~Author's Note~

For the boy who stole my heart in a heartbeat

Five years and still strong

But he broke my heart multiple times

I still love him

Because he's the only man for me


Friends, foes, even lovers once

King of fire then of ice

Daggers are your special choice

To make this beating heart suffice

Beauty like an angel

Eyes like the devil

Skin pale like the moonlight

Heart as cold as a winter's night

I loved him once

Shame on me

I loved him twice

My heart to blame

Falling for his graceful beauty

Where God only knows his true face of hell

A player

A cheater

A no good hater

Grabs your heart and rips it into two

He calls himself Cupid but I call him a fool

He left a hole and took my heart

He's the devil that should be slain

His smile may be bright

But his eyes dark as night

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul

Well here I see its right

His eyes tell a dark story indeed

He's a damned demon that I foreseen

A heartplayer

A heartbreaker

A heartcheater

Liar, Liar, Liar

Your coverup gives you pride

But once you kill a girl inside

Your heart will bleed shame

But you'll wash the guilt off

And start all over again

Love is your weakness

So here I come and give you a choice

I've seen your soul move towards the light

You'll still live in the dark but want a change of heart

I'm here to bring you back into the light

To keep your heart safe and sound

But since you let me fall into pain

I'm breaking your heart into two

Because I truly am Unbroken

Your jar of hearts is about to break

The loveless girls you kept in tow

Will gain their hearts

Their freedom

Their life once again

Your blood will stain my hands and face

Your own dagger will be the killer

And I'll sit and watch you die

Not once will my heart rip inside

The love I had for you

Was just as fake as your love for me

Karma paid a visit tonight

For this time she took your life instead of mine

I am the beauty

You are the beast

I could've been your Belle

But your last rose petal fell

This love could never withstand

So I ended it and made your heart die, my love

For both of us are truly Broken