'Anime forbidden love' by Yunka16

Mia braced herself against the window as he brought up his leg and placed it between her and her escape, leaning his arm against the wall by her. Wind gently caressed her back and she tried to remain calm. Korin smirked at her, that same cocky smirk that she had seen the first day she had arrived at the house, bleeding and standing on Deaths' doorsteps.

"What are you doing," she asked, proud in the fact that her voice didn't give way to the fear that was rising in her.

He laughed slightly, and the strong smell of alcohol poisoned the air between them. She leaned farther back. He was drunk? From all the drinking she saw him have at the house, she couldn't imagine how much he had downed to actually get less than sensible. She noticed a slight sway to him as he leaned forward. If she leaned back any farther she would be hanging halfway out the window.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

Mia looked down at the foot that blocked her way. If she could get past it she would be free. She turned her attention back to him and held her ground when he began to lean forward again. His foot slipped and Mia took her chance, kicking it out of the way and darting past him. Korin continued to fall forward, his suddenly misplaced weight causing him to fall. Mia gasped as he slipped out the window and grabbed his legs. However his weight pulled her forward. The sudden impact forced her breath out of her chest and caused Korin to slip farther. Her grip became a vice around his ankles as she struggled to breath. How was he so heavy? Her gaze slipped to the clock tower that caused everything. She didn't have time for this. Loki said to meet at midnight. Otherwise the others would be in trouble. But they were strong enough…right?

"Pull me up," Korin whined, reminding her of her current situation.

"Shut up, I'm trying," she snapped angrily. Shifting, her knees bit into the stone wall as she attempted to displace some weight. However, after several other positions, she realized she couldn't pull him up.

"Why am I still down here," Korin muttered.

"Because you are a fat ass!" Korin suddenly jerked within her grasp and it took everything in her power to keep both of them from falling.

"Hold still before I decide to drop you," she yelled. Korin's head jerked around and his usual cold gleaming eyes landed on hers as they widened.

"Why are you holding me outside of a window," he growled. Mia's mouth fell at the sudden change in his attitude.

"I…You fell. You were drunk and…" Mia trailed away in realization. "Loki."

"Loki? Did you just say Loki?" Korin demanded. Mia nodded as she glanced around.

"Yeah, he's here," she claimed.

"Let go of me." Mia looked back at him.

"Are you crazy? I'm not going to let you die that easily," she claimed. Trying to escape Loki by killing himself? Mia never expected such cowardice from Korin.

"I'm not going to kill myself. I'm going to get back inside the castle," he snapped angrily. Mia frowned.

"Oh. Well in that case," she said. Releasing his ankles she watched as he fell a short distance, twisting around before landing gracefully on the roof that had previously threatened his life. He looked up at her and yelled something unintelligible. Mia began to lean out of the window but shot back as he appeared, landing on the window sill.

"I said, coming up," he said disdainfully. Mia glared at him and pushed herself up.

"Yeah, yeah. Just go find the guys," she ordered before turning to run down her original path.

"Wait," he called, clamping onto her arm and forcing her back around. Mia glared at him. "Where do you think you're going?"

"I have to get to the clock tower. Loki told me to be there by midnight," she claimed.

"So what, you're on his side now?" Korin demanded.
"No, it's not-."

"Did he offer you something special?" Mia pulled at his grip "No I-"

Did he say if you did what he told you he wouldn't kill you?" he asked. Mia shoved him angrily.

"I'm doing it for you," she yelled. Korin's anger faded somewhat into confusion.

"What are you talking about?" Mia pulled at her hair as tears threatened to flow. Dong!

"I'm doing this so he doesn't kill anyone anymore. So he won't be able to kill you, or Jauf, or Ray, or anybody else. I do this, and his powers are gone. I'm not going to selfishly keep my life when others are dying around me. I plan on doing something. I had hoped that I wouldn't have to see you again. We were on okay grounds last we saw each other but now…" Mia trailed off, gasping for breath and searching for a word to describe their predicament. Giving up she simple motioned to the air between them. "Now we leave like this," she finished. Korin could only stare at her, his eyes uncharacteristically wide. She felt the tears flowing, her ability to withhold them disappearing during her explosion. The salty taste of them coated her lips as her tongue swept over the dry skin. Swallowing hard Mia shook her head before she spun around and began sprinting down the hall. She hardly made it to the end when Korin appeared before her. She ran right into his chest, his arms closing around her as he spun, dispelling her built up energy.

"Let me-" he cut her off swiftly, his lips crashing over hers and freezing her words in her throat. He was kissing her? Mia struggled in his grasp until she realized something. She wasn't fighting back because she hated this. She fought back because she enjoyed it. Her eyes closed and Mia allowed herself this pleasure. If she was to die, why not go without any regrets?


