This is basically a parody of Dick and Jane in its own way. Well, no, just the title. But whatever. It's meant to have illustrations and pages and what not, but when you have it spreading across a whole computer screen it gets pretty short. I do own this, so don't steal it. Let's get on to the story!

This is a story about John. He likes Dick. Because he is gay and only likes other boys. And that's okay.

This is Betty. She likes John. She thinks he is cute and funny. But John only likes her as a friend. She knows that he is gay and that she cannot be with him. She accepts this.

This is AJ. He doesn't like John because he is a homophobe. That means he doesn't like people who are gay. He thinks that it is wrong and is a choice people choose to make. He thinks they can change their mind with the help of God and the bible. He believes that if you are gay, you will go to Hell. He is wrong though. The bible says that you should love everyone. People are born gay and AJ is choosing to not believe in truth. AJ is using his religion to make silly excuses for his ignorance. He is the one that will actually go to Hell for hating.

This is Dick. He is John's boyfriend. They like to spend time together and hold hands. He wants to get married to John someday but people like AJ make it so that can't happen. This makes Dick and John very sad. Betty wants Dick and John to be married, so she stood up to AJ. But he wouldn't listen and just pushed her around.

Susie likes Betty. She is a lesbian and only likes other girls. She thinks AJ is an idiot. It made her angry to see Betty get hurt so she beat AJ up. Susie's bravery won over Betty's heart and they became a couple like Dick and John.

Dick, John, Betty, and Susie found other people like themselves. Together, they banded together and overpowered AJ and the other homophobes. An even though it took many years, Gay Rights were created and Dick and John and Betty and Susie and many of their new friends were able to get married and adopt children. Dick and John lived together happily ever after.

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A reply to 'random person':

I only cuss out people who are rude in their flames. You were quite polite, so I will respond in a civilized manner.
No, I have not read the Bible. I'm an Atheist. There would be no reason for me to. This story was not meant to be totally and completely accurate, but it was also not supposed to be total fantasy. I know the basics because I was raised in a Christian family. This is just what I managed to gather. And although I understand that it was Adam and Eve. But if god made everything and is responsible for the existence of everything, isn't he also responsible for creating homosexuality? Just a thought. I appreciate your opinion. Maybe we can take up this conversation again more privately. I could use a good civilized discussion.