Disclaimer: I originally wrote this story from 6th grade, until 8th grade. That was more than 8 or 9 years ago. My writing has significantly improved since then. While I tried to fix it up in various errors, you will still notice this is lower in quality than most of my stories. So if you read this, know I posted it for fun and don't want it to be a representation of my current writing quality.

The planet had bright green skies and the water was equally green. The atmosphere was beautiful and peaceful. Brawn looked at his new recruits. Brawn and his race looked like what you'd call a human, but he wasn't. This world... was different. In any case, the recruits were already showing promise. Though he often wondered… were there any battles left to fight? His race loved combat more than anything. So much so, that they'd often gone to war with each other. The problem? His Country had one the world war, and taken over the planet. Now what? Who was left to fight? The question dawned on him again and again.

The answer? Space. They could go to other worlds and fight them. It would be the most glorious battles ever seen. The problem? Their space technology was still in its earlier stages. Oh sure, they could go into space… but the technology was still primitive. Brawn had proposed a better, more efficient form of space travel, but was rejected because it was too expensive and they thus considered it impractical. Idiots. He'd prove them wrong in due time. It was sad really, Brawn's brother was the King of the entire planet, but being the King's brother wasn't enough to grant you anything you wanted. Brawn was the closest thing to a scientist this world had, as they were a warrior race. The greatest on their home world, and now its victors. That was… until the Zanzorbs came.

Brawn looked into the sky and saw thousands of spaceships. These ships were massive in scope and began destroying cities like they were nothing. Brawn flew into the air, as his race was capable of flying, and began sending massive energy blasts from his hands, destroying ship after ship, but it was far from enough. The rookies flew into the air to aid him

Brawn shouted, "Stay back you fools!" and they were killed swiftly.

Massive explosions and blasts were fired from these ships, picking off the people of the world like they were nothing. Within one hour, Brawn knew what he had to do. He flew home as fast as he could.

He turned to his wife and said,"We must use the spacepod I designed. Our son will live, even if the rest of us die."

The wife considered the idea insane, immediately objecting. But he pointed out the world did not have long to live…already the world was shaking, and he'd seen a massive ship beginning to fire something massive. She relented and they kissed their son and placed him in the spacepod. The pod went into space as the planet exploded. That day, the Zanzorbs destroyed 23 planets, and were nicknamed "The planet Conquerers.". They would enter a planet in secret, mine all its resources, and by the time they were known, it was too late as they'd send ships in and destroy it. Billions of creatures dead, all in one day.

Daydr smiled. They'd granted him a nickname as well. "Death's Spear". Henceforth he changed his name to "Deathspear". He looked into the cradal and saw his daughter. He grinned.

"Katia my daughter. You've been born into the most powerful race in the universe. You will grow up to be beautiful warrior who will inherit my entire fleet. Father promises."

The baby who'd been sent away in the spacepod, the son of Brawn.. would land on a peaceful planet full of people who knew nothing of war. The people of this world named the baby "Chris". They decided to keep his origin a secret.

As the baby grew, they became more and more worried. He was a very violent child, and would often lash out, which lead to him being disciplined often, but he was far more rebellious than the other children. Even though he looked the same as the people of this world, people could tell he was different. Not just because of his violent streak, but his physical prowess. He was stronger, faster, smarter than any of the other people. He was exceptional in various ways. One thing rather ironic, was his abilities in math were below average, but his intelligence was more on his cleverness than anything. He could come up with excuses to get himself out of anything.

But then, the day he reached 10 years old (by their standards. They considered the day he arrived on the planet as his "Birthday", and since he wasn't even a year old at the time, it was close enough.) the Zanzorbs began the same process on this world. However, this time their advanced technology lead to a heavier resistance than Chris's native race. They may not have been fans of war, but they had a self-defense force. Still, their weapons weren't as good as the Zanzorbs. However, at merely 10 years old…Chris attacked a ship against his parent's wishes. He stole many of their weapons and was able to give it to the self-defense forces, allowing time to reverse engineer their weapons and even out the war.. at first. Then a mere two years later, Chris realized he could fly, as he jumped out of the way of a massive blast. He over-did the dodge as the massive blast coupled with his over-exertion caused him to fly into space quickly. He then realized another key difference from his adoptive race: he could breathe in space. But then, as he looked down upon the world below, he saw the planet explode.

He quickly realized he could fly in space as well, as he narrowly dodged what debree he could, which was no small feat as he was sent hurtling outward from the planet. He wept greatly as everyone he knew had died that day. His parents had told him they'd found him in a spacepod and that he was from another world…but made him swear to keep it secret and he'd agreed to out of fear of further rejection from the people he grew up around. But now he didn't even have them anymore.

Then he heard it,"Sir, one of them survived!"

He heard another say,"It's one from the first planet we destroyed! I'd never forget their ugly mugs! They were the only race we met that could breathe in the vacuum of space other than us, and even then only our high ranking people can do that!"

That was when Chris realized that wherever he originally came from, it had been destroyed by whomever these people were as well.

In a fit of rage, Chris destroyed many ships, and took one. As he headed for the mothership suddenly a wormhold opened up in front of him and he was somewhere completely different. He cursed as he could not return. He landed on a space station full of all kinds of filth and tried to gather intel on how to find this race that had destroyed his homeworlds. His last world was known as "Zobo", so he awaited word on it. When he overheard something, he heard they could be found in the Glagan Galaxy. He went back into his ship and headed for Glagan. It would take years for his ship to arrive, but he would do it. To avenge everything he'd ever had, and now lost.

