Race: Vampire- Known for mostly being shadowy and known for being rouges and mages. They are forced to be under the sun when they have to travel quickly. Has a bat-human like form for long fights.

Human- Well balanced of the four races. Humans have no strengths or weaknesses due to their diversity. Includes dawrfs and angels, choose one to be specific.

Elf- Best known for their healing magic and unparalleled marksmanship.

Beastial- Animals that gained the ability to walk and talk as the other three races but primitive by tradition. Known for their massive strength and high health. Werewolves and werebears are the only ones that can socialize with the other three races.

The advanced classes are more specialized than the basic classes. If you send a character with just an advanced class put how long he or she been that advanced class in 'History'.

Classes: Warrior- masters of most weapons and heavy armor

Rouge- masters of silent killing with daggers and light armor

Archer- masters of the bow and light armor

Mage- masters of spells

Advanced Classes (for later to advance to): Blademaster for better physical defense or Beserker for better physical damage(for warriors)

Cleric for healing and better defensive spells or Wizard for more destructive spells(for mages)

Assassin for better speed or Duelist for better physical damage(for rouges)

Marksman -can start using crossbows- or Ranger -can start using longswords- (for archers)

Starting Weapon Type(s)(for warriors) or Spell(s) (for mages):


Sexual Preference (gay, straight, bi, bi-curious or something I didn't list):





For the next part is for armor and clothing. Choose one and delete this message and armor (if you are submitting a mage) or protective clothing (for warrior, rouge, and archer type characters).

Armor (for warriors, rouges, and archers) (very light for rouge and archer types and medium for warrior types to begin with unless if you choose their advanced classes):

Protective clothing (for mages):

Here's my characters-

Name: Jade

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Advanced Class: Blademaster

Starting Weapons: Dual Knight Longswords and Poleaxe

Appearance: Jade has waist long light blue hair, green eyes, tanned skin, large breasts and a scar across her nose and one vertically over her left eye.

Sexual Preference: Straight

Personality: Jade is headstrong, perfect for a warrior.

Likes: anything sword related, training, heavy assaulting and defending, eating, fighting

Dislikes: being woken up, not fighting for three months

History: Jade is a mercenary for hire only do jobs that requires her to defend or to attack a castle. She never knew her parents.

Armor: Chain Armor

Name: Torbel

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race: Bestial (Werebear)

Classes: Warrior

Advanced Classes: Beserker

Starting Weapon Type(s): Sledgehammers and Dual Hammers

Appearance: Torbel has light grey eyes and short black hair. Has several scars on his chest, arms, and back.

Sexual Preference: bi-curious

Personality: Torbel is a brutal guy in combat, lives for it too. When he's not fighting, Torbel is eating or sleeping.

Likes: fighting, spicy meat meals, sleeping

Dislikes: meetings, being woken up, and small battles

History: Torbel is a tribal person that believes in fighting head on.

Armor: Chain armor

As a note, I'll be using game related stuff every few chapters to show how the submitted characters are advancing.