Author's Notes: It is very dark. I could never imagine how I could write such a piece like this one. Never intended to make it into a chapter-ed fiction. A dark romance filled with passion, anger, pain and elements that drive a person to insanity. This short fiction is inspired by Apocalyptica's Bittersweet. The lyrics are beautiful and Ville Valo and Lauri gave a clearer meaning of the message of the song. The song, however is incomplete without the haunting cellos. Love it, review it. Hate it, your flames will be used for my fireplace. Before I end my talk, I'd like to remind everyone that high percentage of jealousy kills people. The end, thank you.


Sing me a sweet song. Let your voice drown me with passion and insanity. Allow your beautiful feelings inside me. Drain me in your dark hollow, mind. The light casts your shadows upon me. Swiftly, drift me across your mind. Expose your thoughts about me. Make me your eternity. Never leave me dull and faded.


Asgier was telling the truth. He knows too much about me. I could only see the wide path lay ahead of me, patch of greenery. The mystical land of Holsted. My beloved land. Beyond this land, Asgier could predict that unseen treachery would unfold soon. Asgier can predict the future.

Holsted is a magical kingdom where elves, wolves, warlocks, vampires and immortals live. Mortals are rarely seen here. We live in a century where humans from the other side of the world would perceive us as living in the Dark Ages or something related to their European history.

Reading is a habit of mine. I never leave home without a book since small and now, standing for almost 19 years, my teenage years have been pleasant until one day, red bloody liquid squirted all over my body, red viscous liquid flowed down my hands and onto the sharp tool in my hands. My face drenched in rain water, blood and sweat.

Since that night, my life changed.


Roan, what have you done? The smell of her blood still soaks on you eventhough you have washed and cleansed yourself numerous, countless times. How could you manage to do such a thing eventhough it was just out of envy? There surely, could be many other ways to prevent that from happening. Talk it out. Express your anger and fury in another way. However, you decided to do something vulnerably moronic and without sensitivity in your mind.

Helga Vonderheide, forgive my greed and envy upon you. I have loved you so much but my feelings interrupted my thoughts that brought you to the end of your eighteenth year on this magical land.

But, you had your own problems too. You made me lose my trust in you. Your loyalty perverse. What could I say about that? What do you have to say about that?

My angel, my halo, my fairy of eternity, you broke my heart. My sweet angel, your bittersweet spell has a very strong effect on me. Nights like these, without moonlight, haunts me to the innercore of myself, making me a fearful mortal of the immortals.


I see you black hair and that silky hair was nothing but a drug to me. I will never be immune to your hair, my dear. Your silky hair made me your possession. I became possessed with your scented hair.

As I kiss you, pull you closer to me, I gently lay back on the grass as you lay on top of me, your long black hair sweep across my chest and onto my face. The sweet scent makes me high, drowning me in insanity.

But all of that is the past. Right now, I only see your hair floating aimlessly, haunting me until the end of time. There is nothing more but pain and sadness when I see it. The presence of your floating hair in my dreams, hallucinations, fantasies and reality build up this mortal fear in me.

Sweetheart, your bittersweet spell is intoxicating yet dangerous.


What more do I think of apart from your hazel eyes? Those hazel eyes were unique than any other set of eyes I have ever seen.

Those eyes belong to you only.

A mix of browns but in a complex manner, only a true painter can attain that colour concoction with finest details if a portrait was to be made out of you.


The dripping red viscous liquid drip endlessly as you lay in your pool of blood, your eyes wide opened as your mouth slightly apart, the horrible salty liquid flowing out of your mouth, staining your lips and your neck; where I used to kiss and exhale deeply.

I had never believed I created artful death out of jealousy and passion.

My angel, dying in front of me because of my macabre creativity and fantasy that dwell in my mind like a lost soul unable to find peace in afterlife.

Your white dress stained red at your chest. A sign of a furious murderer but a careful one.

The heart is where I used to feel with my own hand, indicating how your heart beat when I was around you.

But because of my demon, your beautiful pounding heart had gone to a waste.

Lying motionless on the floor, in your pool of blood, you looked lifeless, reaching out for my help but I stood there, a cruel smile forming on my face as I saw your beautiful face pleading with mercy.

