Nate's POV

I'm not normal. No most people believe in ghosts or don't but i SEE them. I talk to them, i help them and like us they're alive but they have unfinished business. I have a story to tell, a story of how I met Crys and of how she regained her soul.

8 years ago

I am bored. It's been ages since a ghost has came for help, i think i'll go for a walk. As i walked past the park i noticed a faint piano in the middle of field with a girl about 16 there. Then she started to play after a while she started to sing.

I'm stuck in your head

I'm back from the dead

got you running scared I'm fearless,

I'm calling you out I'm taking you down

don't you come around I'm fearless

Then the beat kicked up i have to say she sings like a angel. Maybe she is an angel.

Oh woah, woah

i got the upper hand now and your losing ground

you never had to fight back, never lost a round

you see the gloves are coming off

tell me when you've had enough

ready for a showdown

and we're face to face

i think i'll rearrange it, put you into place

you won't get the best of me

check it your afraid of me

I'm stuck in your head

i'm back, back from the dead.

Got you running scared i'm fearless

I'm calling you, I'm taking you down

Don't you come around i'm fearless

I'm fearless

I'm fearless

At that point i decided to stop her and who she was.

"Hey!" I shouted, surprising her so much she screamed.

"Woah! Woah! It's ok i'm not going to hurt you, I just want to talk to you" I assured her.

"You... You can see me?" She asked in weak voice that made me wonder why she was dead and not just ill.

"Yeah, I have a gift. I can see ghosts." she grunted.

"I hate that word" she mumbled, i could tell she was talking about the word ghost by the way her face expression went down.

"I wouldn't blame you... uh" I said a i didn't know her name.

"Crys" She said, brushing hr curled, messy hair from her face.

"I'm Nate, nice to meet you" She smiled and looked up at me revealing a scar that went all the way down her eye to the end of her chin.

"Is that why your..." I stopped, but kept on brushing the scar with my fingertips. Her eyes widened and she pulled away, i looked at her confused.

"I don't need to tell you! You don't know who I am! Just leave me alone!" She faded. I stood there confused, she was fine a minute ago I shook my head and decided to go look for her. I searched everywhere until I stopped at the cemetery A couple were there, the woman crying and the man holding a light blue flower. There she was. In front of them, also crying. The man started speaking.

"Hey kiddo, how you been. We've been doing good. Guess what? I got that promotion! You remember the job that you said you wanted and i said that if i got it i would give it to you when you can legally get a job. I'm sorry darling, i couldn't save it for you. To think, me and your brother couldn't save you, he had gone to meet you but... if only he looked down the ally. By the time the police got there you could have been holding on to you last thread of life. That gang has been arrested for murder and suspicion of seven more murders. I'm just glad you in a better place now, I love you Kid, so very much. You were my little girl" He said, placing th flower ownand crying himself. Then the woman spoke.

"My darling girl, my baby girl. I loved you and your brother with my heart and soul, I couldn't get my mind of your two when i was at work. Wondering what adventures you were having. I wish it was me, i should have gone to asda, i could have saved you from being killed. I miss you. You wouldn't have thought you would have been killed, you were so young. Goodbye baby girl. I love you" It was so sad. Crys was in shock as her parents left, that's when i went up.

"Hey, Crys?"

"Most kids go up to their friends and say 'God loves all' or 'God protects us' and sixteen year olds can go to their friends and say 'I got a new phone fr my birthday' or 'I had the best birthday ever!'. Me I can't, i can't speak to my friends, I can't say god looked out for me last night and all I can say about birthday is that that's when I was killed!" She screamed. Tears coming out. Suddenly she pushed into me and cried and cried.

"Shhhhh, it's alright" I said.

"I'm going to help you" I told her.

"How?" she asked, looking up at me with red puffy eyes.

"Your a spirit who has unfinished business, I'm going to help you so you can go into the light and go to the spirit world." She nodded and I told her to spend the night at mine. She agreed (eventually) and we walked to my house. On the way we past an ally and Cry froze.

"Crys?" I said. She touched me and suddenly i froze as well, seeing a flashback.


