Why did I post this again...?

There are seven human sins that keep us from being angels, but not quite devils. Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Sloth, Pride, Greed, and Wrath. It is said that when we overpower these sins we can cleanse our souls. That is when you can be an angel.

Jesus Christ, Ghandi, and the Dalai Lama are one of the few that have achieved this, which may be why they are so great. But of all the sins that we have, the hardest obstacle is almost never passed. This obstacle hinders our ability to 'forgive and forget'. Pride.

If you cannot forgive those who have wronged, you can never truly cleanse your soul. Pride and Wrath, sometimes even Envy, are the causes of a grudge, and a grudge can lead to revenge. Revenge is not vengeance, for you have wronged the sinner. And so begins the cycle once again.

As I, and many before we have said, we are merely human. Not quite angels, but not quite devils either. We are the bridge between dark and light, bad and good. And for this reason, we make mistakes. Forgiving one another of their mistakes is not the same thing as loving them. Not everyone can love every and all things.

No, forgiving someone is accepting that they have made a human mistake, and moving on. They have realized their mistake and corrected it with a form of resentence. So, you should forget about it and move on, for dwelling on it and getting angry will only lead to sadness and regret.

If we could all forgive, the cycle of revenge and hate would stop, and all the fighting would end. We would forget about past wrongs and sins done, and peace could settle upon these lands. If this could be done, we would truly have a paradise on Earth. Someday, we will achieve this. But for now, until that can be done, we must make a path that our children can walk on and build their future.