I'm lost in the swirl
Spectacular colors
No need to be found
myself I will discover
dipping into the absolute
forgetting why I'm here
letting myself go
I have nothing left to fear
A puff and a sigh
inhaling the smoke
shooting the breeze
trying not to choke
I don't like the taste
or the way that I feel
but it sinks in deep
and the release is real
I get carried a way
have a little too much
the voices start calling
and then comes the rush
overwhelmed, overtaken
tripped outta my mind
try to find my way down
but I'm up too high
cloud nine is so lonely
no hands to hold
guess they were right
maybe i was too bold
so I ride it out
drift in on the tide
the journey is over
no reason to hide
even though it wasn't
what I thought it would be
I just had to know
I needed to see
Now the question's been answered
and I'm safe in my head
all doubts brushed away
I can crawl into bed