Faith, Trust, and Freedom

Pain was all you knew for years,

Cursed you were with loss and hurt and pain,

Many a' times you cried fountains of tears,

Because of the way you acted, preferring to be anything else but yourself, others called you insane.

You made friends and within less than a year lost them all,

You had boyfriends but wasn't able to truely be able to love them,

You had a family but that too was as broken as you thought yourself to be,

Your own father was the one to betray you when it all came down to it.

Then one year you gained a sister,

But she wasn't born normal like everyone else,

She was the one others thought would be bullied like the girl on clickster,

But instead it was you, but no one knew of your troubles and epic- fails.

Now you have once again lost it all,

But the dark always comes before the light,

And everything happens for a reason,

We are all brothers and sisters of the cosmos.

Now you are sane and free,

Able to live a normal life,

You are able to just be you and be forever free,

And live a life without further strife