Where does the winding road lead?
Is it longer than I could ever see, speak, or read?
Like a story without ending,
Or a heart that rejects mending,
It's a question we can't answer 'til we're freed.

So let me carry your burden, dove.
Let me bear the weight of love.
Don't suffer the woes of the world alone,
Your shoulders are flesh, not carved from stone,
The future lies not below, but above.

In this wide world, we'll find our way,
Not year by year, but day by day.
Linked only by a silver chain,
Crafted from sadness, fear, and pain,
Until in the cold earth we must lay.

And in that moment, we'll finally know
The truth that only the road will show,
That with each step, well placed or faltered,
With every breath, stolen or altered,
Our purpose is to live, and let love grow.