'Aerial' by Tiger 1313

Smoke slipped through the air in large bursts, Raina clutching the reins tighter as the sounds of screams reached her ears. They had found the battlefield. Roark shuddered below her as the scent of blood reached them. Raina reached forward and stroked his neck.
"Easy Roark, we have much farther to go," she said, peering over his scaled neck to the ground below. The armies were melded together, the war ground stretching over several miles.
"Such carnage," Raina whispered, staring at the blood soaked ground in disgust.
"Such are the horrors of war," Roark rumbled, his words invading her thoughts.
"We must find Kay and put a stop to this," she claimed, clutching the leather strips in her hands tighter. In response, Roark flapped his wings, soaring ever faster through the sky.
"Perhaps we can end this before it is too late," Roark offered. Raina closed her eyes against a cloud of smoke. As she opened them, her heart dropped.
"I think it already is," she said, staring at the mass of dead bodies before her.