The Slayer (Season 1) Chapter.7 Bugs of Hell!

John ditched the van and makes his way through the back entrance of his house, just in time to hear the doorbell:

John- Who could it be?

As he passed by is divisions he thought to be strange that his parents weren't home.

He opened the door:

John- Guys?!

Andrew- You're up?

John- Yes, where would I be?

Paul- In bed! Weren't you sick?

John- Yes, yes I was. But I'm feeling good now. Tomorrow I'll be back at 100%.

David- It's nice to know that.

John- Thanks for stopping by, but I have chores to make.

Paul- It's okay. See you tomorrow.

John- Bye!

And closed the door:

Andrew- Didn't he looked strange to you?

Paul- Yes…

Inside the house:

John- That was close! Now, where are my parents?

And then suddenly:

Giles- Hi!

John- What the hell?!

Giles- Sorry, but I thought that a man that was just able to survive an assault by a Succubus wasn't afraid of anything.

He says smiling:

John- Very funny, so what are you doing here?

Giles- You're parents are in trip and they said asked me, your "teacher" to take care of you while they are gone.

John- Yes, now I am a baby.

He says ironically:

Giles- No. With this we can do our plans more closely.

John- You're right. So when did they will arrive?

Giles- Next week.

John- Good.

And John prepares the stuff to tomorrow's school.

The next day:

Giles- I will give you the gun.

John- What? Are you crazy?

Giles- No! I'm just kidding with you.

John- Moron!

At school:

Andrew- Look who's back to health!

Paul- At last you're back.

John- I told that I will be at 100%.

They went for a coffee at the school's cafeteria until it ranged for entrance:

Andrew- Came on lets enter.

At John and David's classroom:

Teacher- You know why I'm so happy?

John- Because you got lucky last night?

He says in a low voice tone at wish David laughed:

Teacher- What did you said Mr. Days?

John- Nothing!

Teacher- Good. Now, returning to the point. The reason that I'm so happy his because our school has received scientific donation.

John- What? Frogs?

Teacher- No Mr. Days. The donation was made anonymously and is this magnificent egg. Look at it!

And she showed an egg for with at least 15cm height, John's face has changed:

David- Dude, what's wrong?

John- Nothing.

At the end of the class David tell the others about the egg:

Andrew- Strange.

John- Yes, and after class John went to the bathrooms. I thought that he would run away or something.

Andrew- Look its him, hey John!

John- Sorry but I can't. Talk to you later.

And returns home:

Giles- An egg?

John- Yes, it is big! I've never seen an egg that size!

Giles- Then tonight you'll go to the school and get a tiny bit of that egg for me to examination. But try to no not break it!

John- Right.

John suits up and at 10pm he goes directly to the school, enters from a window and went to the lab where the egg was:

John- Where are you?

He says while looking for the egg:

John- There you are!

And carefully he takes the part and returns:

John- So?

Giles- This is an egg of a giant mantis creature. These were creatures of the past age and very rare to find these days.

John- Then how did it get there?

Giles- I don't know.

John- Giles, could this be some kind of revenge for the plans that I spoiled at that warehouse?

Giles- I doubt. Jimmy wouldn't be able to control these beings.

John- Then maybe his boss. The one that I couldn't see.

Giles- Probably.

John- We'll think about it later. Tell me more about them.

Giles- Yes, there only are females and they're born pregnant.

John- And how many time she's got to give birth?

Giles- Like two days.

John- We are so screwed.

The next day John takes is suit in his bag just in case the mantis appeared. But as he enters the classroom, he hears a grave revelation:

Teacher- Unfortunately our egg was found brooked this morning, it's a tragic lost.

John- Teacher, can I go to the bathroom?

Teacher- Go on.

In the bathroom, John gears up:

John- It's starting.

Giles- Then look for dark places.

John- The basement.

And downstairs, the basement was covered in green goo and there John found her:

John- Hello big ass bug. I'm you're worst nightmare.

The mantis treys to attack John but he escapes by jumping but then the mantis launches him against the wall:

John- Second round!

John tries the jump kick but his foot was grabbed and John falls down, the mantis scratches his arm and grab him, John drives a stake to her arm but the mantis launches him against the stairs breaking them, now the mantis grabs him again but John shoots once in its head to set himself free:

John- Good thing I brought the silencers for the gun.

Runs and jumps on top of her, get the two guns and start shooting, the mantis is dying in her blood and to put an end to her misery, he drives the other stake to her head at the same time that the mantis launches him against the floor:

John- Finally!

He hears footsteps coming in his direction:

John- They're coming I better get out of here.

The teachers and the students appear just in time as John fled by a window and after six minutes he appeared:

David- Didn't you saw it?!

John- I was in the bathroom.

Then the police appeared and wanted to take the body of the mantis but it had already dissolved and at the end of the day they all return home:

Giles- Congratulations in the success of the mission, but you're arm…

John- It's okay, the important his that the mantis his death.

Giles- Amen to that.

The classes continue but they didn't realize that in the basement there were 3 eggs hidden….

And in a hidden place:

?- You survived my attack Slayer. Next time I will not be so merciful.

To Be Continued