I opened my back door and found an orange kitten mewing at my feet. I looked up to see that it was pouring outside and that my patio was probably the nearest shelter. Feeling sorry for the poor creature I pick it up and take it inside to dry it off. Ever since that rainy day that cat has never left my side. It follows me to school and sits on the class room windowpanes watching me, waiting for class to finish so we can walk home together.

I was picked on in school. I tried my best to make sure it happened in the hallways so she can't see because I didn't want her worrying about me, but on those days where the bullying is worse than most she would rush to my side and comfort me. It's like she knew without having to be told what happened… I love this cat.

One day on a walk home from school they started following me. I don't take much notice of it at first; it's only when I hear her growling under her breath and see her fur rise that I thought something was up. I start taking blind turns on corners and racing down alleys taking the next available turn possible.

Bad idea… I came to a dead-end alley and I hadn't even lost them. I turned to face them; she's standing in front of me, ready to pounce if they get to close for her comfort. I'm expecting them to just ignore her and go straight for me but to my surprise some of them look intimidated by the small feline. One of the unfazed members stepped forward and swats her aside with a bat he'd brought, it was meant for me but he got distracted by her because she got right back up and pounced on him.

He yelped with surprise and threw her to the ground and repeatedly started hitting her with the bat. I jumped in front of the next swing and shield her. The guy beat me until I was bloody and unconscious, then he and the rest of the pack left, leaving us on the cold street.

I made it…

She wasn't so lucky…

I keep looking over my shoulder, expecting find her standing right beside me… but with no luck.