Who was at fault?

Forgive me my pure angel. You had been perversed. I had been misled.

Cries of anger filled me as you spoke of my name with sadness.


I have never loved or hated anyone as much as I do to you. You are the sole of my life and yet I loathed you.

Envy caught me off-guard because of your talents, your family background and of your admiration by others.

What was I to you back then?

I was only a skilled warlock.

Unlike you, you had endless talents and potentials.

You had a kind heart.

Deep in me lived demons.

As time passed, my demons raged, got out of control and they empowered my mind, driving me to insanity. I lost touch of myself and the unconditional love for you. Envy and pride broke me. They paraded in me.

Before I came to hatred, I loved you everyday. I loved you as if we might die the next day. I loved you more than anything else.

I would hug you close to me, allow you to feel my heartbeat as I sang softly into your ears. I would caress your hair and occasionally kiss the top of your head.

My lips would travel down to your neck with full of passion and I would whisper loving words with my breath on your skin, just the way you wanted it.

I went far to gain your love. I fought mountain trolls to get precious items from the woods to prove to you that I really loved you with all my heart.

Love is beautiful with you. Your love made me a complete man. Love brought us together but tore us in the end.


Your tears flowed before you left me.

Your tears flowed whenever you felt sadness due to life's misery or treachery.

Your blood oozed when the massacre happened.

Your blood stained on the white cloth of my garment during the bloodiest night of my life.

The smell of salt and the taste of it were very strong on that night. The taste was powerful, like dark magic possessing me to my death. Red liquid. Clear liquid. They hurt me like knives but they brought out sorrow and unexplainable pleasure to me.

The taste of salt from you cut my tongue, left a painful scar in me. A scar so deep that the wound will never be healed. It was intoxicating.

The strongest of potions lack the ability to heal this painful scar, this horrendous wound you brought upon me due to my lack of self-control.

The taste of your blood and my sweat on my tongue cut the deepest part of my heart, like a scavenging animal upon its prey, devouring like monsters.

Triumph and sadness filled in me as I tasted your blood on my tongue. The salty liquid flowed down my throat like burning fire. The feel of being burnt alive was all I felt. The hotness of this feeling burnt me alive like I was at the stake, being burnt to death as a punishment. This sadistic punishment was all I needed to feel to compensate my action upon you that drove me to insanity.

I had never tasted any salty substance as salty and painful as this one on that night of pain and agony.

Guilt never crossed my mind like pathways. Anger dwelled my mind, raking against every walled perimeter of my chaotic mind.

The salty drops flowing from your eyes as you reached out for me, lying weakly in your pool of blood, an art of anger and envy created by the one you trusted so much.

Those clear salty liquid flowed until your heart stopped pounding and your eyes were wide, staring at me as you endured the torture, pain and suffering I had done upon you.

The salty taste will never be forgotten.


The vigorous, vicious and angry waves beat against the cliffs with full of rage and fury. Cold winds brushed harshly against my face like whips whipping against my skin, tearing my flesh apart to reveal what was left in me.

The empty silence in my mind was nothing of a pacifier. My dazed thoughts and jaded self had nothing more but to look forward to the beginning of the end.

My foot kicked against the ground, almost at the edge.

I looked down and saw the white and blue vigorous waves beating hard against the walls of the cliffs, angrily calling out to me.

I lifted my hand as I shut my eyes, trying to clear of all disturbing thoughts of you and I and everything about our lives.

However, I see your frightening hazel eyes glaring at me with your snarling expression in your dying position, hands outreached to grasp me.

I gasped and fell forward.

The cold winds got colder as I could feel myself falling, fear had empowered me again.

I tried to open my eyes but I feared to do so.

Bravely, my hands reached out, pretending as if I was about to hold on to something that would stop this madness but I was wrong. I had chosen this path.

Flashes of my memories of my life screened in my mind, fast forwarding since I was a child until I met you.

I curled my lips with blindness. Goodbye Roan. I am on my way, clawing back to see you again, Helga. My promise to you had been fulfilled.

++The End++