(Crys's pov)

I was waling home from asda, t was my sixteenth birthday and my mum asked me to go to the shop. My brother was supposed to meet me here but h wasn't here. I waiting longer but that was stupid. I knew thee were thugs there but i still stayed there. Suddenly I was pulled into the ally behind me. I felt something sharp pressed against my neck. I looked to my left to see a man with a scar down his arm, he was wearing a black tee shirt and leather jacket. His jeans were ripped all over and his brown hair messed up.

"She's a beauty. Maybe we should keep 'er boss. She might do good for ya" A total scar face said. He had scars all over his face that's why i called him scar face.

"Yeah, she is isn't she. You don't happen to be Mitch Smyth's lil' sis' do ya" Ripped jeans asked. I didn't answer until scar face pushed the knife into the skin of my arm instead of my neck.

"Answer him doll face" I nodded and both smirked. More men came out and laughed. Then ripped jeans throws me to the floor and gets on top of me with the knife.

"That's it then, your MY woman" he says.

"I'm NOBODY'S woman" I say as i start struggling, everyone stares at us in shock.

"You are and to prove it..." He starts to cut my face with the knife bringing it to the top of my face and bringing it down. Quickly. I screamed.

"There, just like my arm." He said and leaned into my ear, shame you were beautiful to. You shouldn't have struggled." He whispered. I started struggling again and kicked him in the shin.

"You lil' runt" He shouted, holding his shin.

"I don't care anymore! Lads! Beat her." He walked away as i was kicked, slapped, scratched, punched and everything. Eventually they stopped and looked at the entrance, an old woman stood there on the phone to the police. They ran for it and the woman came up to me.

"It's ok sweetie, the police are coming just hang on" The woman stayed with me all night, well at least until the police came then she had to be interviewed. The paramedics came over to me and started to heal my wounds. A female paramedic started alking to me.

"Hiya sweetheart my names Lizzy and i'm just going to ask you a few questions, is that ok?" She asked, i nodded.

"Ok what your name love?"

"Crys Smyth" I said weakly.

"Ok, is there any family we can contacted?"

"My parents and brother"

"How old are you?"


"Whens your birthday?"

"Today" She looked to me with sympathy then it went black.

I saw white and then i could only see me on the ground with Lizzy and other paramedics running around.

"We've lost her" A man said.

"Bless, it was her birthday today" Lizzy said.

"A sad case indeed" Wait. I'm... dead? No! I can't be. I try shouting but it doesn't work. Then Lizzy and the man bring a body bag.


"No!" My brother voice comes out.

"That's my sister! What happened?! Why isn't she moving?!" he shouted as he got closer and bent down beside my lifeless body. His fingertips brushed the wound ripped jeans gave me.

"Son, I'm afraid she's gone. She's lost too much blood and her heart couldn't take it." Lizzy said.

" No" No! It's her birthday! I had a surprise for her! She can't be!" He said.

"Mitch! What happened to Crys?!" My mum shouted from the barrier. Mitch kissed my body's forehead and whispered a 'Goodbye sis' before he went to tell mum. I joined him as Lizzy and the paramedics took my body away.

"S-she's dead"he said.

"No! My baby! No! No!No No!" she cried. My dad started tearing up as well. Now what?

End Flashback

Nate's POV

I grabbed her hand and kept walking, all the way to my house. When we got there I tld my grandparents that i was going to bed early and that i'd see tem in the morning. When we got to my room Crys sat on the bed.

"I guess that's why I snapped at you in the field because you touched my sca like my brother did" Crys said. She yawned and I said i'd be right back. I went to talk to my granddad, he knew all the news.

"Hey granddad, what do you know about the death of Crys Smyth?" I asked.

"Well you grandmother called he police when she saw her be abused." My nan? A hero? Wow. Crys is going to be excited. Hopefully.

"Why?" He asked, we could see ghost as well so I told him to follow me. When we got to my room we both saw Crys asleep on my bed.

"She has unfinished business Hmm, we'll both help her tommorow right now go to bed" He said as he messed my hair up. I nodded and took a spare pillow of the bed and got my sleeping bag. Tommorow is going to be a long day.