Darkness threatens to bring ultimate destruction, Fear is slowly suffocating the life out of us, It seems impossible to overcome our obstruction, But all we can rely on is luck.

The attack was so sudden, It seems that we were doomed, We were faced with a dire problem, That needed to be addressed soon.

Every passing minute, Led to more deaths and heart breaks, All the more reasons I wanted this conflict to finish, I then made a promise to do whatever it takes.

To stop this abomination, To bring back order, I will lead our people back to liberation, We shall give the enemy no quarter.

Alone we will perish, But together we are strong, This new alliance must be cherished, The key to victory was with us all along.

And so this war is indeed notorious, But even with the odds put against us all, We will emerge victorious, After the fall.

~ This was completely random with no planning done whatsoever. It just came to me as I was listening to After the Fall by Two Steps from Hell. Really great song, I recommend looking it up. Well, please review what you thought about the poem. ~