The Army Men: The Land of the Dinosaurs

At Army Men Baseā€¦

Joe, Dan, and Stan walk into Dr. Zinger's laboratory.

Joe: Hello, Dr. Zinger. The general told us to assist you. He says you're working on a time machine.

Dr. Zinger: That's correct.

Dan: Ooh! There it is over there! Let's run over to it despite the pointlessness of it!

Dr. Zinger: No, wait!

Joe, Dan, and Stan run toward the time machine and get transported to the Prehistoric Era.

Stan: Where are we?

Joe: I don't know, but we might want to get out of the way!

A T-Rex walks by.

Dan: I think we probably shouldn't have right toward the machine.

Joe: You're the one who suggested it in the first place!

Dan: We all know I'm an idiot.

Joe: We're all idiots! That's why we listened to you!

Joe, Dan, and Stan run towards the forest. A pterodactyl comes toward them.

Dan: OK, 2 things: 1. Why is it pronounced terodactyl when it has a p in front of it? 2. Run!

Joe, Dan, and Stan run toward the lake.

Joe: Jump into the lake!

Stan: No. Let's jump into that giant anthill with red fluid coming out of it!

The volcano erupts.

Joe: Stan, you're such an idiot.

Joe and Stan run off, but they lose Dan.

Joe: Where's Dan?!

Dan returns with a bag of popcorn.

Dan: You should really try this amusement park's food stand.

Joe: Amusement park?!

Just then, Dr. Zinger appears.

Dr. Zinger: That's right. That wasn't the time machine! That was my transporter to the Prehistoric Amusement Park.

Joe: Well then what about all the dinosaurs?

Dr. Zinger: Animatronics. They're all fakes.

Stan: Oh, so the volcano was fake too?

Dr. Zinger: What volcano?

The lava creeps in.

All: Ahh!

Joe, Dan, Stan, and Dr. Zinger run off.

The End