Tara promised herself she'd never fall in love with anyone like him. Taylor makes her promise hard to keep. She humiliated him and he wants his revenge, so he makes her life a living hell. When years pass, they go from death enemies to best friends. But, in all those years, could they possibly manage to stay without feelings for each other? Doubt so.


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»I'm going to miss you so much guys!" I said and pulled my two best friends into a tight hug. Their hands slipped around my waist as they returned the hug. I sighed. "I swear, I have no idea what I will do in Spain without you," I whispered and the tears started streaming down my face. They pulled back and Anna brushed the tears off my cheek. "I know you'll do just fine," she smiled. She was always positive, looking on the bright side. On the other hand, Kaya was a bit different. "This place is going to be so boring without you," she mumbled and stared down, her eyes started filling with tears.

"Yeah, I agree, we were always having so much fun together," Anna added and blinked fast to stop tears from falling and smiled lightly.

I sighed as the memories started filling my mind. All the crazy stuff we did together. Stealing food, sneaking out, drinking, partying … It all happened here, in Slovenia. And now I'm leaving the country to follow my dreams. It seemed such a good deal back then, signing the contract. But now I'm not quite sure anymore.

I took a deep breath and looked at them. Anna was smiling at me shyly. She didn't want me to worry. Yeah, she was that shy girl, never taking her side. She was good in school, and she was a musician. She wasn't sure about anything, and that bothered me. But she was a wonderful best friend. She'd never let me down, if I needed her. That kind of person she was and I loved her for that.

On the other hand, I looked at Kaya. Her eyes were sparkling and she was smiling at me, trying not to cry. When her eyes met mine, she cracked and the tears started falling on the floor. "Oh my god, I'm going to miss you so much!" she said and pulled me in a hug. She was that it girl every school had. She had it all, the looks, the boys, charisma. If I ever wished I'd be anyone else, I'd probably pick her. She was self-confident and very stubborn. But even though I told her that every time I saw her, I still loved her, even with that mistake. Nobody's perfect, right?

"Promise me we will see each other every day on Skype?" She said and cupped my face, as she looked at me with those big blue puppy dog eyes.

I smiled to her and rolled my eyes. "Of course we will!" Like that wasn't obvious.

"Yeah, if you won't be too busy hooking up with your coach," she replied, rolling her eyes, "he sure has a great ass, and his body is so hot!" We all started laughing. Kaya was always like that, funny. And well, she obviously liked boys.

"Didn't you like the face?" Anna asked with a slightly amused smile on her face, already knowing the answer.

"I didn't have time to look at that too, I was too busy looking at something else," she said, winked at us and wiggled her eyebrows.

I had to laugh. "You're so dumb," I said and hit her. But I had to agree, my coach was pretty, huh, something. I'd say he was a model, according to his eight-packs he had, very strong arms, light hair and outstandingly hot cheekbones.

"Tara!" I turned around and saw my mom beside the car, waiting for me to say goodbye. "Come on, we have to go, or we'll miss the plane!" she shouted. I closed my eyes. That was what I was afraid. These words coming out of her mouth. I knew it will happen eventually, but still. I turned around and I couldn't stop the tears coming down my cheeks like a water fall.

"Oh, Tara," they said and pulled me in a hug. Anna pulled back first. She looked at me and brushed the tears off my cheek with one hand, and with other holding my arm, brushing it slightly. Kaya pulled back too and they both smiled at me.

"We love you, Tara, you know that our friendship will survive that." Kaya said. "And when you come, I will throw the biggest party of the year. If I'll find some money," she added, winking.

"But now you have to go, otherwise you'll miss the flight and it will be our fault," Anna added.

I tried to smile, but I just couldn't. "I love you guys so much … don't forget me, okay?" I said and hugged them again. Then I saw my mom pointing at her imaginary watch on her wrist. I let go and started running against the car. I didn't turn around, otherwise I would probably change my mind and stay here.

When I sat in the car and closed the door, I took the last look at the two most important people in my life besides my family. At that point I started asking myself, if I even made the right decision.

The car started moving and I waved them the last time. They were crying, just like me, but they tried to cover it with big grins on their faces. I truly hoped they won't forget me while I'll be gone.

