Time is weird. It never seems to be doing what you want it too. When you're little, it passes unbearably slowly and every day takes ages. When you get older, it flies by and you never have enough of it to get done all of the impossible things you have to do in a day. It's almost like a snowball effect. Time passes really slowly when you're little, but it just goes by faster and faster as you get older. It's like an avalanche chasing you down that you can never get away from. Occasionally, it overcomes us. We run out of time. Time wins. It gets us. We get buried underneath all of the useless shit that we think is so important and that needs to get done right now. We fall. We get crushed and it seems like all of our tasks will never be completed in our ever shrinking frame of time.

I don't think that's true though. I mean, logically, we've always had the same amount of time in a day to get things accomplished, and we really haven't changed the amount of things that we need to get done. We just change the way we look at time. Everyone always stresses the importance of it as an adult. "Get this done on time. Always be on time. Hurry, or you won't make it!" and while it's important that we get things completed in a timely fashion and that we respect each other by arriving when we agree to do so, maybe time would pass a little slower if we stopped worrying that it's passing quickly.

When you're five years old, you have all the time in the world (or so you think). You don't think about running out of time. You go outside and play and when your parents tell you to come back inside you have no idea how much time has passed, because it doesn't matter. You have no concept of what "Five more minutes" actually means. As adults, every moment is precious. Time is something to be valued above all other things, never to be wasted. But maybe if we took a little bit of our time everyday just to be wasted, we could all relax a little bit. If we really looked at all the things we have to do in a day, we'll find that we have far more free time than we think. We're just spending it thinking about how busy we are, and talking to people about how busy we are, and thinking to ourselves "Woe is me that I am so busy! I have no time for myself!" all the while just standing there. Doing nothing.

For example, I am a freshman in college. I am a music education major, which is one of the most difficult programs taking five years to complete at my university. I am taking seventeen credit hours which does not include an extra quintet that meets twice a week. Plus a lot of those hours don't actually get the time I put into it right. Everyone assumes that college students are unbearably busy all of the time, and my friends all talk about how busy they are, but I don't think that's always true. I take as much as or more classes than they do, and I still find time to write, draw, practice, read, and spend hours on the internet. We all have lots of time. We just have to stop thinking that we don't.