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Chapter one

All of this trouble started when a major terrorist group called Viper57 formed January 1st 2012. No one knew why, no one knew how. Their actions forced my friend Mitchell's family and my family into the streets that we lived on for a year. A few months ago they blew up the power plant my family and I were sleeping near. The tremendous blast killed my family and many other people, put me into hospital with a major and very painful leg injury and a broken arm.

When I had finally recovered I was immediately put into the toughest kids home. Oakwood kids home. Everyone knew it. It was where the tough kids and troublemakers were dumped. I knew that I had to show everyone that I was not a wimp. Pretty easy...

"Hey Ethan, if you do not give me all your money I will make you wish you were never born." Snarled Jason, another dead head at this dump.
" like I would ever do that dickhead" I snarled back.
" what did you just say! That IS IT!" Shouted Jason as he charged forwards. I easily dodged his charge, punched him right in his face, flipped him onto his back and spat in his face. "Weakling ". I said. "Stay outta my way or you're dead meat". After that I just simply walked off. When I got to my room, I noticed that something was wrong. I turned round just as a huge fist punched me right in my temple. I collapsed onto the floor and darkness consumed my vision.

It was a loud boom that woke me up. My vision was blurry but I could still see the roaring fire and large plume of smoke drifting up towards the sky. " mum! Mum! Wake up! I think the factory just got blown up!" I yelled.
" oh my goodness! We need to get moving!" She said. We all started to sprint, but I was easily the fastest and my family got left behind. All I could do was get away from the screams, keep running. I made a big mistake. There was a second loud bang and i stopped to look round. Before I could do anything I was swept off my feet and everything went black.

My eyes slowly opened. As I came to my senses I realised that I was tied to a metal chair with only a pair of shorts on. " oh look, the baby is awake" snarled a familiar voice. I groaned as I realised where I was. The beating room. A whip suddenly swooped outta nowhere and slashed across my chest. This continued for two more agonising hours before I was knocked out again.

I woke on my bed and discovered that my chest was covered in bandages. My throat still hurt from the endless screaming. A beautiful lady walked into my room. Her short blond hair shone in the crisp evening light. She stared at me with her pale blue eyes and when she noticed I was awake she smiled kindly showing me her perfect white teeth. "Who on earth are you?" I asked weakly. "my name is Annabel, but my friends and fellow care workers call me Bella" she replied. "Where am I?" I asked.
"Oh! You are in greenwood kid's home. You were transferred a few hours ago." She said.
"Why?" I asked.
"The government thought that Oakwood was too violent, so they shut it down." She replied with a hint of a smile.
"Thank god!" I sighed with relief. It was great to know that I would not suffer any more beatings or be ambushed in my sleep by Jason any more. "do you have a computer that I can email my friend with?" I asked. "Yeah, we do. It is downstairs." Bella replied.
I rushed downstairs, logged into the computer and started emailing Mitchell.

From: Ethan
Sent: 21 January 2013 09:32
To: Mitchell
Subject: hey!

Hey Mitchie buddy it's me, Ethan! So sorry I have not emailed u in ages. I just wanted to say that Oakwood was finally shut down and I am now at greenwoods (never heard of it but it sure sounds good)! I am so happy that this has happened, no more Jason or beatings ever again!. Do not know when u r gonna get this cuz u r not by any internet cafes. Hey! Your are pretty close greenwoods, find your way here as soon as possible. Missing you mate!

p.s: keep safe man, there still could be oakwoods guys out there and if they find you they could even kill you!

From your closest friend,


"Hello again" said Bella, making me jump. I turned around and saw her stood in the doorway.
"Hi" I said, a little startled. "Why are you here?" I stood up cautiously. something seemed wrong, I could feel it.
"That doesn't matter" she replied menacingly and pulled out a spanner that shone in the light.
Suddenly I realized that this care home seemed a little bit too empty. This probably was not even a care home! My heart started pounding as I realized that I had been kidnapped by this mysterious woman, who was definitely not a care worker!

I managed to duck just as Bella swung the spanner. I could hear the swish as it swooped past my head. What on earth was going on?! As I dodged the second time I tripped up. As I tried to stand, the spanner smashed into the side of my head. I managed one single gasp he ground tilted and I was plunged into blackness.

What is happening?! Who is this woman who knocked me out?

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