Her eyes flew open and she managed to pull away from Korin, her gaze focusing on the clock.

"Midnight," she breathed fearfully before turning back to Korin. "I'm sorry," she whispered. He only watched in confusion as she grabbed his face. It took only a moment for her to knock him out. The simple spell Jauf had taught her finally became useful.


Turning, she stared up at the tower focusing everything on it.

"Go," she breathed.

"Glad to see you join me."

Mia's eyes flew open as Loki dropped from the very top of the tower, dressed in a black suit and red tie. She stood gasping as the second bell tolled. That transport spell worked.

"I got held up," she snapped. Loki smiled, closing the space and hardly leaving a finger's breadth between them in a blink of an eye.

"Have you thought of my offer?" he inquired, his hand hovering over hers before rising. Mia held in her gasp as she saw the dress she wore begin to transform. The pearly white seeped to black and soft green became crimson as the gloves on her hands disappeared. The false ribbon butterfly wings transformed, turning to sheer auburn devil wings. "You manage the outfit beautifully." Mia clenched her fists. She didn't have much time.

"I accept you're offer on one condition," she claimed as another bell tolled.

"Anything," he answered, his hands slipping around her waist and closing the space. Mia placed her own hands on either side of his head.

"Kiss me," she breathed.

Jauf finally found Ray. He stood by the fountain of course, chatting with a group of women, fairies from what he could tell. "Ray, we have a problem," he claimed. Ray smiled at the women, holding up a finger as he allowed Jauf to guide him a little way off.

"What? What's wrong?" Ray asked, still smiling.

"It's Mia. I think she's in trouble. I was just speaking with an oracle. She had a vision of a girl with iridescent eyes claiming the life of Loki only a few days ago. Wasn't that when Mia disappeared?" he asked. Ray's eyes widened.

"She found something to kill Loki with. How it that even possible?" Ray gasped, his smile gone.

"I don't know, but we need to find her. The oracle said at the final stroke of midnight, the girl died," Jauf claimed. As if on cue, the clock tower tolled. Pushing through the crowd they stepped to a clear area.

"How is she supposed to kill him?" Ray demanded as they flashed out of the ballroom and into the night air. Jauf began to reply but stopped when he saw Korin on the ground.

"Korin!" he yelled, quickly flashing to his side. Ray appeared moments later and together they pulled him up.

"He's been knocked out," Ray observed.

"No thanks to you," Korin muttered, slowly coming to.

"What happened?" Jauf demanded.

"Mia," he claimed, pushing them away and slowly standing. He remained somewhat unsteady on his feet. "She said she was going to kill Loki. How does she expect to do that? She's only a human," Korin snapped angrily.

"No she's not. She's from a long line of ancestral beings. They could absorb the powers of others until death," Jauf claimed. "Her powers were dormant. She wasn't actually kidnapped from us. The people who took her were her true parents. They had managed to bind their spirits to a stone and when the time arose, they brought Mia to the land of Casdias, the place where these beings formed. They released her powers and sent her back with the ability to kill Loki. That's why she's been so far from us," he claimed.

"Where is she now?" Ray demanded.

"The clock tower," Korin growled as the clock chimed for the ninth time. He hardly took a step when the roof of the tower exploded, a bright light expanding from within.
"Mia!" Korin roared, taking off. Jauf and Ray staggered for a moment before they managed to regain themselves, rushing after Korin. By the time they reached the tower the light receded. Mia and Loki were in the middle on their knees, Loki's hands wrapped around her throat and Mia's nails digging into his scalp, her whole body glowing. Her dress was altered, matching Loki's clothes. It was tattered, ripped, and covered in dirt, much like Loki's own suit.

"Mia!" Korin yelled. She completely ignored him as her grip tightened on Loki, his blood slipping down her nails. Loki however managed a smile.

"This here is quite a woman. I expect a kiss," he began, voice strained, "and instead begin having my very being drained."

"Just die," Mia hissed angrily, throwing both of them to the side. Loki's grip slipped enough for Mia to break free of his choke hold, gasping in breath for hardly a moment before grabbing his arm and flipping him over. Korin stood in shock when he heard the snap of Loki's bone. Mia wrapped her arm around his throat in a choke hold.

"You're going to die," Loki growled, his working arm prying at her. Mia applied more pressure as he struggled.

"If I take you, oh well," she snapped. The amount of energy she had taken already released. She nearly tore herself apart trying to contain it with in the radius of the clock tower. She could feel the strain on her body the contained energy began causing. She could feel her ribs snapping beneath the pressure but ignored.

