I open the door and cross the threshold of imagination
The place where I go is a secret land of my own creation
It leads me to a world filled with magic and wonder
To a ballroom where the chatter is as loud as thunder
I dance with a prince; so kind and handsome is he
His gaze never strays, he only has eyes for me
We dance for a while, then stop when he starts to talk,
While I look into his beautiful eyes and try not to gawk
His eyes hold many secrets, something enigmatic
He whispers as tells me of something truly traumatic
He tells me of the coming of a disastrous war cloud
Then he grabs my hand and we slip away from the crowd
We've no time to waste, we must run and hide right away
He leads me through the snow and helps me onto a sleigh
He grabs the reigns and the horses push forward, taking us far away
I smell smoke, and look upward to see the sky has turned an ashy gray

I glance back at the castle being set ablaze by dragons
I see villagers up ahead, they are all fleeing on wagons
What once was a world I could control, has suddenly gone bad
Seeing all this gloom and destruction to my nation makes me sad
I hear the cry of dragon's and watch them overhead as they fly
I know that I can't stay in this desolate land, if I do I will surely die
I say goodbye to my prince as a tear slips down my cheek
I prepare to leave the land that was once filled with beauty, but is now bleak
The people look at me like I'm their savior, like I'm some sort of knight
So before I leave I promise to return soon and set everything right
But I'm no warrior, no soldier, no master on the strategies of war
'How am I to save these people?' I ponder as I stride through the door
I know I must go back and save these people that I've created
But that also means I will have to face all the monsters I created
I take some time to plan an attack and gather up my courage
Then I prepare to return to the land that I had once deserted

I return to my people with a warm greeting, then we prepare an attack
When it comes to people we outnumber them, but in weapons we have a lack
We cross many plains and hills until we finally reach the dreaded enemy
As we march forward the woman take out their flutes and play a war time melody
The men draw their swords as they plunge forward, taking down all who stand in their way
I shoot arrows at the enemy, trying to keep their marching and invading soldiers at bay
I know that if I die I can never return here, so I am fighting with all my might
My people are giving their all to save the country they love and end this fight
The battle is long and drawn-out; it is both bloody and fierce
I see my prince die before my eyes, but there is no time for tears
The battle is finally over and we have won, but at what cost?
Was it worth all the tears that were shed, all the blood that was lost?
I pick myself up from the ground, and brush off the dirt on my clothes
As I leave my people I realize that freewill is something so delicate, it can't owned
Upon my arrival back to reality I set fire to the door of imagination with coal
A land and it's people is something that no one should, or ever can control

I've had people tell me a lot of different ways they've interpreted this poem. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think the poem meant, and what you thought of it.

Hope you enjoyed it! :)