This is my first story! Hope you like it!

I was always looking for some excitement, I mean isn't everyone? Well, at least I found some…I guess you can say that. Mine might not be the type of excitement as you have; I had things a little different. I'm not quite sure what to call this, so I'll just start off with the beginning…?

"Shania! What have I told you!? You have a boyfriend…and if you're not taking him…I WILL!" I screeched at her, an innocent giggle poured out of her mouth.

"SORRY!" she said smiling, "but he didn't seem too bad…" and before she could continue I interrupted "too bad?! TOO BAD?!...well Mat isn't too bad!" she gave a grin and whispered in my ear "I'm only joking! HA" so, I gave her my 'are you serious?' face and squinted my eyes, then strolled out of the classroom and into the hallway.

It wasn't hard to find my locker; it was the only hot pink one! I slammed my locker shut. "HEY!" Charles was leaning on the locker next to mine with one elbow propped up, and the other resting on his hip, (he's like my brother) "HAHAHAHA! Omg what are you doing here?! Shouldn't you be going to bug Annie…I mean how is it between you guys, did you ask her ou.." before I could finish he put his finger on my lips and whispered "shhh, she's right there!" "oops! Sorry!" I replied, "we can chat about it later, meet me at the Bean, k!" I chanted. The Bean was our favourite café, and he kissed me lightly on the head and trotted away.

"Makayla! Don't just sit around, let's go!" Shania screamed to me, "what?! I was relaxing, something you need to learn!" I replied smartly, but obviously she made her answer even smarter "but when it's 2:00 and you have a class, you can't be sitting on the ground, we totally come here to learn right?" I wanted to answer no, but I just shook my head acknowledging her response.

BRINGINGINGINGINGINGINGINGIN G! "Please evacuate the building, everyone please evacuate the building, thank you"

Every one from side to side were rushing and shoving to get outside to the fields. "What is happening?!" I screamed, "I have no idea!" Shania yelled back, we were confused for minutes until we came across Charles "what is hap-" but as typical Charles, he cut me off and hollered, "FIRE! There's a huge fire burning its way down the hall! We need to get out!" I obviously started screaming and I too started to push and throw people around…. now I know that was probably not the best thing to do, but what else are you gonna do when a hallway of fire is storming down towards you? When we finally got outside 2 fire trucks were parked

"HELP! Omg somebody help me!" my head jolted to the left, I recognized that voice! "SHANIA! OMG SOME ONE HELP!" my nails were jabbing into Charles's arm, I was a nerve away from jumping in to save her myself, until Charles wrapped me in his arms breathing densely and attempting to calm me down (which totally didn't work by the way!). It took almost 10 minutes to get her out when we all heard were the sirens of the ambulance accelerating by, my heart froze when I saw them carry down a girl into the ambulance and speed up into the distance…

School was out for the past few weeks since the fire killed our whole school (not the people, the building). I think I'm gonna call Emily (my other bestie, but definitely not as close as Shania)

BrvvvBrvvv…BrvvBrvv "hello?" she answered her phone like the typical answer "heyy! It's me" I exclaimed

"Makayla! Hey! What's up? Did you hear anything new about Shania?"

"Yeah actually, she'll be out at around dinner time, and apparently she didn't get any burns, she just suffocated from the smoke!"

"Oh that's great! You must be thrilled!" I must say it was a weird question to ask me….I guess it's because we haven't chatted in a while…

"Yeah I'm super excited! Hey, do you happen to know what caused it…the fire?" this conversation went on and escalated into other topics…that I'm not sure you wanna know…or maybe later. It turns out that it was some idiots who decided to go a little extreme with their science project! Like, what ever happened to coke and mentos these days?!

While the school was getting repaired I was a little bored…but I guess I could hang out with my family, I had an older brother named Mark, and two younger siblings Will or Willy and Tera, but she liked being called Tootsie.

"Makaywie, can we play Twister?" Tootsie asked

"I'm not sure about right now…k?"

"But it's my favourite game in de whole wide world" It was, and plus how can you say no to a 4 year old with the cutest smile, so instead I replied to her "ok, but if I win I get a lollypop, or if you win you get a lollypop" it's how we play, but even if I win I still tend to give it to her.

After a quick game of Twister, which "she won", it was time to take a break and go for a swim. So I changed into my cute little pink bikini and plunged into our truly amazing pool…but it only lasted a few minutes until Willy game tumbling in too and Mark cannon balling on top of me. So, I slugged out and got changed into some sweats and a tee.

"OH SHOOT!" I yelled standing up on my feet now, "I have to meet Charles at the Bean, we had to reschedule our plans since I forgot the last time too (hee hee). I guess it's a good thing the boys interrupted my pool relaxing moment, I quickly snatched my zebra printed purse and hurried out of the house, it was about a 5-minute walk…which wasn't too bad…I guess. You don't usually want to walk on the roads I live near, since it's a pretty shady place, but this was for Charles and I couldn't forget this time.

