'1' by kskb

"I'm not who you think I am!" Kate yelled as she struggled in the hold of the men.

"You can yell all you want to, no one is going to hear you. Besides, we know what you look like Miranda," Jerry said, back remaining to her as he guided her captors, her feet dragging. The hallway split, light spilling in at one end, and more doors at the other.

"My name is Kate," she yelled once more before finding her footing and stomping on one of her captor's toes. He howled in pain and released her, giving her a chance to throw her knee into the other man's crotch. He dropped, allowing Kate to rush forward and slam her fist into Jerry's face as he turned to her.

"I'm not Miranda!"

Jerry dropped to the ground as she took off, his nose bleeding and glasses askew, "Get back here,
he yelled after her as he rolled over. Kate ignored him, rushing down the corridor and to the source of light. Maybe it was a way out of here.

"Miranda has escaped, all guards to the overview deck," Jerry ordered into his headset.

"Oh great," Katy muttered.

With a final burst of speed she broke from the tunnel, blinded momentarily by the sudden onslaught of light. Blinking away the dots in her vision, Kate nearly dropped to her knees, her heart fluttering in her chest as she stared out the glass windows to the city rushing by far below.

"I'm in the air," she whispered to herself.

The pounding of feet broke her from the frozen state of mind and brought her back to her current predicament. What was she suppose to do now? She didn't know how to get out of the current room, let alone how to get back to the ground. Kate searched the room, examining the glass windows that stretched from the very edge of the steel platform up over the ceiling and connecting to the steel frame of the doorway behind her. There was a lever near the door, brass and polished but showing signs of extensive use. Glancing back, Kate found at least ten guards and Jerry racing for her. Gasping the lever, Kate yanked it down. She watched as gears began to move and springs expanded before a heavy steel door, polished and engraved intricately, snapped down, closing off the soldiers' path. A hook stood near the lever and Kate quickly attached it. Hopefully it was the lock. Heart pounding with the fists of the guards, Kate returned to searching the room for another way out. Hardly a moment passed before a siren blared above her, a red light flaring. The pounding on the door ceased, Jerry quickly dealing out orders to battle stations,

"Wait what? Jerry!" she yelled through the door.

"Now you want to talk," he responded.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"We're now being targeted. I would open this door if I were you," he added.

"Targeted by whom?" she ground out.

"Pirates most likely. We're out of the jurisdiction of the air guard at this distance," he answered casually. Kate's mind raced as she tried to decide what to do. "Open the door Miranda."

"My name is Kate!" she yelled angrily, stepping away from the latch.

"You clearly have been brainwashed my dear."

Kate spun around at the sudden voice, surprised to see a man standing in the middle of the room. "How did you get in here," Kate gasped, stumbling back. She hit the latch, the hook releasing and the lever jumping up, scraping along her spine and knocking her to her knees. The door opened and Jerry hurriedly stepped in, pausing at the sight of her. Kate clenched her teeth as the trail the lever traced began to burn like fire.

"I apologize for the current events, sir," Jerry said, bowing to the man that had appeared at random.

Kate grit her teeth and lifted her head, examining his full head of coppery brown locks and the slightly crinkled bronze skin. He appeared young, but Kate had a feeling he was very old. A cane was clasped in his hands, the same intricate designs crawling over the steel wolf head and curling a foot down the cherry wood. Everything she had seen so far remained polished, gleaming with continuous cleaning and everything in its place, just so.

"Who are you," she asked, his brown eyes on her once more.

"I am a friend. Your father sent me to find and retrieve you back from those that took you from him so long ago," he answered, "I am Collin."

"I don't believe you," Kate answered as she tried to push herself back up to her feet, ignoring the pain racing down her back. Something flashed by the windows, gaining their attention.

"I don't believe this is the place to be discussing these things. We must move into the Control Center, where it will be safe," Jerry claimed, eyeing the skies around them. Kate moved farther away from the two, unfortunately placing them between her and the exit.

"I'm not going anywhere until I get some real answers," Kate said, ignoring the shadows whipping overhead.

"You were taken away as a child, kidnapped by the very man you call Father because he wanted destroy your true father's life," Collin said, eyeing the skies much like Jerry.

"Is there any way you can prove what you're saying is true? Something only my real dad would know?" Kate asked, growing nervous herself at the sound of gunfire.

"You have a strange group of markings on your stomach. If I'm not mistaken, they grow as the years pass."

Kate stared at Collin, her confidence faltering. It was true. There were strange markings that continue to spread along her skin. No one knew of them. But her father would…

"Get down!" Jerry yelled, throwing himself over Collin before bullets bit through the glass walls, shattering them almost instantly and tearing up the steel platform. Kate screamed as the floor was upended and she was thrown, the supports beneath the floor breaking and the glass falling as the flying machine began to tilt, going into a nose dive. Kate rolled over what was left of the platform before it disappeared beneath her. Throwing out her hand she managed to latch onto a steel rod, body jerking at the sudden stop and slamming into the side of the torn metal. She nearly let go as it ripped into her side, blood pouring out.


Jerry continued to call out the name as the smaller air ships circled around, coming back for another blow. Kate stared at the metal before her before looking down at the ground racing by, the green suddenly turning blue as a lake appeared. Even with the descent, the drop could kill her. However, either way she went she faced death. Glancing around, she noticed a longer cable within reach.

"Miranda where are you," Collin yelled out.

"Over here!" she yelled, coming to a decision. Perhaps not the best, but something was better than nothing. Collin appeared at the edge, Jerry right at his side.

"Hold on," Jerry yelled down before disappearing.

"Oh, I thought I should let go," Kate snapped back. She cried out as the platform lurched again, something slamming into the side of the air ship and loosening her grip. This was it. She managed to catch Collin's gaze before her hand slipped the rest of the way and she began to fall through the air. His eyes widened, anger forming in his gaze before he yelled her actual name.

"Liar," she muttered, releasing the second cable as the wind rushed by, whipping her hair into a frenzy as she glanced at the approaching water. Closing her eyes, Kate gave way to the pain rippling through her body from the jagged steel and allowed herself to pass out.