~Author's Note~

For the people who are suffering and trying to find love.

For the ones who've found it and it's just a fingertip away

Love makes many bleed out

Including the ones who have it locked away

Bleed It Out

Love Is Crazy

Love Is Deep

It Cuts You Up

It Gives You Dreams

It Takes No Side

It Has No Time

Love Only Goes One Way

So If It Hates Me

And Lets Me Bleed

Then I Know That Love

Has Bind My Heart Hard

If Love Loves Me

Then It Can't Be Far

Not As Far As the Stars

It'll Show Me My Next Step

Through the Darkness

And Into the Light

If Love Was A Gift

Could It Be Sent To

Your Heart for Safe Kept?

So I Give You the Choice To

Choose Your Path

For Love Doesn't Stay Long

At All