"Mia you have to release the power!" Jauf yelled.

"If I do I'll destroy everything," she exclaimed, stifling a scream as another rib snapped.

"Focus on Loki, and release it in small doses.

"The light you just saw was a small dose," she said. "Get out of here," she ordered.

"No," Korin said, appearing next to her.

"What are you-" she cut of when he placed his hands around her waist.

"This is going to hurt," he warned. She bit her lip as the rib that just broke snapped back in place.

"This isn't going to work," she gasped as he fixed the rest.

"Just shut up," he ordered. Jauf and Ray appeared next. Ray pulled out his sword.

"I'll kill him and we'll be done," he claimed.

"No!" Mia and Jauf yelled. Ray frowned.

"If you kill him, whatever power that's left with find another body to recover within. This is the only way to kill him," Mia explained as Jauf began assisting Korin in healing her as she became injured.

"How much energy is left? Can you tell?" Ray asked, kneeling in front of Loki.

"Not much," Mia growled, "but he's holding onto it with a vengeance." Loki managed a sneer.

"I'm going to make sure you die with me," he claimed.

"Would it help if he was unconscious?" Ray inquired.

"I've tried knocking him out. It doesn't work," she answered.

Loki looked up suddenly before he began laughing.

"I hope you three have enjoyed your lives. It won't last much longer," he claimed. Mia gasped, before a scream escaped, Korin, Jauf and Ray thrown back by a sudden field. Shaking his head, Korin pushed himself up, his breath hitching. Mia clung desperately to Loki as Gora pulled her up by her hair, his dagger buried in her arm. Flying forward, Korin slammed into him. Mia and Loki crashed to the ground as Gora released her, his hands latching onto Korins shirt. Mia's grip loosed and Loki scrambled out of her arms.

"It would've been easier if you had accepted my offer," he snapped, grabbing the blade in her arm and ripping it out. Mia gasped in pain, rolling into a ball and onto her knees as Loki stood, licking her blood off the blade. Rolling his shoulders he threw his broken arm out. It no longer crooked at odd angles, straight as can be. Tossing the knife Loki reached down to pull Mia to her feet. He wasn't expecting the waiting blow. As soon as he touched her Mia sprung up, landing a fast and hard upper cut. Loki flew off his feet and to the edge of the tower. Mia stumbled but remained on her feet. Taking a breath she focused the energy to the wound, healing it in seconds, but using hardly any at all. She realized what she need to do. Loki pushed off the ground, his view spotted as he registered the immense pain the blow had delivered upon him. Putting one foot in front of the other, he managed to stand, doubled over. Taking in a breath, he rose to his full height. He didn't have a chance at stopping Mia. Her shoulder slammed into his stomach, doubling him back over and knocking his feet out from under him. However, he did not fall to the tower floor again. Wind rushed by as they flew over the edge. He could feel the last bit of his energy being drained, unable to bring his defenses back up.

"Die," Mia hissed as she withdrew the last drop of his life. Loki couldn't believe a mere girl had defeated him. Her name was the last word he spoke. Let everyone know who defeated the mighty Loki. And may they all come for her life. Mia released the disintegrating form of Loki as he hissed her name. Her heart shuddered under the speed it pumped at and Mia was certain she was having a heart attack. Turning over, she stared up at the stars in the sky, the brilliant moon that glowed full over the compound, and the winged form of…Mia's eyes widened as the glowing form swooped down and wrapped its arms around her.

"Dad," she whispered, recognizing the man. Another pair of arms wrapped around her and she turned to see her mother. Even through the pain she managed a smile.

"I did it. Loki's dead," she whispered as they floated down to the garden.

"We know. And we also know of what you have given up in order to save the world. Love isn't something you come along very often," her mother claimed.

"Especially not true love. From the moment you and Korin saw each other, it was meant to become," her father said.

"I know, but I couldn't selfishly choose him over killing Loki and saving countless lives," Mia answered.

"You have chosen a path we ourselves denied. We did not wish to give our lives to destroy Loki. We couldn't bare the thought of losing each other. So we decided to put the responsibility upon you, our own child. We selfishly chose to have you destroy your life. Now, we plan on correcting our misdeeds," Brasa claimed. Mia clutched at her chest as the energy struggled to release.

"I don't understand," she gasped. He and Evelix smiled gently.

"You don't need to. Please Mia, relax. We promise, everything will be okay," Evelix assured, waving a hand over Mia's face. Mia felt a deep sleep pulling at her. She struggled against it, but the pain was too much. She gave in, slipping away in a shadowed numbness.