I finally got there I saw Charles and bounced onto his back, and he just added in, he pick up my legs behind him and swung me to the front spinning me around. "HAHAHAHA stop it! Ahahaha!"

"Where have you been chica!?" he burst out with a smile bigger than I have EVER seen on him! I turned around and hugged, and a second later he was hugging me back, "I've missed you for the past weeks!" I yelled, "me too! I have so much to tell you about Annie!" I'm not sure why we were yelling the whole time, but I think it started to annoy the other people in the Bean….also….they were all staring at us…how embarrassing! But when it comes to best friends you can't be quiet you have to show your excitement! DUH!

"So tell me about Annie!" I begged!

"Ok, so after the burn, I asked her if she wanted go see a movie sometime, and she said yes!"

"OMG no wayyyyy! Eeeeee!" I think I exaggerate a little when I get excited… "what movie are you to see? Is it some chick flic?"

"Of coarse it is! We're going to watch The Sunrise…whatever movie that is! I just picked because it was a romantic movie" I laughed hard enough until my stomach started to hurt, and my eyes were tearing up. We chatted about Annie a little bit more…

"OMG IT'S 10:00 p.m! I REALLY NEED TO GET HOME!" I screamed! It seems pretty late for a café to be open, but they knew we weren't going to leave.

"oh ok!" he replied to me. So I sprung into his arms and hugged him goodbye.

"I'm ok, I'm ok, I'm ok" I whispered to myself; every time I passed by a dark alley…. these alleys here give me the goose bumps! Rats skittered out of nowhere, and I heard cat fights in the distance….hahaha such a stereotypical alley.

It wasn't long after I passed by the old abandoned café we used to go instead of the Bean…people believed that it was haunted, but some say it just started to break apart…I'm pretty sure it was just old and breaking…who knows!

I sharply turned the corner when a man grabbed me by the shoulders, "shhhh" he whispered to me; I could smell the alcohol emanating out from his breath. He shook me and grabbed at my waist and pulled me closer to an old dumpster bin, "HELP! HELP ME!" I started to panic and my heart was pounding so hard I feel like I could hear it, everything started to blur, so I tightly shut my eyes. "THUMP" I fell to the ground and heard the man yelling with a lot of bashing noises, "are you ok?" a soft voice questioned me, "you can open your eyes now". I opened them to see a guy bent down in front of me with one hand gently holding my arm

"Yeah I'm fine" I tried to get up but my head was dizzy and my shoulders were bruised

"Here lemme help you" He held my hands and helped me get up,

"Uh, thank you" stumbled out of my mouth

"No worries". I studied his face hard; he had green emerald eyes and blonde curly hair. "See you soon" he stated, so I smiled back and he stalked out of the alley. I scurried back to the house with my arms crossed the whole time.

When I got home every one was asleep. I tiptoed into the living room to find Tootsie sleeping on the couch with the TV silently playing Dora The Explorer. She's the only one that heard me and peered over the corner, when she saw me she had a very faint smile and hug me, I picked her up and balanced her on my hip "Hey sweet pea, lemme take you to bed". Her and Willy shared rooms, it was easier that way since mom and dad were gone. They decided to take a 3-week trip to Germany, and mark and I were in charge. I quickly brought Tootsie to my computer to check my e-mails; Tootsie pointed out to me that there was a new message from mom and dad it read:

"Hey guys, we have a surprise for you! We booked you guys a cruise ship to bring you to Austria and we will meet you there! We'll take a plane and meet you where the boat docks. We miss you very much, love us xo."

I instantly got excited, but Tootsie was confused "what's a croose?" she questioned I answered in my best explination…I think, "it's a reallllyyyy big boat that has a lot of people on it"

"More than 200!" she exclaimed

"More than 600!" I exclaimed back

"Like a miwion?" she question, I answered back "yeah, more than a million". I piggybacked Tootsie to her and Willy's room, and tucked her good night; I hugged her, and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead.

Later that night, I think it was around 12:00 I got a text from Shania! It read:

*Hey, I just got an email from your parents saying that I am joining you guys on a trip…they said some cruise…are you going? Or did they just send it to the wrong person? Lemme know as soon as you get this! xo

OMG OMG OMG OMG! Not sure if you could tell, but I was super excited! My feet sprung up from the floor and before I knew it I was jumping and twirling around! I just had to reply… plus she told me too…

*Hey! I just read your text message! This is so exciting! I got a message too saying we are meeting them in Austria! OMG I can't believe this! YAYAY! We're going on a cruise together! I wonder if I'll meet any one, since you already have one…NOW I NEED ONE hahahaha! Chat soon! Love ya! xo

For some reason, I instantly got tired…probably because I got so excited, and now I'm out of energy… "seems legit" I thought. I slouched my way up to my room and slid into some amazing jammies, and went to sleep, remembering one thing…

That I, Makayla was going on a cruise with my best friend.

*Hey readers! I hope you liked it, if so, it is not over yet! still plenty of chapters to come ahead!