She's the kind of girl that everybody wants to be friends with. That everybody loves instantly and she doesn't even have to try. She has tons of friends and she's cheerful all the time. She's beautiful and good at everything she does. And it's a real shame that you hate her because she's really a great person. That makes it worse. She's nice, kind, compassionate, caring. You can't get past it though. You're jealous. You can't shake it. You spend all your time wondering why anybody bothers with you because she's just so god damn perfect. You're quiet and hostile because society continues to disappoint you. People don't talk to you. She's different in a cute way. She's quirky in a way that everyone finds adorable. You're different in a weird way. You're quirky in a crazy way that people avoid. When she explains herself, they smile and look at her with adoration. When you explain, the look confused and creeped out and look away. She's everyones best friend. And you're just invisible.