suture my heart with chewing gum


i existed within her velvet ribbon shadow,

fading into a silhouette of

a voodoo doll girl

who made wishes on bobby pins and chenille needles


but i yearned to shine in my own light

instead of being chained to her hand-me-down darkness

while it devoured every single spark

reflected in what was left of my gunblade smile


though, somewhere between the raindrops,

i finally found my dandelion

that somehow got lost

in the summer sky


but still,

i could also taste the same storm

inside my wind chime heart

from your thunderbolt eyes

while the decaying sunset whispered

its requiem to the sea

as if blowing smoke rings from virgin cigarettes

so gently that in a split-second, they disappear completely

and makes one wonder if it was just a

disjointed dream, after-all


but hope is a fragile thing,

like the crucifix

hanging around my neck

and there were times when i wanted to take a bite

out of love just to know

what it tasted like