Before the Victoria Day long weekend, my parents were planning to go up north to their cottage for the weekend and watch the fireworks over the lake that our cottage is up against. I asked my parents if Julia could come and they said it was fine with them. When I asked Julia if that was okay with her she didn't even hesitate to say yes.

On the night of Victoria Day, the four of us sat outside around the fire pit facing the water. It had gotten dark just after dinner and we knew that it wouldn't be long before the fireworks went off. My mother brought out some supplies for us to make s'mores and we were ready. Just a moment before the first firework went off, Julia jumped.

"Oh my God!" she cried.

I jumped up on my feet in front of her and asked, "What's wrong? What happened?"

Julia started to laugh and big smile appeared on her face."No. I'm fine.

"Then what just happened?" I asked again.

"It was the baby. The baby just kicked," she cried. "Our baby kicked!"

I got down on my knees and pressed my ear and one hand to her stomach and I felt the baby kick. "This is amazing!"

My mother ran up beside us and did the same I did. "The baby is actually kicking. This is wonderful!"

My father stood behind me and placed on hand on my shoulder, "Congratulations son."

"You know Jason, you were a real kicker when I was expecting you," my mother said.

"I was?"

"Oh yeah, big time. People used to say that they could actually see when you were kicking," she laughed.

"To celebrate, I think we should put some extra chocolate in the first s'more for Julia," my dad suggested.

"Aw, that's not fair. You always give me more chocolate on my s'mores," I whined and we all laughed. We made and devoured a number of s'mores and watched the fireworks that night until the last one went off and displayed a giant red maple leaf in the sky.

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