Susan sat down on a bench in the park with her sketch pad, sketching the scenery in front of her with more flowers and insects. She bit her lip in concentration as she drew an oversized butterfly fluttering over the children that sat around with their toys, playing a game which included a lot of kissing. Susan smiled when she watched the girls make the teddy bears run away from the boys who chased them. Her phone vibrated in her pocket and Susan laid her sketch pad and pencil on her lap to pull it out and take a look at it. She smiled when she saw the person who sent her the text and it faded when she saw the actual message.

'Sorry, Susie, but it really isn't working our between us. So I think it would be a good idea to stop seeing each other.'

Susan felt her whole body shake when she read it and she deleted the contact in four swift pushes of a button. She laid the phone on her sketch pad and sniffed, rubbing her green eyes tiredly. When she felt tears rolling down her cheeks, she quickly placed her sketch pad next to her and curled her legs into her, hugging them tightly. She sobbed as quietly as she could, hoping that she wasn't drawing too much attention to herself.

"Hey, miss?"

Oh no, she's drawn attention to herself and now some guy was going to pick her up after she's been left by her ex. Susan lifted her head up and saw a skinny man standing behind the bench, holding his sketch pad. She looked from that to her own sketch pad and sniffed.

"Oh, am I in your place?" she asked and began gathering her stuff up with a shaky sniff.

"N-No," the man placed a hand on her shoulder and she flinched visibly "H-How about we draw together? O-Or we could p-perhaps we could compare some of our d-drawings, I often see you around here when I come out to draw."

Susan took one good look at him and sniffed softly, huddling herself to one side of the bench while hugging her sketch pad protectively to her chest. She gave him a small nod and he sat himself down next to her, holding out one of his drawings for her to look at. When he noticed her discomfort of their close proximity, he moved away and she relaxed slightly, looking at his drawing. It wasn't anything brilliant, all he had done was the same as her but he didn't bother to improvise with anything and he coloured it in. She couldn't help but notice that she was caught in the picture and she seemed to stand out slightly compared to what else was in the drawing. She sniffed and rubbed her nose.

"It's good," she said and held out her own sketch.

"N-Not as good as yours," the man gave her a shaky smile as he gently reached out to touch the drawing.

Susan's eyes widened noticeably and she snatched back her sketch pad, resuming to hugging it close to her chest. She shook her head quickly and the man nodded hurriedly as they continued to compare their drawings. Susan didn't seem to relax as they got to know each other better and grimaced. She would be far away from this creep once they were finished.