Author's note: This is a smutty story request from my friend. Thank you for contributing most of the plot, they made my life easier in writing this fiction. By the way, I'm still new at writing smutty, lemon oriented stories and so it might seem awkward or just plain odd. This is a one-shot and I hope you enjoy it. Reviews are highly welcomed but unnecessary flames will be used to grill chicken! ^^

A school building stood proud in the heart of Beverly Hills. Greenery surrounded that school compound and tall gates were erected around the perimeter of that school. McMillan Institution boasted the best and finest of the private high schools in Beverly Hills.

At the gates of the school, countless number of stretch limousines and expensive vehicles were lined near that area. Doors of vehicles opened to reveal students of both genders dressed in their expensive formal clothing item appropriate for classes. It was a sight which defined the children who are showered with wealth and fame.

A stretch limousine stopped at the gates and the door swung open to reveal an eighteen year old Caucasian boy dressed in a white coloured button up shirt with thin vertical grey stripes finely sewn on it. He was roughly five feet seven, eyes that were sea blue in colour, had chiffon beige hair styled in such a way that the fringe swept across his forehead, covering a part of his eye and was neither slim nor fat.

This boy, Jake Arrows was one of the quiet boys who preferred books over sports although he used to represent the school for the rugby team. He lived in a mansion in Beverly Hills and was the only son of Mr Arrows, the man who owned the Johnson And Arrows DIY company which dealt DIY tools and such.

Jake never was close to anyone in school except Sachiko Hirata, the daughter of Yasushi Hirata who co-owned the family company of Sugoi! Sushi. However, whenever Sachiko hung out with Alicia Johnstone, the daughter of Melina Johnstone(a woman who owned a popular clothing line), Jake would sometimes mingle with other guys who were passionate about art and poetry as much as he did.

The teenager picked up his school bag and slung it over his shoulder. He shut the door of his luxurious vehicle and stepped onto the pavement and watched the vehicle whizzed off. Jake stood there and watched until his vehicle was out of sight.

When the vehicle left, the boy walked pass the gates and headed to the entrance of the main school building. He looked around and saw other students chatting with their friends, talking on the phone, texting on their phone and just being like any other ordinary American teenage student.

At the same time, he was also looking out for some of his guy friends who used to join the rugby team too. It had been awhile he had a proper conversation with them.

As Jake walked up the stairs, luck was on his side. Two of his close ex-rugby team friends, Orville and Walter greeted him there. Orville had messy jet black hair, slim body and hazel eyes while Walter was quite chubby, had shoulder length blonde hair and baby blue eyes.

"Jake Arrows!" Orville said with a friendly grin.

"Morning Orville and Walter," Jake said as he stopped to talk to the two boys.

"It's been awhile we've talked, man. What happened to you?" Walter said as he wrapped an arm around Jake's shoulder.

Jake shook his head and said, "Too much reading for me. I've been thinking of getting myself a pair of decent spectacles lately."

Orville clicked his tongue and said, "Oh, that's not pleasant at all. You've got to slow down the reading and probably start doing more outdoor activities, I suppose?"

Jake shook his head and said, "I'm a squash person but never invite me for soccer. That is the one thing I can never understand. Rugby is more entertaining for me. I'm sorry to say that Orville."

"Everyone has their favourites," Orville said.

Suddenly, a group of guys from the rugby team walked pass them and snickered at the three boys.

Walter stared at them and said, "You got a problem with us?"

"You've become a softy ever since you dropped out of rugby! It's evident that you're being gay with Jake!" one of them said.

Walter shook his head and ignored the other boys. The group walked off and left them there. The chubby boy pulled his arm away from Jake and folded his arms to his chest with annoyance.

"They're a bunch of jerks. Just ignore them," Orville said.

"Oh yeah, why don't we talk inside?" Jake suggested as he pointed over to the main entrance.

"Yeah, I guess we should," Orville said and the three boys made their way to the main entrance.

"So, how's your love life so far?" Walter asked as he pushed the door open.

"I'm still single," Jake said as they walked pass the doors.

Orville stared at the boy incredulously and said, "Seriously?"

"Seriously," said a high pitched voice which came from behind them.

The three boys turned around to see a Japanese girl clad in a pink cardigan over a white button up shirt with a red bow secured around the collar of the shirt. She was also wearing a dark blue plated skirt and loose white stockings and black Mary Jane shoes. She was roughly five feet one and was quite skinny. Her eyes and hair were dark brown in colour. This girl was Jake's bestfriend, Sachiko Hirata.

