Game of Fear

For once in his life, the investigator was genuinely scared to near death. So far, his original team of thirteen had been withered down to three.
Granted, not all the ten were definitely dead, but those ten were most certainly not with him now.
Two had ran off towards the exit, and may have possibly made it; three ran off but only got round the next corner before giving their last screams; four had been dragged off into the darkness before falling silent after a sickening display of hollering and the last was killed before the investigator's eyes.

He turned to his left as quickly as he dare, fear in his eyes.
Across the dark corridor he now hid in sat another figure, which was peering over the crate that she was now hiding behind. She noticed her boss looking at her, so she glanced quickly at him, before returing her attention to the gloomy hallway. The third was nowhere to be seen.
He had left an hour ago, and still had not returned.
Since then, there had been some… strange occurrences.
Saying that, there had been some extremely frightening occurrences over the past day.

Something moved up ahead.
The investigator's heart raced as something hit the floor behind him. He glanced left, catching a glimpse of the woman who was sat on the floor.
She too was scared, although the fear seemed to wear off when she decided to stand.
The leader risked a glance over the crate he was sitting behind, jumping out of his skin when he saw the humanoid shape standing in the corridor.
"I'm g-glad I found you guys."
The leader sighed in relief when the third survivor approached the two, arms by his side.
"Murray… I thought you were…" He caught his tongue.
He need not say what everyone was already thinking.
Link Murray nodded, taking a seat next to his boss.
"Nearly Jim… nearly." Jim Mitchel looked down, eyes heavy with guilt.
"What happened Link?"
The girl was sat facing the two, knees tucked up to her chest. Murray's eyes dashed about, ears lifting slightly.
"Shh…" Murray held a finger to his lips.
Tension became present again, a cold chill in the air.
The girl was shaking, clamping her jaw shut to prevent any chattering that could give away their presence.
More silence.
Several seconds of silence had passed, nothing appearing to be there after all…
A screech that could tear the souls from the most valiant of knights filled the corridor, air rushing through the tight space. The girl screamed above the noise, eyes jittering about in her head, mouth left slightly open.
Pure horror filled her eyes, although no expression was evident. Link and Jim huddled together near the crate, both trying to scramble away from the sight.
Her nose was beginning to bleed, small trickles of blood now running from her ears too.
Her eyes were going more and more matte, all the moisture dissipating quickly.
Her whole body rose up the wall, her eyes rolling backwards until white filled her sockets and her head lulled forwards.
In a horrifying red flash, her body slumped to the ground.
Link was shaking, standing slowly.
"What the fuck was that?"
Jim glanced to his right, noticing a small green device glowing a violent red.
It looked similar to a school calculator, painted a matte green, several orange buttons arranged on the front of the small device. Where you would expect to find the answers to calculations on a calculator, you would find an L.E.D strip, illuminated in an eerie red glow.
"That was definitely a ghost man…"
Jim nodded, speechless.
"We need to get out of here, before that thing comes back for both of us."
Link stood, eyes pinned to the girl.
Jim joined his comrade in the darkness, taking his place beside his side.
"I'm… I'm sorry Link. I n-never…"
Murray choked back tears, taking up the device on the cold stone floor.
"I know you never meant for it. We all signed up for this, we all signed up for this job… she knew there was a risk of this happening."
Jim looked in horror at his friend, tears cutting through the grime on his face.
The device was returning to a more ordinary green now, illuminating the gloomy corridor in a pale light.
Link started walking down the corridor, keeping his eyes facing forwards, away from his dead wife.
They had both signed up to join the G.P.A years ago, both exploring the worlds most haunted buildings…
This was easily the worst one so far.
Jim picked up a backpack from near Murray's wife, before jogging to keep up with his last friend.
"You got a torch, Link?"
The reply came in the form of a beam of light, piercing the darkness, bringing light into the horrid place.
"Not for long though, I've been using this for hours now, so it's probably going to run out soon."
Jim gulped.
He didn't want to be in the dark any longer.