what were left of your november promises

lost souls find each other in the murdered twilight
while murmuring their sweet-nothings
to cleopatra's moon as they desperately
tried to reach the sky with their
tattered moth wings

and with your face kissed by the stars,
i held your hand one last time and
wished for a miracle because you had
already become a part of my dying dreams
and i yearned for truth from your bubble tea eyes
since we were tangled up in feelings to
those days that were better off dead

beloved, i used to keep our memory in delicate spiral-bound notebooks
and every risqué adventure we shared were detailed inside-
sepia postcards and photographs laced the pages along with
poetry and verses and every time i re-read the sentences,
snippets of yesterday breathed like they had a life of their own
and replayed our story, tempting my heart to fall in love
all over again in between parentheses

oh, how i wished to lure thoughts of you
and bury them with the clouds
so that i'll remember the sunshine
of your smile whenever it rains

but as i watched your smile faded from your lips and
the sound of your heartbeat grew still and silent, i promised
i will wait until the time i can finally hold you in my arms
like how i used to when you were still right here beside me

and another tear rolled down my cheek,
hoping to catch this moment of forever
inside this trailer-park heart and i know
we'll find each other in the darkness of the night,
whispering sonnets upon each other's ears
and crashing much further into love
as we touched the sky with our fingertips

because i promised you i won't forget and i promised you
i will remember and as the fireflies mime
the moon's sorrowful light,
you promised me
the stars