"Good morning Sachiko!" Jake exclaimed.

"Good morning," Sachiko said as she tilted her head to one side in a cute manner.

"She's cute," Walter mouthed to Orville.

"Absolutely," Orville whispered back to Walter.

The four of them continued walking.

"Talking about girls and relationships, aren't you?" Sachiko said as she walked next to Jake.

Jake laughed and said, "Ask those guys," as he pointed to Orville and Walter.

Sachiko stared at Orville and said, "Did Jake say something that might amuse me?"

Orville stared at the girl curiously and said, "Isn't Jake your boyfriend or something?"

Jake and Sachiko stared at each other and they burst out laughing as if Orville had told them the joke of the month. Walter stared at the both of them with wide eyes.

"Orville, Sachiko is my bestfriend since junior high. We're very platonic indeed. Nothing more," Jake said as he stared at Orville, who had a confused look on his face.

"My locker's here," Jake said as he stopped in front of his locker.

"Alright, newsflash. I must have been missing out lots recently," Orville said as he leaned against a random locker next to Jake.

Sachiko stared at Orville with a pitiful look on her face and said, "Don't worry. We'll keep you updated. You're welcomed to have lunch with me and Jake anytime."

"Okay," Orville said.

"Could I join too?" Walter asked with full of hope.

"Sure, not a problem," Sachiko said with a smile.

"Wow, okay," Walter said happily.

"Jake," Sachiko said as she looked at Jake who was busy stashing some books inside his locker.

The boy turned around and said, "Yeah?"

"I'll see you at English class. I have to get my books," Sachiko said.

"Alright," Jake said with a smile.

Sachiko nodded and she left the three boys.

Orville watched her until she was out of sight.

He turned back to Jake and said, "Damn it, Jake! She's so adorable and you've never dated her?"

Jake laughed and said, "What's up with that? Are you into her or something?"

Orville shook his head and said, "No,no. I mean, I just can't believe that I fell for those rumours."

Jake locked his locker and said, "Oh come on, when it comes to rumours, things can just get so wrong. Besides, I don't think you should listen too much of gossip. It just seem very wrong for someone like you to listen to gossips and rumours. "

Walter nodded in agreement and said, "He's right."

Orville slowly nodded and said, "I guess so."

"See you later, chums. I've got to go for English class," Jake said and he left the two boys alone at the hallway.

The bell rang and Jake, who was in Mr Robinson's Calculus class, stretched his arms with relieve and packed up his things on the table.

"Finally," Jake said as he chucked his things inside his school bag.

"Tell me about it. I can't stand this subject at all," Alicia Johnstone, Sachiko's female bestfriend said as she stashed her books inside her school bag.

"I wonder how Sachiko copes with Maths," Jake wondered out loud.

Alicia shook her head as she stood up. This girl had olive green eyes, had long curly blonde hair that reached a few inches above her buttocks, had voluptuous breasts and curvy hour glass body shape. She was also quite tall, around five feet five.

The girl's cellphone suddenly beeped and she rummaged her bag, seeking her cellphone. She finally found it and took it out. There was a new notification from Sachiko. The girl would join them at the cafeteria late because her class had been held up for awhile.

"What a pity," Alicia said as she chucked her mobile phone back inside her school bag.

Jake stood up as he slung his school bag over his shoulder and asked, "What's wrong?"

Alicia replied, "Sachiko would be joining us a little late today."

"That's unfortunate," Jake said as he walked toward the door of the classroom.

Alicia nodded and the both of them exited the classroom and headed to the cafeteria.

"I'm envious," Jake said as he placed his tray of food on the table where he and Sachiko usually sat at.

"Why?" Alicia asked as her eyes rolled over at Jake.

"You've got the last of the sesame bun," Jake said as he sat next to the girl.

"You could have half of it if you want," Alicia said with a smile.

"Great, thanks Alicia," Jake said as he started drinking some of his fresh milk from the 350ml carton of fresh milk.

Alicia nibbled a cookie and looked around, hoping that she could spot Sachiko and to alert the girl that they were already there.

"It's almost fifteen minutes and she's still not here," Alicia said as she continued nibbling the cookie.

"I wish I could call her but that might interrupt the class," Jake said thoughtfully as he munched his bagel.

"How long could the hold-up be? I've got to dish something interesting for her to hear," Alicia said as she finished up the cookie.

Jake stayed silent.

Alicia looked away from Jake, looking out for Sachiko.

