And I see you with her, the way you look at her,

Like the way you used to look at me…like she is

the moon, and the stars, Shining like the sun.

She is beautiful, and I know she can make you

happy, at least I'd like to think so. I'd like to think

she'll never fill my shoes. But her and me are cut

from the same fabric…And I know that she will,

somehow. My footprints on your heart will fade

and fade, and hers will sink right in over them.

I feel an ache in my chest for what it…for

what we used to be. I pretend not to care, cause

I'm not supposed to…'cause you're not mine anymore.

I still love you, and I know I always will, in a distant

echo perhaps…I know I'll be able to look at you one day

and smile for the times we spent young, and growing

in love that special summer. I pretend I'm blind, and that I

don't see you two standing there, because the pain is too

much to bear sometimes. I wish you the most happiness,

the most success and the best of luck. Thank you for everything,

Thank you for teaching me what innocent and pure love

feels like in my chest, thanks for receiving my love in return

and sharing your joy and a piece of your soul with me, just

like I shared mine. I don't regret a second I was ever with

you, I'll never forget anything. I don't love you, but I always

will. I always will.