Chapter 2 – The birth

As Chris awoke he saw he was on an enemy ship, as Raizaen walked in Chris sighed,"I've been defeated. If you're going to kill me, get it over with."

Raiazen patted him on the back,"You should know we didn't ever do a thing to your planet. We are willing to help you look for them though, Terry promises. We'll help you look for the Zanzorbs."

Chris slapped himself on the face. How could he be so foolish!

Terry came up with a solution to build trust. On top of being the person who cleaned the toilets for a week, he'd wear a rubber chicken outfit on the first day, and a balareena outfit on the second day. It was humiliating, but it did indeed prove that Chris could be trusted, as they decided to keep a watch over him for the remaining couple weeks.

The following week Chris was watching Tv. Terry's wife walked in and Terry began to drool. THE reason Terry was drooling was because she was in her under garments.

Chris waved his hand over Terry's face, but nobody was home. Chris grinned,"Now is time to have some fun of my own. Terry's been putting me through that hellish first week…"

he dressed Terry in a clown outfit and poured coffee on Terry's head…STILL nobody was home!

Chris waved his hand in front of his face. He knocked on top of Terry's head like a door and went,"Helllooooooooo….is anybody home upstairsssss? Ahahahahhahahahahahaha!"

He then put a bug in Terry's pants! Terry woke up from his drooling and screamed! He ran into the bathroom and got the bug out as he decided to take a shower to get the hot coffee out and change back to normal. Brian giggled and snorted.

Ring! The doorbell on the transmissions rang. Chris answered the transmission and saw a woman…a beautiful woman. She looked drop dead gorgeous! Chris howled like a wolf at her sight! He answered the door.

She said,"Hey handsome, you got a place for me to stay? My ship crashed and stranded me out here in space!" before anyone else could answer he said,"SURE!" and let her inside.

Everyone else saw her and even Rex blushed when he saw her. As she took off the space suit, underneath she wearing a mid-drift shirt and a very short plad skirt. She had brown hair and blueish-green eyes. She had lips looking best than ever as they were deep red. Her skin was bluish in color, but light enough the skin was almost unnoticeable from human skin. She wore cowboy boots. Chris took her to his room that Terry had assigned him and said she could sleep there for the night and he'd sleep on the living room couch. Terry sighed and allowed it, if only to keep a close eye on her.

Chris saw her taking her shirt off and fainted before she finished. Brian farted in his face and chris quickly awoke, blushed and closed the door to his room and went back into the living room. She came out of Chris's room in a long T-shirt that went almost to her knees. Chris recognized it was one of his own shirts!

She smiled at Chris and said,"You're a real cutie! The names Katia, what's yours?"

Chris replied,"Uh…c-c-c-c uh….kkkkdddaaaa….CHRIS…yeah…Chris!"

She giggled. She took his hand and went back to his room and they slept beside each other in his bed. 2 months later, they were married in a small ceremony held by Terry, who was granted the right due to being registered as a "Ship's Captain" which they found a galaxy where it was legal to do so. Katia became a full-fledged member of the ship, and soon they realized she could more than take care of herself!

About a year passed, there were no leads on the Zanzorbs. But the strangest thing happened… he'd grown comfortable aboard the ship. Perhaps it was just nice to feel like he had family and friends again? Who knows… all he knew was, he'd grown complacent with it, even if he never outright admitted it. The year felt like much longer, but not because it was terrible. On the contrary, it was the best year of his life.

February hit. Chris told Katia he was ready to start a family, and she agreed, she was too. Meanwhile, it was a slow day. No mercenary jobs.

Terry sighed,"and we still haven't found the planet conquerors yet. I suggest some of us go looking for them. We can get ahold of one of my recent contacts in Fobos. They might know where their home planet is. But it's a bit of a longshot, and I doubt we'll get much results. We won't do anything crazy though, we might get killed. This is just a scouting mission. We'll be back, Rex is going with me. Jake?"

Jake nodded,"yeah what is it?"

Terry said,"Don't tell Chris where we're going. He'd do something crazy."

Jake laughed,"Alright. Guess that puts me in charge while you're gone?"

Terry nodded,"That it does. Take good care of my ship."

Jake shrugged,"I will. No worries."

Brain sneaked on the ship with them as they departed.

Rex,"aaaaa! Its Brian! He's going to kill us all with his farts of doom!"

Terry sighed,"We're too far out now… we'll just have to leave him here with us for the time being." He's still a good source of income anyways…Terry thought to himself.

Terry informed the ship of Brian going with them, and of course made up a story about where they were going. As the transmission ended, there was a hush over the room.

Chris was happy! "Yes! It'll be nice to not have him around! He's a fart knocker! He'd ruin everything!"

Raiazen replied,"Let's have a party! We'll have a dance room and play techno and rave music and party all night long!"

And sooo…they did. They were really glad to be even temporarily rid of Brian, and I mean REALLY happy. Anyways after a long time of being loded on fat and sugar, they decided at about midnight that they really outta head for bed.

Jake then realized that two of them had left the party before everyone else.

Jake,"Where the heck is Chris and Katia?! They better not be-"

Raiazen replied,"You hear this?"

Jake nodded,"Yep."

Raiazen replied,"Terry's not going to like this.. the last thing we need is infants on this ship."

Several months later…indeed Katia did give birth to a baby, and Jake tried to help with the birth as best he could.

Chris cried tears of joy as he said,"I'll name her.. Kaileena. I got the idea because its similar to the name of her mother."

Katia responded,"Kaileena… I like that. So it's decided."

Then Terry entered the room, apparently have gotten aboard unexpectedly!

Rex sighed,"I could be sick for life, with how many times Brian had farted the entire trip, felt like every 5 seconds!" Rex ran to the bathroom to get sick.

