St. Monroe. One of the biggest Catholic Academies in the United States of America. Despite it's very large size and restriction of women only, St. Monroe is just a branch of its Father school, St. Nicolae. St. Nicolae is placed in Los Angeles, California, from the company International Catholic Education, also known as ICE.

St. Monroe is the biggest Sister school, or commonly referred as the 'Elder Sister's Academy' in Charlotte, North Carolina. Only young women with the highest grades can make it in through the Academy's iron gates by passing an IQ test and a Biblical test for Catholic Religion. Despite the School being as strict as it is, it's only common knowledge to know you can never keep trouble completely out. With a cluster of emotional young women, who knows what will happen.

Girls with their knee-length skirts flood the halls between classes. A sea of blonde and brown hair is seen, but a single red ship drifts through the sea. Several people turn their heads to see the burst of color walking through the crowd. She was special, not only for her hair. Unlike the other girls that fill this school, her mind was pure: filled with innocence. Her only ambition in life was to save a soul and be a heroin.

Her name is Amilia Marzia Shindelyn. A model student and the most hated one in the school. She is known for helping orphans, building houses in africa, and volunteering for search and rescue. Her name is always the title of the Charlotte newspapers, and her face is constantly on TV, almost like a celebrity. But, because of this personality of hers, the school was divided into her fans and her worst enemies. Of course her innocence is too high for her to decipher between them insulting her, or complimenting her...

Half of the crowd glares at the back of her short red locks, while the other half admires her colorful hazel eyes. She drips with perfection and kindness. Her face is proportioned to look like a doll; she is even slightly shorter than most of the students there. Thus, her nickname, the Marzia Doll, was created.

She taps through the hallway, greeting some of the students she knew; her pink ribbon tied around her neck for charity flutters from the breeze of an open window. The sound of fast tapping shoes run up to Amilia and arms wrap around her lovingly.

"Peek-A-Boo!" A high pitched voice comes from above Amilia's ear. Amilia smiles and turns her head after getting the wind almost knocked out of her.

"Ariel! Good morning!" The model student says in a cute, friendly voice.

"Good morning to you too, Ami." The young lady named 'Ariel' responds with perkiness.
Ariel Frederica is girly girl who claims to be a 'proper lady' and is really into her role. Her hair is pulled back into a blonde, curly drill, and her eyes are a perfect ocean blue. Some are jealous of her beauty and she wears a green ribbon for donating most to the Academy through her rich family.

"So listen." Ariel continues. "Last night I tooootallly missed you! Why didn't you come to my-" She looks back and forth and whispers to Amilia. "-Secret dorm party...?!"

"Cause' it would break school rules." A deeper woman like voice comes from behind them before Ami can answer. Ariel turns and pouts at who she sees.

A girl who is slightly taller that the average female walks up to the happy two, her eyes slightly narrow, and her hair a really short chestnut brown. Her bangs swoop down in her eyes, and she strides with wisdom. Her name was Catherine Wayne and her ribbon is a dark blue for participating in all academy sport activities. As for the shy girl behind her, she is thin and pale. Her long, black hair is pulled up in twin braids. Her eyes are a light grey and dark freckles spot her face. Her name is Veronica Westwood; the ribbon around her neck is white, since she is becoming a nun in training.

"Catherine, Veronica, How do you do?" Amilia pops her head to the side of Ariel so she can see them.

"Hmph!" Ariel scoffs and hugs Amilia close to her again. "Like you should be talking Catherine, after all you did show up last night!"

"You were the one who invited me!" Catherine retorts in aggravation.

"I only invited you because you're Ami's friend as well and I didn't want to disappoint her, Catty Catherine!"

Catherine's voice gets lower in frustration. "You did NOT go there Frederica...!" She says through her teeth.

"Yes because using my last name is an intellectual comeback, Catherine." Ariel flips her pony curl off of her shoulder.

"Hah, I wouldn't have thought you knew the definition of intellectual, since you bargained your way in with money!" Catherine crosses her arms.

Ariel's face becomes red with anger while other students in the hall watch them quietly as they walk by.

"You- I'll- I'll- I HOPE YOU FALL OFF YOUR HORSE!" Ariel shouts in the large echoing hallway.

"Not before I RUN YOU OVER WITH IT." Catherine gets up in her face and towers over her, but Ariel doesn't care. Their fight turns into a destructive and loud tornado that carries through the halls, leaving Amilia and Veronica in complete defeat and unable to think of a solution.

Suddenly, a large black object swoops gracefully over the twos head's, causing them to collapse on their knees and hold their scalps in nauseating pain.

"That is enough from you two!" A nun with dark brown eyes and a birthmark under her lip shouts over them, holding up an unusually large, black bible in her hand.

"Sister Rachelle..." Amilia slips her name out in astonishment.

"What do you two think you are doing? Standing out in the middle of the hallway and arguing over Heaven knows what when class has already started!? Where's your shame?!" Sister Rachelle crosses her arms, tapping her foot impatiently for a response.

"Sister Rachelle." Ariel looks up at their authority, obviously ticked. "Catherine is spouting lies about me!" She stands up and points at Catherine, who is still on her knees.

"What? You picked this fight with me-" Catherine tries to defend herself but Sister Rachelle cuts her off.

"Silence you two! We will discuss this matter later! Get to class, now! You're lucky I'm saving your hides again and that Sister Gretel didn't catch you. She's not so generous to those who disobey Academy rules! Now, get a move on, shoo!" She starts waving her Bible at them and walks off.

Catherine gets up and glares at Ariel before shoving her hands in her uniform jacket pockets and walks off. "Let's go Veronica." She says calmly.

"A-alright!" Veronica waves to the both of them and runs to Catherine's side.

"Well I better get to class now too... I wonder how I should explain this to my teacher." Amilia thinks for a moment, and then giggles and walks off. "Oh well! I'll see you at lunch time, Ariel." She waves and walks off.

Ariel sighs. "Alright, see you then." And just like everyone else, she trails off to her own class as well.

As Amilia walks down the hall, she passes by the open window again. Feeling the cold, winter breeze, she goes to close it, when she catches the eyes of someone standing outside the entrance gate. The wind begins to blow in some cold winter rain and she covers her eyes, closing the window only to see the figure walk off. 'Will they be okay out in the freezing rain like this?' she thinks, worried.

And then, it occurs to her: it was a young man.