Jake fished his cellphone from the pocket of his pants to check any new messages. His free hand stretched out to take the sliced bun from Alicia's plate but for some reason, he grabbed something round but huge and layered with fabric. Jake's eyes were still on the phone as his hand moved lower and tried to get hold of the bun but he still held the same thing in his hand. Something soft but huge.

Alicia turned and was surprised to see Jake's right hand on top of her right breast, squeezing it gently. The girl blushed a bit but a small curl formed at her lips as she stared at the boy seated next to her.

Jake looked up from his mobile phone and his mouth was wide opened at where his hands were at!

He quickly pulled away and said, "I'm sorry, Alicia. I was too busy with the phone."

Alicia picked up the sliced bun and placed it on his plate.

The girl picked up her things and said, "I've got to go."

"Alicia!" Jake said, trying to stop her but the girl marched off to exit the cafeteria.

Jake sighed and looked away from the girl. He looked at his hand and recalled how her big breast felt in his hand. It was so soft and doughy at the same time! He felt like squeezing it again or maybe if he had the chance, he would like to even squeeze both at the same time but without them being hidden by clothing item or anything!

"Fuck," Jake muttered as he could feel himself harden in his pants.

The teenager pulled his school bag and placed it on his lap, hoping that it would cover his hardened member in his pants and hoping that it would soften itself by distracting himself with food.

Jake quickly munched the sesame bun while thinking of sports. However, there was a better distraction approaching him.

"Hey Jake! I'm so sorry I've been held up," Sachiko said as she placed her tray of food opposite the boy.

"Oh, hi!" Jake said, feeling awkward as he stared at the Japanese girl.

"Alicia had something important to do?" Sachiko asked as she stared at the leftovers on Alicia's tray.

"Umm, yeah," Jake said, feeling awkward.

"Damn, she didn't spill the beans to you, did she?" Sachiko said with full of frustration.

Jake stared at her oddly and said, "No, she didn't. Is it urgent?"

Sachiko rolled her eyes at him and said, "Good gossip about what happened during the weekends. A group of kids from our school broke into our school during that time."

"It's just a rumour. Why are you so hyped about it?" Jake said, praying that his penis would be flaccid this time.

"New juicy stories are needed. This school's getting boring from time to time," Sachiko said in a dull tone.

"Okay," Jake said and silence fell on them.

When the school session had ended, Jake was frantically looking around for Alicia. He needed to apologise to her formally.

"Geez, where is that girl?" Jake said as he looked around in the hallway after storing some books inside his locker.

Jake exited the hallway and ran out of the building and he spotted Alicia walking alone toward the school gates.

"Got you," Jake mumbled under his breath and ran toward that girl.

As he approached Alicia, he said, "Alicia!"

The girl turned around, her long hair flowed along her movement. She stared at Jake with full of surprise.

"Hey, you!" she said, trying to sound casual.

"Look, Alicia. I'm really sorry for what happened just now and I hope you're not mad at me. I didn't do it on purpose. It was all an accident!" said Jake with full of apology.

Alicia looked away and snorted. She stared back at the boy and shook her head. She cocked her head to one side, indicating that she wanted to have a private conversation at an area with less people. Jake understood her body language and followed her to a deserted area not far from the school gates. Alicia had brought him under a tree.

"Are you okay now?" Jake asked for reassurance.

Alicia shook her head and said, "I know guys are always after my not so little friends here but I can't help it but to be like this. My ex-boyfriends are the same. Always after my pretty assets. You're not trying to give me an impression that you're the same as those guys, are you?"

Jake quickly shook his head and confidently said, "It was pure accident. I didn't plan it."

Alicia raised an eyebrow.

"I can explain from the start. I wanted to grab the bun but my aim was terrible and I was stupidly busy on the phone," Jake said.

The girl placed a hand in front of him and said, "Enough, Jake. I really am in a rush now and if you want to prepare a proper speech for your apology and the detailed reason why it happened, you'd better just tell me tomorrow and don't fuck the whole shit up. I'm tired of cheesy explanations."

Jake stared at her, thought for a moment and said, "Are you free tonight?"

Alicia nodded and said, "My mom is out of town and my dad hardly ever comes back home ever these days. So, I am definitely free tonight. Why do you ask?"

"I'll make it up to you. My dad is not at home almost every night. So, it gets really quiet at my place. Eliza is cooking Italian food tonight and I was thinking of inviting you over to my place to make it up to you for what happened just now. I do have red and white wine at home. I can give them both to you as an apology," Jake said carefully.

