Prisoner 1904577

"I've seen good men do bad things and bad men do good things."

That quote rang through my head over and over again, I quietly laughed to myself replaying that scene from Cowboys vs Alien in my head. My name well that part doesn't matter I'm an convicted felon know as prisoner 1904577. Does your idea of me change now? Your probably wondering what I did, that part doesn't matter either, but rest assure it's among the less severe crimes, I'm not some crazy sexually predator I promise. I can't say as much for the dude to my left. I shivered just thinking about the offences he probably committed I glance over at the tattoos that littered his body. A mere prison sentence it to light of a punishment, eternal damnation would do this man just. I've been here for a week and I have already been mentally raped of my pride, because we're inmate we have no rights, but does my struggles even matter will the offences committed against me go unpunished? Who will you believe a convicted felon or the guard's? It's sad, just because we have done something bad doesn't necessarily make us bad people… does it? Even if it does, it seems to me the guards are drunk off power, they enjoy their job more than a more person should. Now don't get me wrong one should take pleasure in working the field of their choice but, manically laughing as you beat a defenceless prisoner as he curls into a ball covering his head with his hands….

You don't believe me, ha I don't believe me. Another unrecorded tick for police brutally on the grand invisible tally sheet. Now I'm depressed, see what you've done getting me to think about all this random… stuff…. leave me alone I've had everything perfectly numb till you came along asking all these questions.

Don't look at me like that, I know it's only been a week, shut up what do you know? These prisoners as a whole are lumped together as bad people. Temperamental, aggressive the list goes on but if this was someone's first offence, merely a situation that got out of hand does that still make you a bad person because you have done a bad thing? Is the opposite true as well? If that logical applies it would work for everything, all I would have to do if do a good deed and I would be considered a good person again right? Right? Wrong! Life is much more complex than that it is not black and white… what am I talking about? I'm rambling aren't I?

I don't think they care about us, we're treated unjustly the government made this jail and the guards makes this hell. Do we deserve this? Or is there a line? It seems like that line is imaginary and the sky is limitless. Shut up don't tell me the sky is limitless if there are foot prints on the moon.

Oh, Before I forget to tell you I lied the guards are doctors and nurses, the prisoner are patients, the batons are needles and restrains and the prison numbers are mental illnesses. None the less it doesn't make my point any less valid or does it? Are you really going to believe a crazy person? Will the doctors tell you a different story? Who would you believe a mental patient or the doctor?


Patient male age 23
Mark Larker Schizophrenia, Chronic Bi Polar