz Into My room

"His Innocence Is Kind of Cute isn't it?" I Asked Liz "Yeah It Is, Any Other Guy Would Have Stared" "Maybe, How About This? I Asked Her Presenting A Green Blouse. "No Green Clashes With Your Hair Why Not Something Blue? "I Don't Have Any Blue, But so Why Do You Let Sylar Follow You Around?" I Said As I was putting on a Black Skirt. Sylar Knocked On My Door "Come on in Sylar" He Opened the Door Only To Immediately Look Down At His Feet. "Really, Sylar" I Asked. "We...Well You're Not Wearing a Shirt." "Yeah But it's Not Like I'm Naked I Am Wearing a Bra, Hand Me the Red One Would You Liz" I Said Pointing At A Shirt In My Closet "So What Did You Want Sylar?" I Asked Putting On the Shirt. "Well… I Kind of forgot mine and Liz's project at school and… um… wanted to know if you'd … get it for us" "Eh Why Not I've got Nothing Better to do Anyways" I got Up to leave And Notice Them Still Sitting There "wait… You Want Me to Go By Myself?" I asked, "Well Neither of Us Enjoy walking Through the Forest so… We'll Wait Here" "Whatever Be Back in an Hour Tops"

I Can't Believe Both of Them Are Such Cowards There Is Nothing in This Forest for them to be scared of I continued on my to the school my mind still wandering as it was an uneventful walk. When I had finally gotten To the School, I realized I Had No Idea What I Was Looking for So I Texted Liz

"Hey Liz"


"Wat m I Looking 4"

"It a Metal Shop project Sylar says Check the Shop Mayb"

"Wat is this project any way"

"A Sword 4 both Shop and Myth"

"Alrite Ill Find It"

I headed Over To The School To Find It Locked Right it's like 10 pm nobody is here maybe… the maintenance door on the roof I went over to the side of the building where a small ledge sat most people couldn't reach but being 6ft helped I Jumped And Grabbed The Ledge So I Could Pull Myself up. When I Saw a Beam of Light Appear around the Corner I Quickly Scrambled up to the ledge just in time to see a security guard walk by "hmmm… I was sure I heard something, oh well." I was relieved he hadn't looked up, as the ledge was only a few feet wide. He would have seen me for sure. I looked around for a foothold to make my way up to the next ledge maybe 10 feet above. As I couldn't find one I tried for a straight jump. I was just a few inches short when I landed I almost fell back but quickly caught my balance. I Jumped Down To Find something to give me a boost. I walked over to the janitors shed when I noticed a ladder leaning against the side "perfect"

I Placed the Ladder Against The wall And Climbed Up, Now Able to Reach Ledge I Pulled My Self up and walked over to the Door. The School Was Eerily Quiet I Had Ditched My Boots Just Inside the Door as To Stay Hidden I Padded Down the Hall towards the Shop Class Hoping It Wasn't Locked, it wasn't I walked inside and shut the door behind me only to notice I had missed the guard by just a few seconds. I walked around the class looking for Sylar`s project he had said it was a sword but I didn't see it anywhere. I pulled out my phone just to notice it was dead Guess I'm Finding it On my Own Sylar had also said it was a myth project so maybe it was in Mrs. Irae`s Class. I Sneaked Over To Miss Irae`s Class Which Was Fortunately Not to far from the shop. I Walked In To The Class And Headed To Sylar`s Desk Seeing The Wrapped Project. I Picked It Up And Ducked Behind The Desks When I Heard The Door Open. It Was Mrs. Irae Coming In To The Class It Seemed She Was On A Cell Phone But I Couldn`t Get A Good Look At Her Without Exposing My Hiding Spot So I Just Listened.

``This Amelia Girl, Are You Sure, She Is The One. ``

Apparently, She Had It on Speaker Phone As I Could Hear the Other End

``She Must Be, She Fits the Description`` A Male Voice Rasped

``It's Just That She Is So Incompetent, She`s The Worst Student Always Focusing On Trivial Things How Can She Be The Warrior Of Legend`

Did She Just Say Warrior Of Legend what Could That Mean?

"Just… Watch Her, If She Is Anything like Her Parents She Will Prove Troublesome….ah she is already proving troublesome she is listening to us right now, your senses have become dull wrath."

She Whipped Around Immediately Finding My Hiding Spot Lifting Me Off The Ground By My Arm.

"Ow ... I didn't mean to spy I..."

"Shut Up Girl"

I Kicked The Old Teacher In The Stomach Causing her to drop me and I quickly ran to the door just as it slammed shut and I heard the lock click I turned around to see Mrs. Irae Change From A 50 something teacher to a twenty something woman with flaming hair and glowing eyes

"What the Hell are you!" I Yelled

"An Abyssal Lord, I Am Wrath One of the Demons Known As the Seven Deadly Sins"

"Well it's a Welcome Change from the Usual but This Is One Screwed up Dream"

"No Dream Mortal, A Nightmare Perhaps" She Flew At Me Clawed Hands Outstretched I Dived To The Side Just Barely Missing Her Claws And To Land Near Sylar's Project. I Grabbed the Handle Of The Sword And Watched The Demon Slowly Step Towards Me. At The Last Second, She Dove at Me Just as I Swung The Blade Making Contact And Deflecting her Dive Into The Wall. I Ran Towards The Door And Smashed The Window Open And Climbed Through. With Adrenaline Pumping through My Veins, I did not Stop Running until I Got to a Safe Distance within the Forest. I tried to hold it in but I Couldn't and I Threw up from the Sheer Adrenaline and Trauma of What Just Happened. After Cleaning My Self Up In A Nearby Stream, I Slowly Made My Way Home.