Alicia nodded.

"I'll think about it. What time do you expect me to be at your place?"

Jake replied, "Eight o' clock would be good."

The girl said, "I'll think about it. If I'm in the mood, I'll text you later for confirmation."

The girl walked towards him and purposely bumped her shoulder against his arm.

Jake stared at the girl and thought, We're having a date eh, aren't we?


That night, Jake Arrows had chosen a dark, soft collar Polo t-shirt and Levi's jeans to wear for his dinner date with Alicia Johnstone. He had even selected the best perfume to spray on his body for the night.

The boy paced in his library, thinking of what to say to Alicia and how to properly apologise to her but all he could think of was her breasts and how they in his hands. He loved the texture of her breasts and he loved the fact that he had accidentally grabbed one of them. It was evident that he really was turned on at the cafeteria a few hours ago.

Jake knew that deep inside, he had always felt a bit lustful for Alicia because of her sex appeal and also the fact that the girl had a strong attitude. He could easily take Alicia as his girlfriend but he only preferred them to be friends. However, his lust of Alicia begun a year after they became friends.

There was a knock on the door.

"Mr Jake Arrows, Miss Alicia Johnstone has just arrived," Eliza said from behind the door.

Eliza had strawberry blonde hair and was quite skinny.

"Alright," Jake said loudly, "take her to the dining room!"

"Alright," Eliza said and she left.

Jake took a deep breath and exited the library.

The teenager walked to the dining hall and she saw Alicia seated at the table.

"Good evening, Alicia," Jake said as he stared at Alicia.

The eighteen year old girl was dressed in a simple V-neck brown dress with floral patterns on it which reached just above her knees. The dress highlighted her obvious cleavage and Jake couldn't help but to stare at her cleavage. They were very provocative.

"Good evening, Jake," Alicia said as she stared at Jake in slightly seductive manner.

Jake nodded and he sat next to the girl.

The girl looked up at him with an odd smile and said, "Looking good in casual clothing."

"Thank you," said the boy.

He felt odd.

Sexy chick, Jake thought.

Jake observed the food on the table. There were dishes of spaghetti, salad, pizza and two jugs of freshly squeezed orange juice. It was how Eliza had planned.

Alicia scooped up some spaghetti and placed it on her plate. She poured some of the fresh juice into her glass and she sipped the juice. The girl placed the glass back on the table as she stared at her friend next to her.

Jake smiled and took a slice of pizza and placed it on his plate and scooped up some lettuce and placed them on his plate. He began eating them as he tried to avoid eye contact with Alicia.

Silence fell on them.

The deranged eighteen year old boy continued eating his pizza slice as he tried to focus on his plate instead of the girl next to him.

What the fuck is wrong with this silence? He thought.

At the corner of his eye, he could see that Alicia was eyeing his every movement like a security camera. The boy felt rather uncomfortable with her action.

Jake took another slice of pizza and placed it on his plate. He picked up the glass of juice and drank a bit before resuming consuming his second slice of pizza.

"How's the pizza so far?" Jake said, breaking the awkward silence.

Alicia looked up at Jake and smiled.

"It's tasty. I'll try the spaghetti soon."

Alicia smiled slyly at him and she leaned closer to him.

"Tell me, what made you so nervous and so afraid of me this morning?"

Jake looked at her and blinked. She was intimidating and teasing him by using her deep but feminine and seductive voice. He had seen her flirting with her ex-boyfriends but he had no idea that she would actually use that tone on him. He really liked listening to her voice, especially with her dressed up like that and after what happened recently in the morning, he had a sudden urge to actually have a peek at her breasts.

"I was afraid that you might never want to be my friend ever again," Jake said as he tried to focus on her eyes instead of other parts of her body.

"Really?" Alicia said playfully as she took some spaghetti and placed it on her plate.

"Of course. I really like being your friend. You're exactly what Sachiko told me about you. She is right about you. You really are a nice person," Jake said confidently as he leaned closer to Alicia.

Alicia giggled and said, "Ahh Sachiko. She's such a babe, isn't she?"

Jake gulped and said, "I suppose so."

They continued eating their meals.

Instead of doing what he was supposed to do, the boy slid his left leg and gently brushed it against Alicia's bare leg.

The girl did not respond as she was savouring the tomato drenched spaghetti.

With stronger force, he brushed his leg against Alicia's calves.

Alicia did not look up from her plate but her leg responded to Jake's leg by brushing it against his leg in a gentle manner. Her foot began rubbing against his.