I took a deep breath and my mom turned to me from the front seat.

"You made the right choice, honey" she said, "even now when it doesn't seem like that it." I knew that. Of course I did. I was dreaming of this my entire life, and when it finally came true, I would just let it go? No way.

"I know, mom, it's just that … It doesn't feel like it." She just smiled and placed her hand on my thigh, brushing it calmly. That felt so comfortable. Then she smiled and removed her hand, turning around.

We were in front of my house and my two best friends came here to say the last goodbye before I went to Spain to make my dreams come true. See, I was training football since I was 4. When I was in kindergarten they asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up. Girls wanted to be princesses, nurses, ballerinas, but I, well I wanted to be a professional football player. And my wishes still haven't changed since then. I train hard, three times a day, six times a week. Yeah, my coach doesn't exactly let me breath. But he wishes the best for me, actually for all of us, but since I'm a captain, I have to be their role model. And I try my best. But the main fact was, I wasn't in girl football team … I was playing with boys.


"Tara!" someone shouted. "Yes, coach?" I asked, raising my head. I was on my football practice and I was just stretching with my girls.

"Come with me for a walk, will you?" he asked me. I nodded and quickly jumped off the floor and stepped towards him. He was a young man, full of ambitious and wishes. I liked him. He always expected and wanted the best of us, it didn't matter if we were on training or on the most important game of our lives. We always had to show everything we learned and be the best. That was the key to success.

"So, you probably wonder, why I wanted to talk to you, right?" He asked me and sat on the bench, near the stadium.

"Yes, I do, sir." I replied, raising my head and looking at him.

"Well, I just got off the phone with my friend who happens to be a coach of Green boys, do you might know them?" he asked me, looked at me and smirked. Of course he knew I knew them, I was their fan my entire life. Their game was the best in Europe and their football players were just two years older than me.

"Anyways," he continued, "their striker broke his leg and he won't be able to play football for at least a year. A car accident, don't ask," he asked when I opened my mouth. "Well, he really needs a good player and he is wondering, if 22 is available." Oh. My. God. I. Can't. Believe. This.

"So, are you in?" he asked and looked at me questionably. I widened my eyes. I was 22. That was my favorite number, 22. I knew it will bring me luck someday! I was so happy. I knew he wasn't kidding. He never does, especially with the important stuff.

"Yeah, of course I'm in!" I squeaked and grinned.

He smiled at my enthusiasm. "Okay, get your stuff." I raised my eybrows.

"You mean, right now?" I asked shocked. I couldn't believe it. My dreams finally came true, all my hard work finally pay off.

"Yeah, right now, you silly ass. Miles wants to start right now so you can get ready to your next game," he said and clapped his hands. I wanted to run to girls and tell them the truth, but he grabbed my hand and made me turn around. I faced him. "Just … Be careful, okay? And don't forget us. We sure won't forget you, when you'll be the first female in the European champions league," he whispered, looking at me with a serious look. I rolled my eyes and tapped his shoulder.

"Of course I'm not." He smiled, and then turned around and started walking towards girls, who were still stretching and chatting with each other. I followed him quickly, still not getting what's actually going on.

"Okay, girls, can I get your attention!" he said as he stepped in the circle between them and clapped his hands. I followed him and he continued. "Tara here is going to play for Green boys," he said and proudly tapped my shoulder, "so, this is the last time to say goodbye to her. Now you see that everything pays you back in time, that's what I'm always telling you. So," he said and looked at his watch he was wearing on his wrist, "you have 5 minutes, then we'll go on with training. We have a lot to do today!" he turned around and walked away. Oh, and Tara," he turned around," good luck!" he said and clapped to me. I just grinned. I couldn't do anything else because all the girls surrounded me and congratulated me and all I could do was smile. I was the happiest kid on the whole world.

