Goth is no evil.

Goth isn't some style that can be taken lightly.

There just not darkness, there just not sadness.

There a back-story, there a reason.

That girl dressing chains and black.

Has been raped by a forgotten face.

That girl with green and blue in her hair.

Was beaten by a drunken mess.

That with eyeliner and tight jeans.

Was almost killed by his insane mom.

They went Goth for these reasons.

To express their feelings in different ways.

Instead of putting that gun to their temple.

Instead of putting that cold steel to their wrists.

They use this lifestyle to help them heal.

But can never fully heal those wounds fully.

Because of you ripping them apart until there nothing.

So let me ask you before you say I'm evil.

What have you done to make this wound bigger.