Terry entered the room the others were in and said,"What's going on here?!"

Terry sighed,"Those bed sheets are yours now, I'm never touching them." As he took a deep breath, he continued,"So what else did you guys do exactly?"

Jake nervously replied,"We ate every piece of food on the ship actually… but honestly you'll be glad you were gone. It took a lot for us to clean up the place after the party we had.. oh yeah, we had a party by the way. Anyways, I'm off to take a nap."

Terry responded,"But I think you should stay-"

Jake gave him a tired and angry look. Terry nodded. He had him and Chris enter a room to have them both talk in private.

There was a long awkward silence. The silence filled the room with eeriness as Chris nervously awaited Terry's verdict on having an infant on a mercenary ship.

Terry sighed after the silence seemed to be getting more and more awkward. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

Chris farted and replied,"That."

Terry gave him a nuggie and said,"Don't think this means you're off the hook. I'll approve it for now, but her life is in your hands."

The next day things were quite calm. Katia walked into the living room and had the baby with her. She put her daughter down because Kaileena was trying to reach for Chris, her father. She crawled up to him and kicked him in the shin. Chris grabbed his leg and hopped on one foot.

"OWWWWWWWW! Man she's strong for her age! Ow! Ow! Ow! Hope she won't be like this when she's older, knowing my luck she will be though!"

A few days later Katia was sick, so naturally Chris took care of her. The sickness ended up being something specific to her race. It meant she would be pregnant in a few months, again. It was almost like twins, but different since the births weren't at the same time!

Chris was at her bed side and sighed,"I shoulda known this could happen…oh well."

Katia replied,"Oh well?! Oh well?! I'm in labor and you only have to say 'oh well?' AAAA. It hurts! Call Terry, he'll know what to do!"



"Oh. Ok."

She grabbed his hand and squeezed it. Chris had already called Terry, but now Chris was the one screaming!

Chris,"AAAA!" He was in pain, her grip was too much!

Brian walked in laughing, but Katia punched him and he went flying backward.

Brian,"I deserved that."

Jake was annoyed by him as well and threw him into a trashbin.

Brian,"Deserved that too."

Terry took the baby out and said,"Congratuations, it's a boy."

Katia held it in her arms,"James."

A few days later, things were back to business as usual, except they were more conservative with their food consumption, as apparently they couldn't afford as much food as last time after the party.

James had written down some mathematical equations. Apparently he was quite smart for an infant!

Katia grinned,"Look! Look its our son! He's such a little genius! Unlike his father…"

Chris was scratching his nose and drawing a stick figure picking his nose. He replied,"Yeah?"

Katia smiled,"Just teasing honey!" She kissed his cheek. She continued,"We should have the babies play!"

James got up and began walking.

Katia whispered to Chris. "Look! He's walking!"

Kaileena and James began sharing toys as they built a bridge with building blocks.

Katia smiled,"We made some cute children Chris! I have got to get a picture of this. CHRIS! STOP STANDING THERE AND GET A CAMERA! Sorry…well get one please honey? Hehe."

Still…they knew not what was to come, as only a few parsecs away was Deathspear, fighting in a massive battle!

Deathspear laughed,"Kill them all! Don't care who, children, women all of them! THAT IS AN ORDER! AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!"

Zar nodded,"You seem to be doing well father."

Deathspear laughed,"Yes. You may not be my biological son, but you are a son to me. And unlike my real daughter was, you are a loyal soldier! I don't need a good for nothing who won't serve me loyally, but you are prime soldier material Zar! Fit to be my son!"

Zar grinned,"I wish to see blood! Maybe of a woman… the warriors! You know what else? With your permission I'd love to set Katia straight for you!"

Deathspear grinned, "Indeed that would be amusing!"

Meanwhile… Katia,"Aww they are so precious! Chris lets take a picture of you and your son! You both look so much alike and it would be so adorable!"

Chris picked up James. James hugged him and Chris kissed the baby on the cheek. The baby giggled a little, it was quite adorable. Then the baby went pale.

Chris freaked,"My son he's sick!"

Katia laughed,"Honey…just pat his back."

Chris did so and it spat up on him. Katia took a picture of it.

Chris,"Don't do that! Its gross!" He started cleaning it off himself and then he replied,"gimme that picture!"

Then he and Katia rough housed and played around like they were two kids that were best friends and ended up laying beside each other as they kissed.

She sighed,"I'm sorry, I'll take another picture of you that is more flattering, does that sound fair?"

Chris nodded as he smiled. After taking the picture a few moments later.

Terry meanwhile was still in bed with his wife.

Terry,"I've been thinking."

His wife replied,"Me too."

Terry replied,"Really?"

"Yeah. I'm ok if you wanna start a family too."

Terry gulped,"No, not that! I mean…what I was thinking of, was maybe making the rules around here more strict, making sure this type of thing doesn't happen…I mean you understand right?"

His wife rolled over and ignored him, obviously annoyed.

Jake growled as he looked at an old photo. He'd always been so crabby, but what few knew, was it was because his old love, Hanna had died so long ago. Some still believe she was alive, but he'd long given up hope. He sighed as he put the photo away and drifted off to sleep.

That night, two survivors of the battle with Deathspear teleported into the nursery. They looked at their surroundings for a few moments and seemed set on a decision afterwards.

One quietly said,"We need to get rid of our powers! Deathspear could track us with them! Let's put them inside these two children! We don't want HIM finding us! Right Destro?"

The second nodded,"Indeed Spike!"

They began putting their powers into the infants as a blue light shined in the room. It worked.

Destro sighed,"Thank god. I'd hate to be a slave to Deathspear any longer…"

They teleported away.

The infants began glowing as their heights got larger and larger as they seemed to rapidly age until they hit teen-age….