Basking in the light of the stars we watched the night pass,
and shied from the cold in the circle of our brethren.
Dawn crept in without haste, petals of pale rose dripping outward from the cloud cradled horizon.
Gold leaf etching its careful script over the blanketed carnelian sky,
the color leached from the sun like ink spilled from Adonis' treasured well.
Enveloped in the radiant warmth of the singular, ascending orb,
the black wreaths of our pupils shrank in the growing light.
Our eyes surged with the beauty of the morning and it's glory gifted reign.
Our tongues tasted the cool, spilling mist that moistened the air.
Our feathers grazed the tempered stalks of green that glistened with dew.
Beaks pursed and claws grasping, we enlisted our wings and took flight.
Soaring on a current high above the hills our voices rang out gaily in chorus,
heralding the birth of another day.