Carry me away to the sun,
I need to feel something.
Warmth. Love. Anything.
Anything but nothing.
Let me bathe in the light.
I'll cast out dark shadows
Over the world below,
Over the emptiness.

We can dance in the rays,
Become sun spots for a while
Or burn up into vapor and pollute the stars.
Drown together in fragrant heat
Melting like candles, merge.
Drift over the corona like it was a sea
Swim through space, make it ours
Be branded with white hot lust.

Let me carry you away to the moon
You need to feel something.
Cold. Love. Anything.
Anything but nothing.
I'll wash you with silver
You'll shine brighter than fire
Filling up the sky,
Filling it with radiance.

We can coast over the craters,
Sail across the pale desert sands
Or search for the man in the maria.
Let gravity guide us to the far side unknown
Slinking like mist, hand in hand.
Carve our names into the great white stretch,
Play hide and seek until we find what we need
Drink dust like wine and never spare a kiss.

Carry me, I'll carry you
We need to feel something.
Beauty. Love. Anything,
Anything but nothing.
Let's climb that ladder stretching upward.
We'll write our dreams across the universe
Praying that someone can hear us
Praying that someone will understand.