*End of flashback*

I smiled of my memory I had on that day. It was the day everything started. From then, everything went so quickly. I played for Green boys some time, we were winning against everyone and I was the first player of the team. Then some talent seeker found me and invited me to his club. He came to Slovenia and we made a deal. I signed a contract with that team until I'll turn 18. And guess who my legal guardian in Spain is? Yeah, that hot coach Kaya was talking about. Mom and dad were really sad, because I was leaving, but they knew it was my dream, so they let go. And my team mates were amazing. We became good friends in that past three years, and they were really happy for me when I got the offer.

"Tara," someone whispered. My mom was bending over me. Oh, I fell asleep on my way to the airport.

"We're here, sweetheart. You should get up," she said and kissed my forehead. I smiled. I loved my mom so much. She has always been my role model. She was pretty, calm, strong and independent woman I always wanted to be. Some people say I look like her. But I don't see any resemblance. Her hair is black, eyes blue and her shape in fit. I groaned as I quickly got out of the car.

My sister Mia handed me over my backpack and smiled at me. We didn't understand each other so well, probably because she was 10 and I was 15 years old. But I knew we will be graceful for each other one day. So I took a backpack and gave her a quick hug. She hugged me back, surprised, because I didn't usually get so emotional and everything.

"Do you have everything?" my dad asked. He was a very strong person, sometimes even too much. He was very strict, and really stubborn. He thought he was always right. Well, he wasn't.

I took a deep breath and looked at my luggage all of us were caring. I didn't have so much, because I knew I'll probably buy everything there. "I think so. Let's go."

We went to the airport and I took Mia's hand and held it. She just grinned. I loved everyone so much. It was such a stress, I even wondered if a heart can explode from missing someone so much, because it felt like something like that.

"Well, that's it, we can't go further," my dad said after we came to the point when only people with tickets could get in. And only I had that. I bit my lip and hugged each one of them. "I'm going to miss you so much," I said to Mia and hugged her tightly. "I'm going to miss you too, Tara. Look," she said and got something from her pocket, "here you go. I made that just for you." I took a gift from her hands and looked at it. It was a letter. I got out what was inside and looked at it. It was a picture she drew. It was me, playing football on a big stadium with people cheering my name. I laughed and hugged her again.

"Wait, there's something else in also," she said and smiled. I looked and it was a necklace with a letter T on it.

"I love it soo much, I love you!" I said, when the female robot voice said: "The last call to the passengers who are flying to Spain."

"I guess that's me," I said and tried not to cry. "I love you guys, don't forget that!"

"We won't!" they replied. "Oh, and Tara?" My mom screamed. I turned around. "You have the medicines with you so if anything is up just take them and…"

"I'll be fine, mom!" I grinned and turned around, murmuring to myself. "Just fine."

The flight was boring. No one wanted to flirt with me, none of hot guys sitting in front of me turned around, like always. I was so tired I fell asleep and slept until the end of the flight.

When I came out of the plane I stretched and went searching for my luggage.

"Excuse me, miss," a sexy male voice said to me. I turned around and saw the prettiest guy I've ever seen. Not pretty, perfect. His appearance was breathtaking. He had messy blond hair, a face of an angel, really tanned skin and white teeth. His eyes were like this really deep blue ocean color.

He was definitely a football player. He had muscles and six-packs under his white Armani T-shirt. He wore light brown shorts and flip-flops.

"Can I help you?" I asked him, raising my eyebrows.

He grinned. "You look lost, like you just fell from heaven."

I raised my eyebrows. "This is supposed to work on me?" I asked him and walked away to the luggage. That kind of guys annoyed me. They thought they could have every girl they wanted. Well buddy, not this one.

He came behind me. "It should. I always score with that one." I rolled my eyes and turned around to face him.

"Well, than this is your first time not then, huh?" I asked him with an evil smirk on my face. I saw how girls were looking at him. I'm not stupid. That guy probably flirts with everyone. Well, with his appearance, he could get every girl without talking.

He laughed and slipped his hands around my waist, pulling me closer to him. "I have a good idea," he said as he lowered his lips right above my ear. I shivered as his breath was tingling me. "Let's just go out here, I have Ferrari waiting on me outside," he whispered in my ear seductively.

