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M Antonio Toggle

F Alexandra Toggle

F Andrea Social

M Alvin Kaholic


F Mrs Smith/ Lauren Order (Teacher)

M Michael

F Talia

M Lucas

M/F The Remaining 22 Student


F Bob (Mayor)

F Bobbi (Sheriff)

M Bobbican (Deputy Sheriff)

M Uncle Sandwich (Hotel Manager)

M/F The Remaining 29 Bobbicanites


F Dragon (Leader)

F Marson (Deputy)

F Ibasobbanobbakue

M The Remaining 30 Takkilays

Lego People

M King Brick

F King Block

M Prince Build

F Princess Fortify

M Escort Trey

F Servant Tulip

M/F The Remaining 24 Lego People


M Sheryl

M Sally

M Susan

F Simon

F Samuel

F Seth

Act One: Scene One


The teacher is up front and the students at their desks. Michael and Lucas have desks at the front, while Talia has a desk at the back. There are two spear seats at the back.

Teacher: Okay class, we have two new students, Antonio and Alexandra Toggle.

Michael: Toggle, what a sucky last name. I bet they're bullied for it a lot.

Talia: Toggle Twins.

Teacher: Yes, they are bullied a fair bit, so I expect you all to be especially nice to them.

Lucas: Don't worry Miss; we'll roll out a special welcome wagon.

Teacher: Wonderful, I shall go retrieve them.

Exit teacher. All students stare at Michael.

Michael: I say we cover their seat bases with feathers and glue. There is PVA back there. Talia, do you still have those feathers for art?

Talia: (Dreamy voice) sure do, Mike.

Lucas: I'll do the glue.

Lucas covers seat bases with glue. Talia puts feathers on afterwards. All students are laughing.

Talia: Mike, did you hear more and more people are forgetting their names? And, they're even going missing from every data base they are contained on, like government polls and stuff.

Michael: Please, everyone knows about that. 500 people yesterday stated they had forgotten their name. It's probably just a hoax or something.

Lucas: Big hoax. It's not only happening here, but across the world.

Michael: Well that I didn't know. What do you think it is?

Talia: I think it's… (Is cut off by Michael)

Michael: I was talking to Lucas.

Lucas: I don't know, aye.

Enter Teacher with Antonio and Alexandra. Students hurry to desks.

Teacher: Class, this is Antonio and Alexandra.

Antonio: I generally go by Ant.

Alexandra: And I Alex, ma'am.

Lucas: Welcome to our classroom, those seats over there (points to seats at the back) are yours. We hope you enjoy this class.

Teacher: I hope you don't mind, but Alex left her glasses at home. So, could you and Michael please swap just for today?

Michael: No.

Teacher: Move.

Lucas: Not our fault she forgot her glasses.

Michael: So, why should we have to suffer?

Teacher: Either move or go to the principal's office, your choice.

Michael and Lucas reluctantly go sit in the seats at the back. All the students stared giggling. Teacher stares oddly at each of them.

Teacher: What is so funny?

Michael: Talia covered the seats with glue and feathers!

Talia: I was your idea, Michael. And, Lucas did the glue!

Teacher: You lot were going to cover the bottoms of our new students with glue and feathers.

Michael: No, Talia was!

Talia: It was your idea, and Lucas did the glue!

Teacher: You would have had to have seen her for you to know it was her. All of you, you have detention. Talia go to the principal's office.

Talia: But… (Cut off by teacher)

Teacher: No buts, Michael, Lucas, go as well.

Michael and Lucas get up awkwardly with feather covered butts. Talia follows. Alexandra suddenly decides to check her bag, while the three students are packing up their stuff.

Alexandra: (Pulls out glasses) oh, here they are.

Michael, Talia, and Lucas stare at her menacingly. Other students start laughing.

Alexandra: Possibly not the best time to find them.

Suddenly everything goes black.