Raizen was a hyperactive teenager. He was of a planet filled with races that were humanoid, but looked partially much like the animals of our world. His body was humanoid, but his head and fur looked like that of a wolf. He was a very goofy teen who tended to think highly of everyone and got along with others easily. But the problem was, he had a bit of an ego from time to time, and had a habbit of overeating. Sure, he had a high metabolism so he never gained much weight, in fact it all went to muscles. But his habbit lead to him dining and dashing, so to speak. He'd eat and run at many stores, and people were none too happy about it. He lived on his own, but couldn't manage a job, which just made him to do it more.

Raizen was eating some stolen pizza when a guy in uniform came before him. He was of the same race as Raizen, but this one was a white fox mixed with a husky for his animal side of his appearance. The officer spoke up,"I am Officer Terry and you are breaking the law according to part 367 code 3 section D and you are hereby under arrest!"

Raizen simply ran. Terry chased him, but as Raizen got in his car and sped off, Terry shouted into his walkie "He's off freeway 95. Cut him off, cut him off!"

Terry got into his hover car and they perused him. The chase was long, but soon enough Raizen lost them at the turnoff.

Terry groaned. The Chief of police would have a word or two about this, and it wouldn't be pretty. You see, Terry used to be the best. Top police officer in the precinct. But lately he'd been off his game. You see, his wife had lost the baby during labor, and ever since, it's all he could think about. He could've been a father. He could have been, he should have been. He wasn't. And now? Now it had been effecting his performance. The Chief had offered him time off, but Terry refused saying he was fine.

How wrong he was. He'd botched up something so simple as a high speed pursuit.

The Chief indeed did have a word or two to tell him. The Chief shouted,"The only reason I haven't fired you is cuz you used to be the best. Plus, lets face it, I feel a little sorry for you. But this has got to stop. I could've written you off for DUI last week, but you know what? I looked the other way. I understand ok? I'd be devastated if I lost my Miamora. But I'm not defending you anymore! You have botched up 5 things this week alone! I don't care what your excuse is; I am sick and tired of defending your sorry ass! If you don't get in gear, so help me I will fire your sorry ass!"

This was followed by various profanity and a lot more yelling, and Terry just quietly accepted the verbal abuse.

Meanwhile Raizen was in new clothes and had stolen a hover car, complete with a false license tag his old juvy buddy Eddy had helped him obtain. He was ready to steal another pizza. That's exactly what he did as he ran into a pizza store and grabbed a pizza box full of pizza and ran right out the door into his hover car with it in hand.

Then he heard police sirens as he was being chased. So he turned on the radio and heard this: "Police are chasing a stolen hover car that apparently had bad tags, though it would seem they caught onto something larger as a suspect who'd been stealing food from various restaurants is apparently the culprit. People have nicknamed him "the food thief" and he is still at large!"

He turned it off,"Well crap. Good thing Eddy made some upgrades to this baby for me."

He flipped a switch and oil slidge came out the back and entered the police hover car's vents, causing them to crash and pile up. Terry ramped his hover car off the other police cars and continued pursuit!

Terry shot at the vents on Raizen's hover car and it crashed. Terry stopped his car and got out; he opened Raizen's car door.

Terry shouted,"You are under arrest. Anything you say can and will be-"

Raizen interrupted,"Ha-ha! Bye!" Terry then realized Raizen was simply a hologram. Raizen must've jumped out and made the switch at some point during when Terry ramped off the other police cars or something. Needless to say… when Terry returned, he was fired.

He couldn't bear to tell his wife, so when he returned home he decided to keep it secret for now.

Fera was her name. She said,"You alright honey?"

Terry sighed,"Just another tough day at work. I just want to go to bed. It's late and I could use the rest."

Fera opened the covers next to her and said, "then come on in."

Terry did as told and went to sleep next to her. He awoke the next morning with the sound of her screaming. As he jumped out of bed he saw a note stating she'd been kidnapped.

Terry crumbeled up the letter and growled,"The fiend!"

He filed a police report, and was questioned. He was completely honest, but felt the police would be of little help. He decided he need money. He was going to find the kidnapper himself. But to do that, he needed a new job. He decided to become a mercenary, and perhaps a vigilante. The police force was never enough in his eyes anyways. He began drawing up blueprints for a spaceship design. If he was to do this work, he'd need to be able to do work offworld, and none of the currently existing ships were both fast enough for him and cheap enough in price that he could afford. This one he'd build would be both.

Sometime months later Terry had been left with no leads. It was like his wife had vanished from the face of the earth. In the meantime, he'd taken small odd-jobs but wasn't doing much… he could barely get a wink of sleep at night either. Then he heard of a martial arts tournament coming in about four or five years. It would take that long for the people holding the tournament to get to the galaxy of which it would be held. Terry decided he would sign up. It would a great way to win a lot of money all at once, enough to begin truly pursuing the disappearance of his wife.

Two years later, Raizen appeared before him, apologizing. Terry at first was enraged and the two got into a physical fight. However Terry could not best Raizen who won every attempt to defeat him. Terry was tempted to call the police, but didn't out of spite for his growing hatred of his former fellow officers, which he'd since discovered had a great deal of corruption.

After a few days of Raizen visiting him regularly, which still tended to anger Terry, Raizen made an offer,"I'll enter the tournament too. If I win, I promise to give you all of the winnings. Between the two of us, that increases our chances of winning. You have my word. If I back out, you can always call the police on me. The tournament is off-world, but I'm sure they'd hold police laws of our world."

Terry accepted after much thought. They took a fierce training regimen to learn their martial arts techniques. There's not much to say, other than that they trained together regularly.. it was almost like they'd become friends.

Terry finally was able to sleep again, but he kept having nightmares of his wife being taken away and not seen from again. In one of the dreams, he found her dead and awoke panting and in fear.

The tournament was on the horizon….and they could almost taste victory itself.