Jake reached out his left hand and placed on Alicia's lap, sliding underneath the napkin and slowly sliding down to her knee.

The girl wiped her mouth with the freshly prepared napkin and placed it back on her lap, which covered Jake's hand.

She turned her head to look at Jake and fluttered her curled eye lashes at him as she placed a hand on Jake's hair, her fingers slowly twirling and grasping a few strands of his hair.

Jake stared at the girl, his eyes fixated on her curled eyelashes, and then his eyes rolled down to her glittery orangey pink lips. They were neither thick nor thin but they looked kissable.

Damn, her lips! He thought.

Alicia stared at him with her intimidating eyes as her hand lowered down to his cheekbone and to his jaw. Her eyes trailed down to his lips, then to his neck.

For some unexplainable reason, Jake's hands automatically freed themselves from the cutleries and they landed on Alicia's cheek, cupping her face as he angled her face to meet his gaze.

"I'm sorry babe," he blurted out as he leaned forward but Alicia dodged his face and her other hand landed on the crotch of his jeans as it squeezed his crotch area gently.

Jake gasped and he looked at the girl in front of him.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" he asked as he tried to keep his excitement at stable.

Alicia smirked and laughed a bit.

She puckered her glossed lips and said, "Guess the answer, smart boy."

At the end of her sentence, the both of them simultaneously leaned forward and crashed their lips against each other as their hands travelled all over each other's body.

"Fuck it," Jake moaned as Alicia grasped his crotch area, massaging it in a very provocative manner.

"I know," Alicia mumbled as their lips parted on each other's on and off.

Jake's hands lowered down to Alicia's hips and slid to her buttocks and squeezed both of the butt cheeks simultaneously, causing the girl to groan deeply in her throat.

The boy slowly pulled away from Alicia and whispered, "The dining hall's not a safe place. I'll distract Eliza."

Jake pulled away from Alicia and walked to the entrance of the dining room and said in a louder tone, "Eliza! I'm giving Alicia a tour of the house! Leave our plates and glasses as they are!"

From somewhere, Eliza replied, "Alright, Mr Jake!"

"Thank you!" Jake said with a smile eventhough Eliza wasn't present near him.

He turned back to Alicia and said, "Come on!"

Jake grabbed Alicia's hand and they ran out of the dining hall, headed to the stairs and to the hallway which lead to Jake's bedroom.

Alicia's eyes widened at the sight of Jake's bedroom. The colours of the walls were beige and there were posters of artists and abstract paintings on the wall. The maroon four poster bed had black bed sheets and black pillows.

"Nice combination of colours in your room," Alicia said as she looked around the room.

"Shut up," Jake said as he shut the door and locked it.

He walked up to Alicia and said, "I know my bedroom is not how you think it would be but I just prefer dark colours."

"Whatever," said Alicia as she giggled.

"Your house definitely has a classic feel, doesn't it?" she added.

"Sort of," Jake said as she ruffled the back of his hair as he gazed at the girl in front of him.

They stared at each other without saying a single word.

After recollecting a few thoughts, they resumed where they left off.

Jake immediately wrapped his arms around Alicia's body and pulled the girl close to his body, closing any gap between them as he kissed the girl with full of passion.

Alicia placed her hands on Jake's chest, pulling the fabric of his Polo shirt as she continued moaning. Her hands slid down to the hem of his shirt and started tugging at it.

Jake understood her body language and he released his hands from her body and allowed her to remove his top to reveal his upper part.

"So hot," Alicia said as she pressed her lips back on Jake.

There was a growl at the back of Jake's throat. He really felt hard. The teenage boy placed his hands on Alicia's shoulder and slid down to her breasts and squeezed them as how he had always wanted to do.

The girl moaned and at this part of their make out, Jake's tongue penetrated Alicia's mouth and their tongues met. His tongue ventured inside of Alicia's mouth like a curious traveller.

Jake's hands reached for the zipper at the back of Alicia's dress and zipped it down. Alicia removed her hands from his body as he pulled down her dress until it hit the ground, revealing Alicia's cream see through lingerie.

Alicia's tongue pushed back Jake's tongue as she ventured inside Jake's mouth. Her hands hooked to the waistband of Jake's jeans and she quickly unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned the button and zipped down the jeans. She pulled down the jeans and they fell smoothly to the floor, pooling around the boy's feet. Her eyes stopped at his bulging erection in the olive coloured briefs.