"We love you," they said in unison before Mia completely fell into the darkness.

Korin stared at the pile of dust that sat where Gora had just stood, ready to swing an axe down and destroy him forever.

"She did it. Loki is dead," Jauf claimed. Ray lowered his sword, letting it disappear as they circled around the ashes.

"Where is she? What happened to her?" Korin demanded, searching the tower floor. But Mia was nowhere to be found.

"Where…" Korin trailed away as a soft light began to emit from the other side of the tower. Pushing past Ray and Jauf he raced to the edge and leapt. The light emitted from within the garden not far from the tower. Korin hardly landed before he took off, racing for the light as it began to descend back to the earth. He stumbled to a halt at the statue in the center of the garden. The light encircled the statue of the angel, reaching to the sky. Korin shielded his eyes as the brightness increased to such intensity he could feel heat. However, it lasted only a few seconds before it began to diminish. Korin lowered his arms, staring into the light as a form became visible.

"You must take care of her. She's more precious than all the riches in the world," a deep voice claimed.

"We will be watching," a female added. Korin searched for the voices, but couldn't find anyone. He moved forward as the form was set gently upon the ground before the statue, staring at the wing-like shapes that fluttered to the grass. He fell to his knees as the light slipped away, revealing Mia resting upon the earth. Her pearl white dress once again formed around her, the soft green cloth now glowing iridescent. Korin gently slipped his arms under her, pulling her up from the ground. Her hair shimmered oddly with every movement, the black strands silky smooth beneath his touch.

"Mia?" he whispered in disbelief. Her lashes fluttered over her ivory cheek as her eye lids slowly rose. Korin's eyes widened as he met her new gaze. Iridescent orbs slowly focused on emerald gems.

Korin?" she whispered. He released his bated breath and pulled her into a tight embrace.

"I thought I lost you," he whispered. Mia didn't hold back the tears as she wrapped her arms around him.

"You almost did," she gasped, clutching him just as tight. They remained undisturbed, holding each other for quite some time.

"You know," someone began, startling the two apart, "there is a party still going on."

Mia and Korin turned to Jauf and Ray. The dirty and torn clothes they had on were gone, replaced with new ones. Korin glanced down at his own attire. He hardly had a shirt anymore.

"Don't suppose you brought me an extra suit," he inquired. Jauf smirked before procuring a gentle white suit from behind his back.

"So you may match your Lady," he explained. Korin smirked before standing, pulling Mia up with him.

"Excuse me for a moment," he requested. Mia smiled as he flashed to Jauf, snatched the suit, then disappeared, arriving back just over two seconds later, adjusting his tie.

"Shall we?" he inquired, offering Mia his arm. She took it, resting her hand upon his forearm. They moved once more into the castle, Ray escaping to his fairies as Jauf went in search of the oracle, the party continuing as if nothing had happened. Mia clutched Korin's arm nervously, seeing the eyes that rested upon her.

"Why are they staring?" she whispered.

"Because they are jealous or your beauty. I'm sure I am equally handsome," he added, offering her a beseeching smile. Mia grinned unwillingly.

"I believe you are giving yourself too much credit," she challenged. Korin shook his head before pulling her about, grabbing her other hand.

"Shall we dance?" he inquired. Mia glanced at the other dancers, hearing the orchestra once more.

"I believe we shall," she decided, slipping her other hand to his shoulder as his rested upon her waist. Settling their clasped hands, Korin gazed at her eyes.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered. Mia smiled and pulled closer, placing a chaste kiss upon his lips.

"You're not so bad to look at yourself," she complimented. Korin smiled and pulled her in for a true kiss, ignoring all eyes that settled upon them.

"I believe you had an incorrect vision."

Meela turned at the declaration, staring at Jauf in surprise.

"Which vision do I speak falsely upon?"she inquired, sipping at her glass of wine.

"The girl you saw die at midnight. She lives," he claimed boldly, holding a glass of scotch. Meela allowed a small smile to spread.

"No. The blue eyed girl died. The girl with the iridescent eyes has only begun her life tonight. The vision I spoke of has yet to pass. Do not believe that all troubles have disappeared with Loki's death. Be prepared for the coming challenges. Do not release your guard save for tonight. Tonight you may party, be free. But the horizon for the girl swarms with dangers untold. She is ill-prepared for the nightmares that shall descend. Her light will not shine beneath the darkness they bring. She may stand a chance, if you can find her a teacher. I wish luck upon you, dear Jauffrey. You shall need it," she added before she slipped away into the crowd. Jauf stared after her in shock, his gaze slipping to Mia as Korin twirled her about. What could possibly be in her future?