A dream I do remember, however,
Began in a way like everything else does:
With water.

She bathed,
Then donned fabric that were the waves,
And dove into the sphere.
"Surface with me."

My lungs were at a loss, even though
My entire body was screaming for breath
"Surface with me."

The inborn fear of metallic chlorine halted my tongue;
The gentle hand in my hair steadied me.
Yes, I can swim, just barely;
I entertain thoughts of being an athlete aquatic
Complete with graceful acts.
That hand, the smoothness of skin against mine.

From the song reduced to a faint echo the instant
Our ears break even on sea level,
To the water lily pinned on the wrong side
Of our chests:
There's little wonder what I see in her.
It is wonder, indeed,
The crashing of a thousand shores
Fitting in the palm of my hand or the small smile of her mouth.