I just sighed and grabbed his hands, shoving them harshly off my body. Then I turned to him with a death glare. He irritated me. I knew those kind of guys and I had bad experiences with them. And when I saw that stupid self-confident grin laying on his face, I had enough. Someone had to show a guy that not every girl falls for him. So I slowly inhaled and said loudly. "As you don't see, I'm busy. So, I have a good idea." I took my breath and then screamed, yes screamed. "Why don't you just fuck off?"

He quickly raised his eyebrows and gasped. The look on his face was priceless. He looked so embarrassed and amazed. He blushed a bit when everybody turned to us. And what did they see? Well, they saw a pretty guy who was just humiliated by a girl he tried to get in bed with. Well, I was happy with myself. I narrowed my eyes as I looked at him and then smiled sweetly. His deathly glare was so scary, I was almost afraid of him. Almost.

With that, I found my luggage (thanks god) and walked away from him. I heard girls whispering behind my back, but I didn't really care. Probably nobody ever turned him down. I didn't even bother turning around, I just went strictly to the girl's bathroom, hoping I'll never see him again.

I sat on the bench in the toilet and opened my backpack. When I found the paper with coach's number on it, I dialed it in my phone and called him.

"Hey, coach, it's Tara, I'm on the airport now and I'm wondering how to get out of here."

"Hey girl. Oh, There's no one there to pick you up?"

"Not that I'd know of … Why? Is there supposed to be?"

"Well yeah … But, never mind, I'll come. Meet me outside in 10." With that he was gone and I was alone. Yay!

When 10 minutes passed, I started grabbing my luggage and taking it to the parking lot. Gosh, that one who was supposed to welcome me is such an ass.

Coach was already waiting for me in a sport's car. A blue Ferrari without the roof, if I'm more specific. I waved at him and he grinned when he say me. He quickly stepped towards and took all the luggage I had and shoved it in the car. I sighed of relief. It was some heavy shit.

"So, now I know why you have so many girls spinning around you," I commented, looking at his car. He chuckled and opened my door.

"Yeah, well, it actually is true, how'd you know?" he asked and grinned, as I sat in the car. He closed the door and went on the other side, jumping in the car himself.

"My intelligence, I guess?" I replied when he sat down and started driving.

"Yeah, I wouldn't comment that..." I gasped. How rude are the boys in Spain. He chuckled when he saw my look. "I was kidding, okay? Don't be such a wimp. How was your flight?" he changed the subject, that ass.

"Eh, nothing much. I slept over the whole thing. But, there was some ass whole wanted to hit on me when we arrived." I laughed and rolled my eyes.

"And, let me guess, you rejected him?"


"Why did you do that? Was he ugly or what?" he asked, surprised.

"Naah, he was really hot actually, but I don't fall for that kind of guys." I said, shrugging.

"Ah, smart girl. Too bad we have all the guys on your team just like that. I'd prefer you wouldn't hook up with any of them, Tara, for your own sake. I'll warn them too, but still… Girls are the one who decide." Yeah right …

"I think I can handle them," I said with a grin.

"Great, that's exactly what I need …" I looked around. We were driving against the beach and there were a couple of people, but not a lot, since it was just April. Coach turned his car on the left. There was some bridge over the sea to the island, where was standing a stadium. I gasped and widened my eyes. It was huge, awesome, pretty, amazing.

"Like what you see?" coach asked as he grinned.

"Of course I do!" I shouted.

He drove to the parking lot and parked his car. There were already a lot of cars here, and they were all the same, sports and some crazy color.

"Okay, listen, look around, I'll be right back, okay?" He said and I nodded. Then I looked at the stadium. It was huge, and surrounded by water. There was a nice bridge from island to the coast. And there was a huge pool, surrounded with palms and seats, covered with white leather.

"Hey, Tara, I want you to meet someone." Coach shouted as I turned around, still amazed. Omg, that's where I'll be working for another 3 years. Amazing. "He was the one who should originaly bring you here," Coach explained to me as he came closer. I looked up and saw a boy coming against us. He was wearing a white shirt and brown pants, and his hair was light … He was really known from somewhere, but from where … OH NO. NOT HIM.

"Fuck, not her," he hissed as he came closer. The death glare he was sending me was costing shivers running down my spine. I guess I was afraid of him. Kind of.

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