This is all of my worst nightmares coming true one after the other.

Then, Bella turns to Ethan and says,' you fell into my little trap neatly, didn't you, Ethan? You actually believed that I was helping you, and so you co-operated perfectly!'

She turns to me, glaring at her from the bed. 'You were more of a challenge, I'm afraid, Mitchell. You fought us long and hard, until we had to knock you on the head quite hard. But we've been planning what to do to make you co-operate more readily without having to beat you, torture you, and knock you out every five seconds. So, we have devised a plan. Do you want to hear it?'

I give her the finger, but she carries on anyway, and I have a horrible suspicion of what this might be, and she voices my darkest fears; 'You co-operate with us, or we will torture and kill your cute little sister, with you forced to watch!'

'What've you done to her?' I roar, tearing at the restraint that holds me down. I finally wriggle free of it, and leap at her, but she just laughs, knocks me away, and gives me a socking punch, right in the side of the head. I collapse to the floor, clutching my head that is already starting to bruise.

'Oh, your little sis is not as helpless as you think!' Bella says in a mockingly fake comforting voice, 'When we knocked you out, she got REALLY angry! It was SO funny to watch! She fought like a little demon, which was not so funny, in fact, she gave me this.' She points to a large bruised bite mark on her arm that I look on with pride for my little sis's fighting skills.

'Eventually, we had to knock her out too, which was rather difficult,' Bella continues.

At this, I just lose it. I charge at her, yelling the rudest swear words I know, punching, kicking, scratching, biting. She just laughs, punches me, and the last thing I know is she's talking mockingly to Ethan, before I black out.