Pondering #5

Political Colors

As citizens of our respective countries, we are assumed to have pride and self-reverence in regards to the title that has so kindly been bestowed upon us. Apparently, we should also be astonished with the mere notion of being a part of this imperfect system, try as it might to convince us of its excellence and superiority.

But, every once in a while, when I'm not hoisting an American flag and singing the National Anthem with a rifle in each hand, I begin to question my home. I am fortunate enough to live in a country that protects my right to say what I wish to without fear of decapitation or imprisonment. I can question my government.

To me, politics have always come across as two stuck-up, ugly mothers whose only purpose in life is to push their children into the world with sugar-coated, trademarked, copyrighted words. One is wearing a lovely red dress, the other a gorgeous blue gown, despite the fact that their unfortunate, but equally nasty, offspring will be the ones participating in the beauty pageant. All the other contestants are wearing dirty rags, but not of their own free will. The ugly step-mothers have already taken every piece of available cloth.

Unfortunately, I fear that there will never be a Cinderella ending to that story.

My country prides itself on its pride. There is always a correct way to live the American dream, even if initially that American dream was freedom and opportunity, not self-inflicted stigma and strict laws of morality. As an American, I am expected to be a certain way. The ever-present religious influence during elections and the lack of any consideration towards others like me who have no affiliation with the Christian church, has convinced me of this. They loudly boast the constitution, but demand that it be hung beside a cross. I am on the sidelines. I can see how each side points the finger.

Two brothers have raged war on each other, guided by the helpful hand of the sensationalized news and bias. When a channel broadcasts its red or blue status, the country divides in turn. We have once again created a make-believe monster, but one side is convinced it is the other; the other side is convinced it is them. The less-exposed parties in their dirty cloth have been swept aside, unable to go to the ball because Americans believe that only one of the two royal families can have the privilege.

How is that we call this a democracy? The media wants us to believe we only have two primary colors. Instead of choosing the candidate that we think best represents us, we pick the side that we think will win, because we know that Cinderella can never get enough votes. Isn't that nothing more than placing a bet at a beauty pageant?

We are a part of our country, regardless if our views coincide with our neighbors. So, why wage war to satisfy two ugly broads? Things won't change until the people change them.