"You've gone hard," the girl said teasingly as she started kissing his neck.

"Oh, Alicia," said Jake dreamily as his cock flicked at her every touch.

Jake hoisted up the girl and carried her to his bed. He placed her gently on the bed and crawled over her body and he immediately lowered his body on top of hers, rubbing his crotch area against hers. He could feel the girl's wet crotch as he rubbed his hardened manhood against it.

Alicia groaned as her nails dug into Jake's shoulders. Jake lowered down to her neck and kissed it passionately as his hands worked on her boobs, squeezing the huge balls of flesh in his desperate hands.

The girl's hands slid down to his briefs and yanked them off from his body, revealing a huge, hardened cock in front of her.

"Damn, you're big," Alicia said as she tried to tear away her gaze from the throbbing dick in front of her.

"Thank you," said Jake proudly.

Then, he moved away from her and ran his hand on the table next to his bed to get a packet of condom that was in one of his drawers. He ripped out the packaging, unrolled the rubbery substance and wore it.

Alicia turned around to make it easier for Jake to unhook the bra from her body. Jake unhooked the bra, removed it and squeezed the fleshy balls of Alicia's chest. His fingers flicked the nipples and they hardened at his touches.

"Damn," Jake growled as his hands continued their work.

He flipped over her body so that he could have a look at her boobs. He loved seeing them bounced as he flipped her body.

Without wasting any moment, Jake dove into her breasts and sucked the nipples as his hands tugged at her panties, pulling them down to her feet.

When he was done with her nipples, he fingered the girl's womanhood until it became very wet and sticky at his fingers.

"You're wet," Jake said.

"Of course," Alicia said dreamily.

Jake positioned himself in such a way he was straddled on her and he immediately entered her. He continued kissing the girl as his tongue wet her lips.

The boy rubbed himself vigorously on her as he deepened the kiss once again. He could feel the girl's hands around his hips as he began to move faster on her.

"Fuck, damn it," Jake muttered as the both of their bodies rubbed and collided against each other with the same rhythm.

"Aahh," Alicia moaned as they got faster.

Finally the both of them had reached their orgasm and sticky wet liquid squirted from their bodies and landed on the sheets of the bed. They breathed hard as they slowed down.

"Alicia," Jake said as he stared at the hot naked girl in front him.

"Jake," the girl said as she panted.

"That was good, really good. Too bad we didn't actually had foreplay," Jake said.

"Yeah," said Alicia.

Suddenly, an idea popped in Jake's mind.

"Alicia, you're single, aren't you?" he asked.

The girl stared at him incredulously and said, "What the hell? I thought I made it clear that I don't want to be in a relationship for the time being!"

"No! I mean, I was thinking of us as friends with benefit," Jake said.

Alicia stared at him and got off the bed to retrieve her clothing items.

"Are you mad at me?" Jake asked.

"No," Alicia said as she folded her clothing neatly and placed them on the table next to the bed.

Jake nodded and said, "Alright."

Damn, I can't wait to fuck her again! I've got to suck her this time! Jake thought happily.


The next day in school, Jake had never felt very happy in his life! He had finally had sex with his bestfriend's female friend! He loved the sex and he can't wait to do it again with that girl!

"Sachiko-san!" Jake said happily as he approached Sachiko at her locker.

The Japanese girl stared at him oddly.

"Did you just use a Japanese term?" she asked the boy curiously.

"Yup," said Jake excitedly.

"What happened to you?" Sachiko asked as she leaned against her locker.

"I don't know," Jake said as he looked elsewhere.

"Maybe today is just a great day," he added.

Sachiko laughed and started walking. Jake followed suit.

As they turned to the corner of the hallway to walk up the staircase, they bumped into Alicia. The girl stared at Jake with full of surprise in her eyes.

Sachiko noticed and said, "Why are you staring at him like that?"

Alicia quickly covered up by saying, "Because he looks unnaturally gleeful today."

Sachiko nodded and said to Jake, "Yeah, true."

The Japanese girl laughed and walked up the stairs.

Jake stared at Alicia and she stared back at him.

Making sure that no one was noticing, Alicia quickly pinched the boy's buttock.

Jake stared at her with full of surprise.

"Fuck you," the girl mouthed.

Jake leaned closer and whispered into Alicia's ear and whispered, "I'll fuck you hard."

Alicia shook her head and ran up to catch up with Sachiko.

Jake took his time walking up the stairs.

He looked forward having sex with his friend come sexual partner again.

+++THE END+++