The Slayer (Season 1)


Returning Home

John noticed the van that came in:

John- Let's see if those lessons my father though me bore any fruit.

He gets in the van, but the keys were gone:

John- Heh! This takes me back.

Two years later, one of Figueira's streets:

Paul- Are you sure about this?

David- Yeah! It will be fine.

John- And you know how to do this?

David- Of course I do!

Andrew- I don't know how you guys talked me into this.

They were approaching an old car:

John- Look at this piece of crap! Does it still work?

David- I hope so.

One of the windows was opened:

David- Let me try.

David connected the wires and the car begun to work, John watched closely:

David- See? I was right.

John- At least we learned something from it.

They used the car to go to a nearby party in another town.

Present day:

John- Yes! Thanks David.

John was on the van on his way to Figueira.

On the way he was thinking about the future and how ALL of this will affect his, it's true that it's only been a short time since he became a Slayer, but already his entire was upside down. What was in store for him? He kept wondering. Only time would tell.

He was passing Ferreira when he saw a girl hitching a ride and he stopped near her:

John- Hum... Can I help you?

Girl- A guy in a shady van? I doubt I could trust you.

John- Yeah! I know about this, but it was the only thing that was available.

He says giving a faint smile, the girl smiles back and enters:

John- What's your name?

Beatrice- I'm Beatrice.

John- I'm John.

Beatrice- What are those wounds?

John- I fell when I was riding my bike yesterday.

Beatrice- Nice, look. I need to get some stuff in a house in Ferreira. Could you help me?

John- Of course.

Meanwhile, Giles, who had audio cut off but still had visual was seeing the whole thing:

Giles- What are you getting yourself into now?

Just in case, he begun to scan her to check any abnormalities, he was able to do so via the mini-camera that was linked to his computer.

The house where they were was very old and had almost no furniture and a smell of rot was in the air:

John- What is this smell?

He asked covering his nose:

Beatrice- I don't know. It's the main reason that I'm moving out actually.

John- I can see why? Damn!

They headed to a room that had just one box in the middle:

John- Is that it?

Beatrice- Yes, can you load it to your van?

John- Yes…

By that time, Giles made a shocking discovery and immediately turned the audio on:

Giles- John! Get out of there! She isn't human!

John- What?

But as he was turning around to see where she was, she was gone:

John- Giles? Have you been watching me?

Giles- Just when you gave a lift to that thing.

John- What is she then?

He asked while looking into the corridor that was outside the room he was:

Giles- She's a Succubus. A creature that feeds of the soul of humans.

John- Just great. How do I kill it?

Giles- The heart!

John- Right on!

He kept searching for her in some of the rooms; he noticed that the rot smell was becoming heavier as he ventured further into the house:

John- I believe this is where she keeps all of her victims.

As he opened the door he saw at least six bodies hanging from the ceiling with hooks pierced into their ankles.

In some of them the blood was still leaking on the floor while some of the other bodies were already decomposing:

John- My god! It's a slaughterhouse.

And then a noise creaked behind him and he jumps back and turns around seeing her face, pale as the night and with a forked tongue:

John- Crap!

John grabs his weapon and treys to attack her but she grabs it launches John across the corridor:

John- Bitch!

Grabs his neck and starts strangulating him. John kicks her in the stomach, punches her twice, she grabs John's hand, John turns around and stabs her in the chest with a knife:

Beatrice- You failed the hearth.

John- Won't happen again!

Drives John to the floor and scratches his face with her nails, gets him up and when she was about to punch him John grabs her hands and cuts her off, runs towards her and jumps on top of her driving a stack in her heart.

And she dissolves:

John- My god, she's dead!

He gets up:

Giles- I believe you learned a lesson there?

John- Yeah! Always be sure that you aren't peeping on me.

He says ironically. After a while he was returning home. Not knowing what was waiting for him ….

To Be Continued